Film om CEJN

CEJN The Story (ENG)


CEJN - The Next Generation

The Next Generation - Key Features

Potential Dangers with Ultra High-Pressure Hydraulic Applications


CEJN Safety Reel – Safety performance and durability

CEJN Safety Reel–Technical animation

Safety Reel – Installation

CEJN Safety Reel - Hose change

CEJN Safety Reel, adjust stop ball

CEJN Safety Reel - Adjusting the spring tension (closed reels)

CEJN Safety Reel - Open reel rewind operation

eSafe coupling demonstration

eSafe - Safety Coupling

eSafe Series 315

eSafe animation


CEJN Blowgun 208

Demonstration of the Flow Meter

Demonstration of the Flow Meter (Long version)


WEO Plug-In - The Innovative Problem Solver

WEO Plug In - How to connect and disconnect


TLX - Flat Face Twist Lock Coupling

TLX seal change

Clean and leakfree hydraulic systems

Multi-X Connection with residual pressure

CEJN X-Series

Pressure Eliminator

Frontloader valve assembly


SSMQC - Subsea Multi-Quick Connector

CEJN offshore ROV connection

Multi og Auto

CDC CEJN Dual Connector change of old unit

CDC CEJN Dual Connector for Vehicles

Series 965 Auto coupling

Diesel Pump test

Multi-plate connection