Fluid Power (Pneumaticon)

Fluid Power (Pneumaticon)

From March 31th to April 2nd, 2020, CEJN will present at Fluid Power (formerly Pneumaticon) quick couplings for fluids that provide an effective cooling system, such as CEJN ultraFLOW, non-drip and full-flow couplings. We also introduce compressed air quick couplings, hoses and accessories for a safe workplace.

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Our product highlights for you:


ultraFLOW couplings and nipples

ultraFLOW is a drip-free quick coupling with quality in every detail. This virtually eliminates the risk of leakage to sensitive electronic equipment. ultraFLOW has been designed for optimal energy flow and has an extremely low pressure drop. The low pressure drop of the ultraFLOW minimizes the total pressure in the system. Thus, a low pump pressure is required, which not only reduces the investment costs, but also the ongoing energy costs.


Non-drip couplings and nipples

For applications such as cooling of electronics, machinery and molds, CEJN offers the non-drip series, a range of quick couplings and nipples for low pressure fluid applications. The drip-free operation of all couplings is 100% checked during the production process by functional and leak tests to ensure reliability for use in liquid applications.

Auto couplings

In liquid-cooled electronic systems, CEJN's hidden plug-in couplings and nipples with their absolute drip-free design ensure perfect sealing during operation. The lightweight, compact auto-coupling is used in systems with racks or blades of supercomputers and data centers, where the DLC technology (Direct Liquid Cooling) is used. These products are vibration and corrosion resistant. If necessary, they can be connected and disconnected under full working pressure.

Compressed air quick couplings, hoses and accessories

CEJN's compressed air range includes quick couplings, PUR tubing and tubing sets, and accessories such as air guns, hose reels, multi-links, adapters, and maintenance units such as filters and pressure regulators. The products ensure the highest level of safety at the workplace and score high with low pressure drop and low connection force. The compact and ergonomic design ensures easy handling. With the safety interlock of the quick couplings uncoupling can only be done with two hands. Unintentional disconnection during operation is therefore not possible.

Compressed Air, Hydraulics



Kielce, Poland

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