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Series 315 Multi-Link

  • Compact multiple outlets
  • Ready-made units, no assembly necessary
  • Outlets adjustable up to 180°

With multiple outlets Series 315 Multi-Link offers both flexibility and high performance. Available in 1- to 5-outlet units. T. A small unit can be expanded with extensions to create a larger unit with up to five outlets. Separate units can easily be connected. Combine with CEJN polyurethane hose and FRL units to create a flexible high performance air distribution system. Series 315 is an Asian standard profile with CEJNs standard features; one-hand operated, high flow and long service life.

Series 315 Multi-Link
Technical data
Nominal flow diameter: 7.5 mm (5/16")
Max. working pressure: 16 bar (232 PSI)
Min. burst pressure: 64 bar (928 PSI)
Temperature range: -20°C — +100°C (-4°F — +212°F)
Material: Zinc-plated steel/zinc
Media: Compressed air, neutral gas
Connection : G 1/2" Female thread
Series 315   Part No. Connection
  2-outlet unit19 902 9972199029972G 1/2"
 3-outlet unit19 902 9973199029973G 1/2"
 4-outlet unit19 902 9974199029974G 1/2"
 5-outlet unit19 902 9975199029975G 1/2"

Check with an authorized CEJN distributor for availability and prices. Other connections and sealing material on request. Some part numbers may be subject to minimum order quantities. CEJN reserves the right to make changes without further notification. Thread connections are listed according to ISO Standards.

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