New Multi-X with Lubricating Feature

Multi-X lube

One of our top-selling products within the hydraulic selection the Multi-X recently launched a new configuration, Multi-X Trio 12.5/Lube. This configuration is a unique product specifically aiming at applications with a central lubrication system on the machine and where also some of the tools/attachments need lubrication. A common application for a central lubrication system where the system also feeds grease to attachments is on excavators with tilt-rotators. 

The Multi-X Trio 12.5/Lube has two 1/2” lines for hydraulics and one line for lubrication. When disconnected grease can circulate the lubrication system due to the bypass function the lubrication coupling is equipped with. When the Multi-X is connected the bypass is closed and the grease is pumped out to the lubrication points in the tool/attachment.

The connection ports are metric M10 female thread on the lubrication couplings. The max. working pressure for the lubrication coupling is 150 bar with a 4:1 safety factor.

Article numbers:
10 932 4003 Multi-X Trio 12.5/Lube female plate
10 932 4053 Multi-X Trio 12.5/Lube male plate

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