Data server producer use modular no-spill coupling for cooling

Cooling of data centres thermal control CEJN Non-Drip high-flow coupling

Thermal management needs safe, easy and reliable quick connect couplings with high flow for an effective cooling process. The newly developed Non-Drip brass Series 767 High-Flow is an affordable non-drip modular coupling adaptable to virtually all applications, perfect for cooling of electronics.

Data centers generate a substantial amount of heat that must be disbursed. Traditionally air has been relied on for cooling, however in recent years’ liquid cooling has gained in popularity since the solution reduces heat more effectively and more economically than air.

Low pressure drop in fluid lines
A large producer of data servers was searching for a quick disconnect solution to its new water cooling system. The couplings were to be installed on the coolant pump’s supply and return lines to control and channel heat generated by the server. CEJN proposed its standard Non-Drip Series 767, however, in order to meet customer’s strict requirement of a low pressure drop for the application, CEJN had to improve the flow capacity of the connector. 

CEJN series high flow for cooling and thermal controlHigh-Flow coupling equals the solution
During the development phase CEJN engineers worked closely with the customer to gain knowledge of the liquid cooling application. The standard Non-Drip 767 fluid coupling was refined and a new High-Flow brass version with EPDM seals presented. The new version has an impressive flow capacity for DN19 with flow coefficient, Kv 13,3. This was a huge improvement compared to the standard version with Kv 10,8.

Satisfied customer

After a couple of years of installation the customer is pleased with the solution and of the couplings extreme durability that has led to a long life and trouble free product. Flow capacity has always been a key design factor for CEJN product development no matter if its compressed air flow, hydraulic fluid flow or as in this case low pressure liquid cooling lines.