Breathing Air Hose Reels

At CEJN Australia we produce top of the line products because we know that lives depend on the choices we make.


Our hose kits come standard with a stainless-steel ferrule with an integrated safety feature on our couplings that guards against unintentional disconnection. CEJN’s Breathing Air coupling range also has a special valve design which provides an extremely high rate of airflow for all applications in demanding industrial environments.

All hose assemblies comply with AS/NZS 1716:2012 and AS/NZS 2299.1:2015 — with CEJN’s breathing air hose kits, you receive a safe and reliable assembly complete with a test certificate and individual hose serial number with top-class quality and performance.

To give you, our customer, peace of mind and to guarantee correct assembly, a small inspection hole has been incorporated in the ferrule. Through the quality control process, we can easily check and make sure that the hose, during the crimping process, was properly assembled. You can at any time, e.g. if your hose kit has been subjected to heavy loads, glance at the inspection hole to make sure your hose is still in safe working condition.


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