Plug in to WEO - The global open standard

Are you a manufacturer or designer of hydraulic equipment, solutions, tools or machinery? Then this offer is for you. The WEO is considered to be the best hydraulic plug-in fitting on the market. Did you also know that the WEO nipple is available as open standard? 

What that means is that you can take advantage of the WEO in the design of your hydraulic equipment:

  • Specifications from CEJN
  • Free nipple production
  • Secured quality and performance



Many global companies are “plugging in” to hydraulic systems by using CEJN WEO Plug-In fittings, with the innovative click-to-connect feature. The market for WEO is comprehensive as the product is found everywhere from large forestry machines to fork-lifts. The product is known for reducing installation time dramatically and is often used when space during assembling is a critical issue. It is also leak-free and extends hose life by eliminating hose twist.

Due to all these benefits and more, WEO has been chosen by many large customers, which has led to a higher demand for good WEO availability on the aftermarket. By releasing the male part (nipple) as an open standard, CEJN sees a future where WEO is even more accessible around the globe thanks to more manufacturers and shorter distribution chains. 


Co-operation is now available from CEJN to customers who wish to receive support in their manufacturing process of nipples. Just a registration and an agreement that the CEJN specifications are followed. It should be easy and accessible to become a WEO nipple manufacturer.

As always when an open standard is created, it is to protect the reputation of WEO and to ensure that the end user gets interchangeability, highest quality, performance and safety. The CEJN service will consist of specifications such as drawings and process parameters to reach specified performance and quality level. If changes are made on those parameters, CEJN will update the registered manufacturers. 

By creating this open standard CEJN has looked at what will be most beneficial for manufacturers, OEMs and the end users. For the future CEJN will focus on cost effective deliveries of the WEO Cartridge, the core in plug-in technology, from a fully automated and quality assured production line running around the clock in the CEJN facility. 

Register to take part of the WEO global open standard