The strategic purchaser’s requirements on CEJN - quality and lead time

Sundström Safety is a manufacturer of high-quality respirators. Their highest rated products are fitted with hoses and compressed air couplings from CEJN. A collaboration that has now been running for...

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Åsa Ellbring, Strategic Purchaser at Sundström Safety

Secure your next breath - Requirements for breathing air hoses

When lives depend on the choices you make, making the right one is never more important. Choosing a breathing air hose, intended for its purpose, is essential for you to maintain your workplace safety...

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Secure your next breath - Requirements for  breathing air hoses

30 years as a supplier of safe couplings to one of the world's leading manufacturers of respiratory protective equipment

Sundström Safety defined a need for a quick release system with a low pressure drop for high safety rated breathing masks. CEJN responded with a solution, and 30 years later the collaboration is still continuing. By putting safety and quality first, they are the market leaders for high-quality respiratory protective equipment.

Customer Stories Breathing Air

Niclas Rydh and Pontus Ahllwy from Sundström Safety

H2S Series 340 - For a Safer Workplace

- H2S Breathing Air Quick Connect Coupling The launch of a new H2S push-to-connect coupling, Series 340, is a step to meet customers in the demanding area of safety breathing air and cascade systems...

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H2S Series 340 - For a Safer Workplace