New Multi-X configuration meets challenging applications


CEJN recently launched a new configuration in the Multi-X range, one of our top-selling products within the hydraulic selection. The new configuration, a duo DN 12.5/19 (1/2"+3/4") was made in order to meet tougher applications for winter machines. It was originally designed and installed as a salt spreader attachment on trucks within public works, but the new configuration can be used on a number of different excavator attachments, examples can be viewed in pictures above.

The Multi-X Duo 12.5/19 is supplied without the plastic dust caps that is included on all other standard products. Instead a heavy duty parking dock and dust cap in aluminum is offered. 

Multi-X is a range of innovative, easy to handle, multi-plates designed to meet the demands of even the most challenging mobile hydraulic applications. Follow the link to visit the Multi-X product page.  

Article numbers and description:

  • 10 932 6000 Multi-X Duo 12.5/19 female plate
  • 10 932 6050 Multi-X Duo 12.5/19 male plate
  • 10 932 1027 Aluminum cover Duo 12.5/19 female
  • 10 932 1077 Parking dock Duo 12.5/19 male 


multi x Duo 12.5 / 19


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