Handling Instruction

WEO Handling Instruction


WEO Connection step 1

Step 1
Make sure the assembly stop is in place and the release ring runs freely in its groove.

WEO Connection step 2

Step 2
The plug is pushed into the socket so that the locking hooks are pressed outwards.

WEO Connction step 3 

Step 3
Push the plug all the way in until the assembly stop touches the socket.

WEO Connection step 4

Step 4
The O-ring presses the locking hooks inwards so that they grip the outer locking flange on the plug. The coupling is now locked and cannot be disconnected.

1: Assembly stopp
2: Release ring
3: Locking hook
4: Socket
5: O-ring
6: Outer locking flange


WEO Disconnection step 1

Step 1
Using a screwdriver, remove the assembly stop.

WEO Disconnection step 2

Step 2
Push the plug all the way in so that the release ring pushes the locking hooks aside.

WEO Disconnection step 3

Step 3
Pull the plug out so that its outer flange connects with the release ring and draws it backwards, preventing the hooks from locking and allowing the plug to be fully withdrawn.

Assembly stop
2: Release ring
3: Locking hook
4: Outer flange
5: Release ring