V8 Supercar sponsored by CEJN

Car number 44 and Swedish car driver Fredrik Lestrup

Car number 44 and Swedish car driver Fredrik Lestrup

The 2014 Australian Dunlop V8 Supercar season is over and it turned out to be an eventful season for CEJN who co-sponsored car #44. During the season’s 7 race events, taking place all over Australia, Swedish driver Fredrik Lestrup and later on Brett Hobson was sponsored by CEJN Australia Ltd. 

The sponsorship was able to offer a very unique experience to CEJN along with its existing customers as well as several target customers who were invited along to the races. Everyone who attended commented how fantastic and unique the experience had been. After the race, CEJN guests would sit in the car while the driver would tell them about it. A lucky few would experience a “hot lap” in the race car...a once in a lifetime experience!  

Pit equipped with eSafe

For CEJN Australia the sponsorship turned out to be a really interesting and fun way of promoting the CEJN brand and eSafe, our latest released quick connect coupling series. The V8 supercars have an enormous loyal following in Australia and also globally. CEJN equipped the team pit with eSafe and other products used during maintenance, a great promotion for eSafe and CEJN in general. Firstly to all the other race teams and then to the many hundreds of visitors going past. Another self-boost was to find out that several of the other teams already used CEJN couplings. The reason being that the teams demanded top-quality, high performance and reliable products. 

Sadly Fredrik will not be competing in the series in 2015, but CEJN Australia has decided to sponsor a different car and team. CEJN is hoping to have Swedish Fredrik back in late 2015 to run the special “hot lap day” which will be the major celebratory event for the CEJN 60th anniversary with our best long standing customers.