Reduce energy costs by measuring the leakage of your compressed air couplings and hoses

Today an average of 30 to 40 per cent of compressed air is used to compensate for the pressure loss caused by leaks.

To effectively counteract this loss, the weak points in the compressed air network must first be identified and then rectified. Leaking compressed air couplings and hoses are an important component here. Because these components can be replaced comparatively easily and inexpensively, they offer an excellent lever for realising comparatively high energy savings with simple means.


Would you like to find out how compressed air costs can be saved in your company in this way?

Then send us your non-binding enquiry here! Our experts will discuss with you how such a free measurement can be realised on your premises. After the measurement, you will then receive a non-binding offer that clearly shows you how you can not only save money by switching to CEJN quick-release couplings, hoses and accessories, but also increase work safety in your company.