WEO Cartridge

• Plug-In Cartridge
• Working Pressure up to 350 bar (5075 PSI)
• Cut assembly and test times
• Make more compact hydraulic components and system designs
• Shorten maintenance times and minimize work-related injuries
• It all adds up to extensive cost savings for all involved

CEJN WEO cartridgePlug-In systems for hydraulic hose are fast breaking new grounds and more and more equipment and component manufacturers worldwide are turning to the WEO Plug-In System to cut both assembly times and space requirements, as well as providing their customers with equipment made for easy servicing and minimal downtimes.
WEO Plug-In Cartridge is easily integrated into hydraulic components without interfering with the performance or quality. By using the integrated cartridge you get easy and effective assembly and testing, which will reduce your costs. The innovative cartridge cuts space requirements even more by eliminating the need for adapters or female fittings – just Plug-In!

Equipment Manufacturers
Using components with integrated WEO Plug-In cartridges will make your assembly easier and faster. You no longer need to assemble adapters or female fittings before attaching the hose or to re-tighten the hose fittings after assembly, thus also minimizing work-related injures. The WEO Plug-In click-to-connect feature also opens up for more compact system designs. Adding up to extensive cost savings! 

WEO Cartridge Component Manufacturers

Component Manufacturers
Integrating the WEO Plug-In Cartridge in your components means selling and delivering cost saving benefits to your customer. With no adapters or female fittings necessary for assembly you’ll also make your own testing procedures quick and easy without compromising quality. Adding up to cost savings and new business opportunities 

WEO Specification Material Specification
1. O-ring – NBR
2. Support ring – Hytrel®
3. Washer – high-alloy steel (zinc passivation, Cr6 free passiviation)
4. O-ring – NBR
5. Locking hooks – hardened steel  (zinc passivation, Cr6 free passiviation)
6. Frontpart – steel (zinc passivation, Cr6 free passiviation) Pre-applied micro-encapsulated thread locker
7. Dustcap – LDPE