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Regulators Model Mini

  • Constant output pressure
  • High flow at low pressure drop
  • Compact design

CEJN Regulators feature a locking device, a flexible rolling diaphragm and a gauge that you can easy monitoring the pressure on. The regulator have a high flow and very low pressure drop that saves energy and energy costs.

For larger sizes refer to Model 651, Model 652 and Model 160. More air treatment products are available in the air treatment range including pre-assembled units.

Regulators Model Mini
Technical data
Media: Compressed air, neutral gas
Max. working pressure: 12 bar (174 PSI)
Temperature range: 0°C — + 50°C (32°F — + 122°F)
Material body: Polymer
Controlled pressure: 0.5-10 bar (7-145 PSI)
Hysterisis: 0.35 bar (5 PSI)
Regulating device: Rolling diaphragm (very low hysterisis)
Material seal: Nitrile

Flow capacity is measured at 8 bar (116 PSI) inlet pressure, with a set point at 6.3 bar (91.4 PSI) and pressure drop at 1 bar (14.5 PSI).

Air Flow
Outlet pressure, bar (PSI)
Regulators Model Mini
Flow, l/min. (CFM)
Part No. A B C D F G H I J L
19 903 8201199038201 74 45 G 1/8" G 1/8" 20 40 71 37 39 3
19 903 8202199038202 74 45 G 1/8" G 1/4" 20 40 71 37 39 3
Regulators Part No. Connection Max inlet pressure Controlled pressure Max flow
  19 903 8201199038201G 1/8"12 bar (174 PSI)0.5-10 bar (7-145 PSI)500 l/min (17.7 CFM)
 19 903 8202199038202G 1/4"12 bar (174 PSI)0.5-10 bar (7-145 PSI)650 l/min (22.9 CFM)

Check with an authorized CEJN distributor for availability and prices. Other connections and sealing material on request. Some part numbers may be subject to minimum order quantities. CEJN reserves the right to make changes without further notification. Thread connections are listed according to ISO Standards.

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