Pneumatic Products, Air Treatment (FRL)

Filters Model 653

  • Filters any airborne debris or moisture
  • Easy to replace filter element
  • Available as manual/semi-automatic drain

Moisture that collects in the system during the compression cycle could cause corrosion in the pneumatic equipment or make the system sluggish, resulting in downtime. To ensure a dry and clean system, CEJN offers the Model 653 filter. Its high flow capacity efficiently removes any airborne solids up to 12 bar (174 PSI) inlet pressure. With its polycarbonate bowl, easily visible level indicators and compact modular design, Model 653 will keep your system running. Choose from filters with a filtration capacity of 5 to 25 μm. Application: Virtually every industry, e.g. manufacturing, food, processing, carpentry, paper mills, etc., relies on compressed air as an energy source. In a shared compressed air network, with numerous outlets and an extensive pipework system, air preparation units are especially important.

For smaller sizes please see Model 651 and Model 652. Additional air preparation products are available in our air treatment range.

Part No. A B C D E F G H
19 503 2107195032107 260.7 90 43.8 316.9 6 G 3/4" 93.2 46.6
19 503 2109195032109 260.7 90 43.8 316.9 6 G 1" 93.2 46.6
19 503 2119195032119 260.7 90 43.8 316.9 6 G 1" 93.2 46.6
Particulate filter Part No. Connection Bowl capacity Filtration Max flow
  19 503 2107 195032107G 3/4"8 cl25 µm4700 l/min (165.9 CFM)
 19 503 2109 195032109G 1"8 cl25 µm5000 l/min (176.5 CFM)
 19 503 2119 195032119G 1"8 cl5 µm4250 l/min (150.0 CFM)

Check with an authorized CEJN distributor for availability and prices. Other connections and sealing material on request. Some part numbers may be subject to minimum order quantities. CEJN reserves the right to make changes without further notification. Thread connections are listed according to ISO Standards.
Technical data
Media: Air & Neutral Gas
Max. working pressure @ 23°C: 12 bar (174 PSI)
Max. working pressure @ 50°C: 12 bar (174 PSI)
Temperature range: -20°C — +50°C (-4°F — +122°F)
Filtering element: Sintered Polyethylene
Material body: Aluminium
Material bowl: Polycarbonate
Material bowl protector: Polyamide
Condensate drain: Manual And semi automatic

Flow capacity is measured at 6.3 bar (91.4 PSI) inlet pressure, and pressure drop at 1 bar (14,5 PSI).

Air Flow
Outlet pressure, bar (PSI) Filters Model 653 Flow, l/min. (CFM)

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