Retires after 50 years with CEJN

Nils Larsson CEJN 50

50 years ago it was the first day of work for 15 year old Nils Larsson. CEJN had recently bought new office space in his hometown Igelstorp, and he heard from friends that they were hiring. Nils successfully got a job. Being a teenager, one can only imagine what went through his mind as he walked up the stairs to the office in the summer of 1964. Nils, had just finished school and had probably no idea that he would work for CEJN all the way to his retirement 50 years later.

Nils describes his first day of work to be just like every other day after, there was no special introduction “I was told what to do, and I did from there on”. One of his first responsibilities was at the assembly station, although he has been involved in many areas over the years. He adds “We had a great deal of fun” and you can see in his eyes that he travels back in time, remembering. Another person who’d just started working was the owner Carl’s daughter Inger and one of her responsibilities was to handout the salary, Nils weekly received 112,50 SEK (12,25 EUR) in cash in a brown paper bag.

One of Nils proudest and probably most stressed moments was in the mid 60’s when CEJN received a big order of 6000 couplings from Lockheed, who marketed CEJN in England. “That was fun, and of course it required a lot of work. It is hard to say what else I remember, there is so much, but when we moved to the new offices in Skövde, it was a big happening, even If I was doing military service at the time”. The new facility was ready in 1970 and was 1700 square meters; the old office space in Igelstorp became too small the minute CEJN cut a business deal with Atlas Copco in 1969.

Statement Nils coupling

Over the course of time, Nils, who started assembling couplings in 1964 moved on to working in the warehouse and later on CEJN AB’s order department. In 2002 when sales company CEJN Norden AB started up, he spent the remaining time working in their order department. “It can’t be fun all the time, but I have never felt bored of going to work. I’ve always had nice co-workers, all around the world, and it is really fun when you think of it, that a small coupling made all of this”. 

I ask him if he has plenty of plans now that he has retired, somehow the way I know Nils I thought he would. But he calmly answers “No, no plans. I am just going to take it easy”.


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