Flat-Face Couplings

A one-hand-to-connect, non-drip coupling with built-in safety function
The one-hand-to-connect Flat-Face couplings have been developed to reliably meet the rigorous demands of ultra-high pressure hydraulic applications. Engineered to exacting tolerances, using the most durable materials, CEJN ultra-high pressure couplings hold up where other couplings fail.

Unique dust cap for nipples, with integrated pressure eliminator
Residual line pressure on the nipple side can sometimes make it difficult to connect the coupling, resulting in unnecessary downtime and frustration. By depressing the button on our new pressure eliminating dust cap, internal pressure is relieved, allowing the two halves to easily connect.

Ultra High-Pressure Hydraulics Flat-Face Couplings Handling instruction

Handling instruction
 One-hand-to-connectThe nipple is pushed into the coupling and is locked automatically. The locking sleeve does not need to be manually positioned.
Unique automatic safety function eliminates accidental disconnection Turn the locking sleeve 30° and then pull backwards to release. The Flat-Face design ensures non-drip disconnection

Flat-face products are available for series 115 and series 116

Ultra High-Pressure Hydraulics Series 115 Flat-Face
Series 115 Flat-Face

Ultra High-Pressure Hydraulics Series 116 Flat-Face
Series 116 Flat-Face