CEJN eSafe installed at VOLVO High School
Marcus Jerne – teacher at Volvo High School demonstrating eSafe for one of his students. 

The Volvo High School at Volvo Cars Engine has one of Sweden’s highest application rates and the few lucky students who are accepted are highly prioritized by Volvo. I meet with Marcus Jerne, a teacher at the school, to discuss their switch to our compressed air coupling eSafe. The switch was necessary for the school, to eliminate the potential hazard of recoil. Marcus says, “My students shouldn’t have to be afraid to disconnect air-powered tools.” 

It all started in 1996 when Marcus, who back then was a passionate student at the Volvo High School, first realized the potential danger from pneumatic recoil in the school’s workshop. There was always an element of fear in play during tool disconnection. Imagine his surprise when he came back to the school, now as a teacher, to find the same couplings were still installed. He felt that something had to be done. 

Home-made solution leads to eSafe
Marcus tells me he got quite creative and figured out his own solution for how to avoid recoil. “But you could say it felt more like a temporary solution.” Not entirely happy with the home-made solution he discussed the problem with a friend who works for CEJN. “I hadn’t heard of eSafe, but he told me that eSafe was just what I needed. A safety coupling with great flow.” A couple of days later a sales person from CEJN’s Nordic sales company contacted Marcus. 

eSafe installation
Marcus says that the previous couplings were probably installed in the 1960s. “That’s what they had back then. But now with safety regulations – it’s a deal breaker.” After initial contact, CEJN decided to sponsor the installation, as a way to make sure students are kept safe and to bring knowledge of eSafe to the younger generation. Never to ask for less. 

The school reacted positively to the initiative and Marcus was put in charge of the switch. “It took a while to get it all done,” says Marcus, leading me into the workshop and pointing towards the many air outlets. The couplings are shiny, visible from a distance, and still look brand new. “We also instruct Volvo employees as well as our students, and quite often you can see them lean back to avoid the recoil on disconnection. Their reaction is priceless when they disconnect eSafe. They’re like ‘what happened?’” 

No hassle since eSafe
We continue, passing classrooms where compressed air is used, and I take a couple of pictures. The school has many activities where they use compressed air as the energy source. This includes automation classes where students build and program small mobile machines and a class where they teach the science of pneumatics. During this class, students use mobile laboratory stations that can be connected throughout the school. Marcus says that, regardless of what they use compressed air for, it makes him feel good to know that the students, and also Volvo employees, can now safely disconnect. 

          “You can’t argue against eSafe. What could you possibly say?” 

- Marcus Jerne

After the tour, he concludes, “This is what it came down to and I am very happy with the switch. You can’t compare eSafe with the previous coupling, it wouldn’t be fair. Also, I haven’t taken any measurements, but I know for sure that we’ve significantly reduced our air wastage.”

Responsibility towards students 
During our interview, Marcus keeps coming back to the elimination of recoil. He stresses the importance of responsibility towards students’ safety. “You can’t compromise on safety. Right now we’re about to build new classrooms, and I personally made sure to specify eSafe in the drawings. Nothing else gets into this school from now on.” 

It is always rewarding to meet someone as enthusiastic as Marcus. A year has passed since installation and eSafe seem to have made a real difference to this school, its teachers and its students. As we conclude, Marcus gives his final view on eSafe, “I could promote eSafe, just like I promote this school. I could sell eSafe on the street!”

CEJN eSafe installed at VOLVO High School, teacher Marcus Jerne


Volvo High School Facts:

First opened: 1952
Number of students: 144
Number of teachers: 15
Students offered job at Volvo after graduation: 100% 
School financed by: Volvo Cars & VGTO (Volvo Group Trucks Operations) & student's municipality

Interview in pdf

In the hands of poor quality copies? CEJN informs of potential hazards. Ultra high pressure hydraulics

CEJN couplings and nipples are recognized for their safety, high quality and durability. Similar connectors claiming to have the same compatible mating parts have circulated the market a few years ago and our efforts in informative campaigns and safety training have been able to reverse that trend. A new problem has surfaced recently – some competitor product names and part numbers are so similar to CEJN products it is hard to tell the difference between them. With this, we want to make sure you can identify a CEJN coupling and understand the potential danger by mixing brands.

Safety is one of our top priorities and the best way to achieve that is to use CEJN original couplings and nipples only. CEJN’s over 40 years of experience in developing and manufacturing ultra-high pressure hydraulic products has secured our market leading position and is a guarantee of our expertise.


Guarantee compatibility, don’t mix brands
Our long experience and market leading position have made quick disconnects and nipples from CEJN the industry standard since there are no international standards, like ISO or DIN for this sector. Although there are quick connectors in the market that seem connectable with our products, they are not safely interchangeable. Only CEJN products guarantee high levels of safety.

CEJN Alert ring
One of our latest design updates was the addition of alert rings to our couplings as a visual indicator to ensure proper connection – safety is not something neglected by us. If the red ring is visible, the coupling isn’t connected securely.

Please note that if you are mixing CEJN products with products from other brands, we cannot safeguard you from any resultant accidents that may cause personal injury or damage property. It will also lead to loss of warranty and product liability.

How to identify a CEJN product
All of our products have visual product markings on them. Always check for the CEJN mark inscribed on both the CEJN coupling and nipple. If you’re unsure, don’t hesitate to contact your local sales office. If no marking is visible, you’re probably in the hands of a copy. 

Identify CEJN Ultra high-pressure coupling and nipple

To the left, coupling & nipple marking on new version. To the right, the old marking of CEJN coupling and nipple.

Safety guideline manual 
Extreme pressure demands high levels of safety precaution as a leak or accidental disconnection could cause serious personal injury or damage to machinery. Therefore, it was important for us at CEJN to produce guidelines to safety. Please download your FREE copy of the Safety guidelines for Ultra-high pressure hydraulic applications to the right. If you are looking to have safety training conducted within your company, please contact your local sales office or have a look out at our website.

Understand the forces at play - watch this movie


Gunnar Hellichius Production Manager at CEJN

Production at CEJN AB, Sweden is getting a real facelift. “We’re not afraid to take the lead in adapting to innovative production. This investment shows our customers that CEJN is a company to count on in the future too,” says Production Manager Gunnar Hellichius. I meet with Gunnar and can tell he is very excited as he shows me into his office and continues, “The new 8-spindle lathe from INDEX that just arrived is the first one in Sweden. And so far we’ve ordered three...”

Gunnar sits down and takes a sip of his black coffee, “CEJN Production 2020 is an innovative production strategy. World-leading products need world-class production”. The new machine park will start with three eight-spindle lathes, an automated assembly line for eSafe, collaborative robots and automated bar storage solutions. Great investors and thinkers talk about the future as something to aim for. Gunnar assures me that the future is already here at CEJN.

Collaborative robots – for increased assembly automation
“CEJN have been part of a research project together with Chalmers, Scania and the University of Skövde for the past two years investigating the possibility of increasing automation in the assembly line by using collaborative robots. The results have been good, and by the end of 2017 we’ll have two robots from Universal Robots in our production line. The staff involved absolutely love this,” Gunnar smiles, and continues, “me included.”  

Collaborative robots at CEJN Universal RobotsThe robots will work together with staff on medium-volume products with the goal of yielding efficient automation and ergonomic assembly. Compared to traditional robots, collaborative robots are easier to program, smaller and can work alongside humans thanks to built-in sensors. Gunnar adds, “Safety is our top priority, and with collaborative robots we’ll create a safer workplace.”


Flexibility to stay alive
That’s what it all comes down to. The key factor is to be quick and adapt. The new production set-up will enable CEJN’s machine park to be more flexible. It will improve our product quality and we’ll be able to produce more innovative and complex products. Gunnar continues, “The new lathes from INDEX will be designated for our high-volume components. And the finish will be first class.” He shows me two components, one produced using a current lathe and one produced by the INDEX 22-8. The difference is clear to see. The product produced by the INDEX 22-8 is premium; just by looking at the finish you can tell, this is CEJN. “Two of the three INDEX machines will be here in Skövde, and the last one at our production facility in Lönsboda”.

Automated material handling and bar storage solutions
Extension at CEJN ABWe just broke ground on a 1000m2 extension; in other words, it’s just a big sandbox right now. Gunnar shows me the drawings for the extension and reasons, “Manufacturing will need more space in the future, so we’ll move the raw material into this new extension.” And the extension will benefit from modernisation too. Automated bar storage and a fully-automatic chip management system will be installed. “We’ll be using our space more wisely with the bar system. And the chip management system will make the separation process more environmentally friendly than at present.” 

Warehouse robot system  
The material handling process will also be getting a make-over, to improve service levels, reduce costs and free up space. To achieve this, a cubical automated warehouse robot system and self-navigating autonomous transport robots will be installed. I ask Gunnar if we’re going to feel like we’re walking into a sci-fi movie when entering our production facility a couple of years from now. Gunnar laughs and explains the brilliance of it all. “Like the bar storage, we need to make smarter use of our space. Imagine the space we’d have if we didn’t need the truck lanes in the warehouse. We need to think height, compactness and fixed sizes. It’s both cost and space efficient. The transport robots will allow our staff to focus on the actual product and value-adding tasks.”

eSafe coupling CEJNThe eSafe automation project
“Gunnar, tell me, is there more?” I’m looking at him, thinking, There can’t be anything else. We’re doing everything. “Well, there is the eSafe automation project.” I can’t stop myself from smiling, thinking, Well, of course there is! He shows me a 3D graphic of the line. “It’s a fully-automatic assembly line, due to be ready by April 2017. It’s needed to accommodate sales growth of CEJN eSafe - today and tomorrow. One plus point with this new assembly is the improved quality of the product.” 

Dedicated staff are the key
The coffee is cold, the table full of drawings and it’s time to wrap things up. But before we finish, I ask him what he feels is the key to successful implementation. Gunnar leans forward and starts to collect the papers on the table, “I’m grateful that I have such an innovative and dedicated team of staff. We need to have everyone on board if we are going to succeed. And I believe we do.”  I nod. I believe CEJN is full of passionate employees. I meet them every day. And it is definitely one of the reasons why we’re able to stay at the forefront of technological development. We believe in innovation and in the future of CEJN.

Text Jill Elmshorn, CEJN AB


Watch the movie and learn how to replace the sealing on your TLX Screw-to-connect coupling. Changing the sealing is one way to maximize coupling lifetime. New seal kits can be ordered through a CEJN distributor and is very easy to replace. Just follow the instructions in the movie.

TLX is a hydraulic Flat-Face twist lock coupling for the toughest applications in the construction and demolition segment. This super-duty quick connect connector is designed to work with the highest surge flows and the toughest pressure impulses. TLX is made from high alloy steels with Zinc-Nickel surface treatment for a long life in the harshest conditions. The Series is available in sizes from ¾” to 1 ¼” to cover most applications.

For more information visit the TLX product page. 


- Brammer UK & CEJN UK meet industry challenge by strategic partnership

- Brammer UK & CEJN UK meet industry challenge by strategic partnership

Today competition within the industry is more challenging than ever. New regulations for energy efficiency, such as the Energy Efficiency Directive 2012/12/EU, energy mapping, and increased safety regulations require companies to find new targets to meet the new conditions. CEJN and Brammer UK both see compressed air as a very important focus area within the industry. By combining CEJN’s expertise and high flow product range in compressed air with Brammer’s vision of “Driving down the total cost of component acquisition”, a strategic partnership was born. Together we will work to increase productivity and decrease energy consumption for the UK industry.

CEJN & Brammer Team-Up
One of Europe’s leading MRO-player (Maintenance, Repair & Overhaul), Brammer (UK) realised that in order to meet the new conditions within the industry; they needed to look for an innovative partner. From the start, Business Development Manager Grant Chaplain from CEJN UK was able to demonstrate the huge cost savings of switching to CEJN products, with the help of CEJN’s Test Flow Meter, to Libby Peacock, Product Manager of pneumatics at Brammer UK. The goal was to convert an outdated compressed air system to an airtight, safe and effective system. CEJN UK and Brammer announced their strategic partnership at the end of 2015, and have realized an enterprising first year together.

“The Test Flow Survey Program validate to customers the 20-30% saving that can be done on their compressed air bill“
- Grant Chaplain Business Development Manager CEJN UK 

Flow Test Survey Program
CEJN and Brammer will work closely to identify customers’ potential savings with a Test Flow Survey Program. Through this program, the partners will be able to compare current compressed air status to one equipped with CEJN eSafe products and, consequently, present a cost saving solution. The program is carried out in two steps:

  1. The CEJN Test Flow Meter is used to compare clients’ current coupling-hose-tool installation to one equipped with CEJN products.
  2. Brammer calculates the result and presents an in-depth cost-saving report to the customer, which in most cases will provide the customer about 20-30% savings on their compressed air bill. Additional benefits not shown by the meter are increased productivity, a safer work environment and long lasting, quality products.
Watch a demonstration of the Flow Meter.

Why CEJN is Key
Brammer teamed up with CEJN because of the high performing, high flow, leak-free and low friction pneumatic technology that we offer our customers, which translate into energy savings and increased productivity. In terms of products the focus will be on two key areas: CEJN’s pneumatics range (low friction PUR hose, hose reels, blow guns and quick connect couplings) and the FRL high flow range.


The CEJN Test Flow Meter is an important tool for Grant Chaplain, Business Development Manager CEJN UK, shown above with Libby Peacock, Product Manager Pneumatics at Brammer UK. Together CEJN and Brammer UK meet with operation managers and demonstrate how to optimise compressed air systems to reach ultimate energy efficiency at production plants.
The CEJN Test Flow Meter is an important tool for Grant Chaplain, Business Development Manager CEJN UK, shown above with Libby Peacock, Product Manager Pneumatics at Brammer UK. Together CEJN and Brammer UK meet with operation managers and demonstrate how to optimise compressed air systems to reach ultimate energy efficiency at production plants. 


CEJN build safety brand i Korea, couplings and hose assemblies hydraulics
Busan Korea. Next, John Woollett, Product Manager Ultra high-pressure hose assemblies CEJN AB. Roy Eriksson, Division Manager CEJN AB. Kim Jin-Baek, Managing Director CEJN Korea

CEJN AB and CEJN Korea are working together in 2016 to target strategic customers and partners with the aim of strengthening CEJN’s position as a safety-focused company in the Busan area. Although most of the people we meet confirm a slowdown in the marine segment, there is a great interest in safety issues. The impression is that this is a time for improvements and for new cooperation to flourish. Taking a breath and recharging in preparation for the future.

Business climate in South Korea. The industrial landscape of Busan is filled with heavy industrial complexes amidst beautiful leafy mountains. Many of the buildings are brand new, while others are undergoing improvements. The streets are pulsing with energy, columns of trucks on their way to the new harbour in Busan, Busan New Port. As CEJN travels around the area we hear talk of tough times from more or less everyone, but despite all these currents you can still sense a positive flow bubbling under the surface. The Korean people are survivors used to overcoming struggles and in their eyes you see a look of determination. They are looking for new ways of doing things and this manifests in the form of creativity, different forms of cooperation and entrepreneurship.

CEJN raising safety awareness. Korea, and more precisely the Busan area, is a strategically important region for CEJN due to the multitude of industries built up around the shipping and offshore market. This is why CEJN is putting a lot of effort into raising awareness of safety, as the use of Ultra high-pressure hydraulic quick connect couplings and hose assemblies is common. One element of this increased safety awareness involves more in-depth cooperation with strategic partners in the area. Another is to offer safety training targeting end-users, who are often exposed to dangers without knowing it.

Kim-Jin Baek CEJN Korea safety training ultra high pressure hydraulics
Kim Jin-Beak, Managing director CEJN Korea shows the new training center in Busan.

New CEJN safety training in Korea. In January 2013, CEJN unveiled a new High-pressure Centre in Busan for the purpose of providing better and closer support for customers in the marine and ship-building industry. The aim is also to develop business networks in the area and make way for a better safety mindset among people working with ultra high-pressure hydraulic products. “As CEJN is an original genuine manufacturer of high-pressure couplings, we see it as our responsibility to protect our customers and end-users from potential danger; misunderstandings regarding genuine products and copies, mixing genuine products and copies, etc.,” says Kim Jin-Beak, Managing Director of CEJN Korea.

Some years ago, copies were introduced onto the market and this has led to an increased risk for users of Ultra high-pressure hydraulics. CEJN will therefore continue to send messages of warning to marine engine makers, ship-building companies and their partners and suppliers. CEJN has run over 10 training courses so far and Kim is sure this will help to increase awareness in the industry: “Our goal is for people to start thinking safety and to associate the CEJN brand with this”.

CEJN visits TECPOS and Bosch-Rexroth South Korea ultra high pressues and pumps

First picture is from a TECPOS visit. Tour of the two production facilities, where cylinders, air-driven hydraulic pumps, etc. are produced. And the last pictures is from the Bosch-Rexroth visit. CEJN meets with the Bosch-Rexroth Management team to discuss safety issues/training and takes a tour of the production facility. Below right Albert Benz President Bosch-Rexroth.


FASSI Roberto Signori with CEJN WEO fittings

To become a supplier of hydraulic components to a crane manufacturer like FASSI, you have to pass their ‘entrance exam’. CEJN meets with Roberto Signori, R&D-SPE Manager in the technical department at FASSI, to see what was behind the decision to choose CEJN´s WEO swivel for their machines. The task of Roberto´s team is to stress-test new crane models as well as hydraulic and electrical components that will be included in the machinery. And when it comes to quality and service life, FASSI never compromises.

In the little village of Albino, outside Bergamo in Italy, we find the headquarters of crane producer FASSI. This particular facility produces medium to heavy-duty cranes, and other parts of the production takes place at six other companies around the country, a total of 450 employees. The HQ houses, among other divisions, an advanced technical department with 40 employees, and CEJN meets up with Roberto Signori, R&D-SPE Manager, in the testing division. He and his team define the hydraulic and electronic systems of the cranes by subjecting new models and supplier components to tough challenges. This is intended to guarantee optimum quality and performance for their finished products. 6000 cranes leave the FASSI facilities on an annual basis and 95% are distributed to foreign markets.

FASSI puts CEJN to the test. When CEJN came into contact with FASSI, they were suffering leakage, quality and dimension problems with their current connections on hydraulic control valves. There were also delivery problems with the connections, causing frustration. In applications like this, when hoses are constantly being twisted, a good swivel function is a must to enable long hose life. With the WEO swivel, FASSI immediately saw these benefits together with the advantage of fewer components, meaning a reduced number of leakage points. Leakage was often due to difficulty in assembling the different parts in narrow spaces. Another appealing feature was the plug-in system, which would cut the assembly time considerably.

Due to the confined space in the FASSI application, CEJN decided to look at the design of the WEO swivel to see if the size could be further reduced. “We managed to redesign the back section to save further space and therefore fit their application better,” explains Anna Pisano, OEM Sales Support CEJN Italy. This modification, making the WEO swivel more compact, was so successful it has now become the new CEJN standard. When the new WEO swivel was tested by FASSI, it passed all their various tests with good margins.


”Our vision is to have the WEO plug-in on all our machines”

 Roberto Signori R&D-SPE Manager, FASSI


Cooperation with CEJN and WEO. FASSI has now been using the WEO swivel for over two years and they are very satisfied, especially with the reduced number of components, meaning fewer connection points to cause problems and leaks. The time savings are very important as well: “With WEO we can connect without the need for tools and it is extremely quick. When assembling, we save at least ten minutes on every crane,” states Roberto.

According to Roberto, cooperation with CEJN has worked out very well, with fast responses from CEJN. “When there have been any problems, FASSI has received the support they needed to move on quickly. Delivery also works fine. Today our FASSI Company Cramo uses CEJN ’s WEO swivel and delivery is just in time, as we demanded from the very start,” says Roberto.

The future. Last year FASSI celebrated 50 years in the crane industry and the aim is to produce an annual output of 25 000 cranes. WEO is currently being used on the distributor bank of small and medium-sized cranes and when we ask Roberto about the future for WEO, he feels that the next step is to implement the WEO plug-in on the large models too: “For me, the fast assembly time is the most important aspect. My vision is to have the WEO plug-in on all our machines. Always WEO,” explains Roberto. Another step is to have WEO in the valves as well.

FASSI has a strong end-user focus and feels that they could benefit as well from WEO. When performing maintenance, the smart WEO plug-in system allows the operator to unplug just the hose that needs to be changed. With other solutions an operator may have to dismantle numerous connections in order to reach the defective hose, which can involve several hours of work. Another obvious customer benefit is the longer hose life with the swivelling WEO. Roberto sums up by saying: “We see the advantages of WEO internally and we know for sure that the end user would also benefit considerably if we use WEO”.

FASSI Roberto Signori together with Anna Pisano and Luca Mortellaro CEJN Italy WEO fitting on FASSI cranes

Roberto Signori together with Anna Pisano and Luca Mortellaro from the CEJN Italian sales team on a tour of the technical department at FASSI in Albino.


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CEJN Collection Catalogue

The Collection catalogue gives you a brief look into CEJN’s eight different product areas and is our most appreciated catalogue. It gives you a quick understanding of CEJN, what we do and where we are active. The catalogue has now been given a well-deserved update in 15 different languages. Except for the latest products and updated information, Thermal Control has its own chapter to further highlight our presence in the thermal management field. We also present some of our engineering solutions and briefly explain the process from idea to finished product. 

Get your digital copy today



Safety training hosted by CEJN at MAN, Busan, Korea

On 27th April 2016 a new safety training course was held at the MAN PrimeServ Academy in Busan, Korea, hosted by CEJN. The purpose was to improve safety awareness among people working with quick connect couplings and, most importantly, in the field of ultra high-pressure hydraulics. The theme was “From common sense to knowledge-based safety”.

New safety training. The break room outside the lecture hall is full of activity, the smell of coffee and lively chatter on this early morning in April. It is the first safety training course at the MAN PrimeServ Academy focusing on quick connect components and attendance, approximately 50 individuals, speaks for itself: every single spot is booked.

Book to Safety training hosted by CEJN at MAN, Busan, KoreaKim Jin-Baek, the Managing director of CEJN Korea has been offering safety training at the CEJN training centre for many years. MAN, which has been a CEJN ultra high-pressure hydraulic customer for decades, has been a participant in this training. Today they have asked CEJN to come to the academy to educate MAN customers about safety and what actions to take when it comes to quick connect components.

Safety is key. The day covers a multitude of safety aspects in different areas, such as compressed air, breathing air and ultra high-pressure equipment. Kim blends risky scenarios with advice on how to take safety action in activities like the ones the attendees are involved in on a daily basis. The main theme of the day was “From common sense to knowledge-based safety”. This means that safety precautions like helmets and goggles are not enough. The right mind set is needed, as well as precautions and knowledge of how to avoid harm that can result from damaged or inadequate products.

The participants are committed, as such matters are not often addressed in Korea at present. For many of them this is an eye-opener. CEJN ’s aim is to ensure people work as safely as possible, and judging by the response from the participants, this training seems to be a very good and much-needed step in the right direction.

Comments From Participants

Sean Oh, General Manager BMT CO, Ltd

Sean Oh, General Manager BMT CO, Ltd Producer of compressed air couplings, valves and fittings.
“As a producer of compressed air couplings I came here out of curiosity. I had some knowledge about the dangers of hydraulics, as my colleague was hit by oil from a hydraulic jack. Until now I thought that the danger was only from the tool. Now I understand that the couplings also need to be safe and that there is complicated technology behind it. I can actually admit that I feel afraid of my own products now. This training has been super!”

Jung Jae Hwah, Sungsam HT

Jung Jae Hwah, Sungsam HT Producer of hydraulic jacks, engine components and cylinders for engines.
“This is my first training at MAN and I had some knowledge of the dangers beforehand. However, I did not know that compressed airwas dangerous. I feel it is necessary to change some components at our facility now to improve safety, both compressed air and high-pressure hydraulics. I had heard about CEJN before coming here and I know they are very professional.”

Jin Kuk Lee, Korea Engineering

Jin Kuk Lee, Korea Engineering Producer of hydraulic jacks.
“Before this training course I did not care about safety at all. But now I have a clear understanding that these products can cause internal injuries, not just external ones. I will start to take more responsibility in my work and perform regular checks and replacements. In Korea we do not have a good mindset when it comes to safety, but CEJN cares about details like no one else does.”

Dae-Ho Wo, Sung-il tubes

Dae-Ho Wo, Sung-il tubes Producer of connection pipes between common rail and injector.
I had no idea, that high-pressure hydraulics were so dangerous and we use products at 2000 bar! I feel it is urgent that this message is spread within my organisation, firstly among the management team in order to make them understand and purchase the right products. I did not know of CEJN before today, but my impression is that CEJN is very serious and very proud of their products. I am sure if safety is improved and knowledge is spread more here in Korea, we will have more capacity to influence our subcontractors in such matters.”



Safety training hosted by CEJN at MAN, Busan, Korea

Pictures from left: 1. Participant testing the safe two-hand operated breathing air hose kit from CEJN. 2. Kim Jin-Baek showing a high-pressure gauge. 3. ChulHwan Kim, Head of MAN PrimeServ Academy in Busan, together with Kim Jin-Baek, Managing Director CEJN Korea, three course participants and John Woollett, Product Manager Ultra high-pressure hose assemblies CEJN Sweden. 4. Participant learning about the dangers of compressed air and air embolism.


This is eSafe - the new generation coupling
- What does it do? It increases productivity and maximises safety

eSafe the new generation standard quick connect coupling series from CEJN can cut your energy consumption up to 30%* with its unique characteristics. The high flow enhances your tool performance; the positive outcome being increased productivity. The secret behind this innovative and patented safety coupling is the highest flow on the market combined with a low pressure drop. During disconnection eSafe vents the down steaming pressure, eliminating recoil and reducing noise level. In addition, eSafe has a low connecting force, compact and easy to grip design which makes it the natural choice when choosing a high performing safety product. Its extreme durability together with the many benefits will give you a reliable product for years to come. Can you afford not to change?

Continue on to eSafe campain site or go directly to the product page.

* The total saving of up to 30% is obtained if combining CEJN eSafe with CEJN PUR hoses.


DELL Project Triton Data server using Non-Drip Dripless Quick Disconnects

Peak hours at data centres are spurring development of faster processes and improved performance. Dell, known for being one of the world’s leading computer technology companies, recently revealed ‘Triton’, a development project involving liquid cooling. The solution uses the CEJN quick-disconnect non-drip series. The new, and more effective, cooling technology allows high-performance components to run faster and more efficiently.

To meet end-user demand in development of the ‘Triton’ solution for data centres, Dell sought a drip-free quick-disconnect module to handle the delicate task of cooling each server sled effectively using water. Dell ended up with several promising proposals on the table, but preferred the look and performance of the CEJN couplers.

Special blind-mate coupling on filtration sled 
‘Triton’ incorporates two different sizes of CEJN quick connect couplings. The first, positioned on the side of the filtration sled, is a specially-produced Non-Drip Series 767 blind-mate drip-free coupling. The sled, which is vertically mounted, is guided into position and the blind-mate coupling is activated. It is then locked by a lever lock system. This gives a 100% drip-free solution to protect sensitive electronics. By cooling each server sled, ‘Triton’ uses 97 per cent less cooling power than regular air-cooled data centres*. 
Get a more detailed look at Dell ‘Triton’ technology. Lead thermal architect Austin Shelnutt, explains.

High-flow coupling feeds water to server 
The second type of coupling is used to deliver facility water into the filtration unit and then distribute the water to each of the IT server chassis within the remainder of the rack. To cool the server as efficiently as possible, we proposed again our high-flow Brass 767 coupling, from our Non-Drip series. This coupling has a flow capacity of Kv 13.30 with double shut-off, a figure that satisfied the demanding requirements of Dell’s development team. The high-flow Brass 767 coupling is, of course, also leak-free during connection and disconnection.

Quick feedback pays off
The good cooperation and communication between Dell and CEJN made it possible for us to react quickly to customer comments and provide high-quality prototypes that lived up to our promises: to be the best option  – an important catalyst that ultimately secured the deal.  

*Based on Dell internal analysis in May 2016, where the average data center PUE is 1.7.


Gestamp press hardening & CEJN

Gestamp HardTech is a solid and utilitarian yet sophisticated press hardening facility located in Luleå in northern Sweden. Their business involves manufacturing press tools and stamping metal components using huge press devices. When connecting a tool to the press, there are numerous connection points that need to work for different media. In order to simplify this connection process Gestamp uses a multi-plate from CEJN.

HARDTECH GESTAMP has a long tradition in press hardening, with 40 years in the business. This experience has given them considerable expertise in the field of calculations and tolerances that cannot be easily replicated. In the beginning, fairly simple components were produced, often using cold stamping, such as bumpers for the car industry. As demand for lighter parts increased, due to emission requirements, Hardtech was several steps ahead, and today they offer metal components for vehicle bodies, chassis and moulding tools. “The trend is continuously towards larger and more complex components, demanding multiple technologies,” says Hans Larsson, Tool Design/Development Manager at Hardtech Gestamp headquarters in Sweden.

PRESS HARDENING currently represents one of the most advanced lightweight solutions used for car body structures, for example.Steel blanks are heated up until they are workable, then shaped and cooled rapidly in the press, resulting in a transformed and hardened material. Some components might need different kinds of characteristics, such as soft and hard areas. This demands a combination of warm and cold stamping in order to control the crash properties of the component. The challenge is to retain the hard areas without any cracking.

“The cooperation has worked out very well with the high level of competence and quick response from CEJN”
- Hans Larsson, Tool Design/Development Manager, GESTAMP

COOPERATION WITH CEJN. Before working with CEJN, Gestamp would manually connect a series of single couplings when connecting a tool to the actual press “This was time consuming, hard and dirty work,” states Hans. Gestamp decided to look for another solution and turned to CEJN. When they met with CEJN they immediately saw the advantage of not having a language barrier. “CEJN understood immediately and in less than three months we had the solution we were looking for,” he explains.

The solution is a multi-plate that automatically links the press and tool together using five connections including hydraulics, cooling water and compressed air. “The solution has worked out fine and the plate is docked automatically. This is a huge improvement, as there is no need for the operator to wrestle with all the couplings, which saves time and money,” says Christer Allard, Tool Engineer. He continues: “All the tools that we produce for our new presses have the CEJN Multi-plate”.

According to Gestamp, the quality of the product has been optimal, as it has outlasted the life span of their tools, which is around 7 years. There has also been an improvement to the plate during the working process, eliminating the possibility of cross connection, called Poka Yoke. “The cooperation has worked out very well with the high level of competence and quick response from CEJN,” says Hans.

Gestamp press hardening & CEJN

1. CEJN Multi-plate on tool. 2. Tool mounted on press in action. 3. Stamped components coming out of the Press. 4 Christer Allard, Tool Engineer, proudly shows a chassis constructed using a combination of techniques, leaving red areas hard and blue areas soft and workable for the customer.


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CEJN using AR glasses

Everything is going digital, with transition at a rapid rate. For us here at CEJN AB, a quick connect coupling manufacturer, it is important to be at the forefront of technology. Smart inventions are key as more and more businesses are looking to improve productivity and efficiency to drive business growth. At CEJN AB we have several research projects running, one involving AR technology (augmented reality). Could AR glasses serve as a future aid for training? Our Production Engineer Filip Palmkvist is optimistic: “We’re certainly looking into the possibility”.  

‘Breaking in’ new staff
Instructions on paper and co-worker support are how we ‘break in’ new staff at CEJN AB. However, misplaced papers together with a stressed colleague might make you feel anxious in your first day on the job. We all know the feeling. But what if there was a way to ease that feeling just a little? “Absorbing new information is challenging, especially if you are stressed. AR glasses give the user a chance to work at their own pace without anyone looking over their shoulder,” says Filip. A plain and simple way of accessing instructions. 

Filip and Anna Syberfeldt, Associate Professor of Automation Engineering at the University of Skövde, are working together on this research project, with the main aim of facilitating instruction and information handling

"We are still at a very early point in the process with much development work yet to be done, but it's intriguing for sure." 
Filip Palmkvist, Production Engineer CEJN AB

Anyone can do it
We meet with Filip as he is conducting a demonstration of the AR glasses. A 7-step assembly station for our 365 hydraulic nipple has been set up and eager colleagues have lined up to try it out. The AR glasses are connected to software, a kind of external hard drive, developed by the University of Skövde. When you put on the glasses, which you wear throughout, you see instructions. “What is important to know is that you control the process, you take yourself to the next step”. This means that a person who has never assembled a nipple or switch workstation can be taught the whole procedure without assistance. “We are still at a very early point in the process with much development work yet to be done, but it’s intriguing for sure. We’ll see where it takes us,” says Filip.

At the forefront of technology
But why is CEJN AB, a mid-size manufacturing company in the middle of Sweden, investing time and money in a research project developing new technology for the industry? Basically, we feel the urge to participate and take advantage of new technology early in its development; this gives us an opportunity to raise our level of technology and increase our competitiveness in the production processes, in terms of both quality and more effective processes. Our organization is full of solution-focused individuals with ambition. Let’s put them to work. This will ultimately benefit our customers.

CEJN: AR glasses in industrial assembly

First picture, Production Engineer Filip Palmkvist, head of project. Second, AR-assembled Series 365 nipples, and lastly, we see Erik Oscarsson, our Improvement Technician, following AR instructions. At this specific moment Erik is assembling the sealing, step one out of seven.


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CEJN with ChulHwan Kim, Head of MAN PrimeServ Academy, Busan
ChulHwan Kim, Head of MAN PrimeServ Academy Busan

"Without high-pressure components we cannot do our job and without the CEJN products we cannot guarantee safety”. ChulHwan Kim is Head of the MAN PrimeServ Academy Busan, and when asked about the on going cooperation with CEJN, one-day safety training with a focus on quick connect couplings, his message is clear and positive: “Safety is one of our core values and with CEJN by our side we are strengthening our brand.”

MAN Diesel & Turbo is the world’s leading provider of large-bore diesel engines, manufactured both by the company and by its licensees. MAN also provides strong after-sales service including the customer technical training under its global service brand MAN PrimeServ, represented in all key markets around the world. The hubs are equipped with advanced technology for performing repairs with the aim of training engineers, technicians and engine operators who need to upgrade their skills with regard to tools, ultra high-pressure hydraulic products and safety. Around 1000 participants come to expand their knowledge at the Academy on a yearly basis.

CEJN meets up with ChulHwan Kim, who is Head of MAN PrimeServ Academy, Busan. Mr Kim is responsible for making sure that training at the Busan facility runs smoothly and is high quality, both theoretically and practically. He has spent the last five years improving education at MAN and before that he was a ship engineer for seven years. This background makes him quite knowledgeable with regard to the target group and a good fit for running the Academy. 


”Our goal is to make sure our customers work safely. CEJN helps us ensure this goal” 
ChulHwan Kim, Head of MAN PrimeServ Academy, Busan 

CEJN safety training at MAN. CEJN has been a MAN supplier of ultra high-pressure hydraulic couplings for decades due to its reputable high-quality products and safety mind-set. The parties have now launched a more in-depth collaboration, resulting in CEJN hosting safety training for MAN customers at their facility.  “MAN and CEJN share the same core value of safety and our vision is zero accidents. Consequently, it was logical to link up with CEJN for this safety training,” explains Mr Kim. It all started when Mr Kim participated in a safety training course focusing on quick connect hydraulic couplings at the CEJN training centre in Busan. “It was kind of a wake-up call, as I did not care so much about safety before,” explains Mr Kim, and continues “We planned to host the training by ourselves at first, but decided to leave it to CEJN with their in-depth knowledge”. And the customer response has been beyond expectation.

Win-win for both brands. CEJN feels honored to be the chosen partner of such a large and reputable company as MAN, and it is nice to hear that MAN thinks so highly of CEJN. After all, safety is what CEJN wants to be known for. Mr Kim proudly shows off their training hall with CEJN products, a representation of the reality out there. He grabs a series 125 ultra high-pressure hydraulic coupling, attached to a bolt tensioner: “Without these products we cannot do our job and without the CEJN products we cannot guarantee safety”. He concludes by saying that MAN hopes for future cooperation with CEJN where we continue to guarantee safety at the academy as well as for our customers. “We want CEJN here in order to strengthen our brand as a safety-focused company”. 

ChulHwan Kim from MAN demonstrates CEJN Series 125
ChulHwan Kim demonstrating the CEJN Series 125 in action. A group of superintendents from a shipping company in the eastern Mediterranean taking part in hands-on training in how to dismantle a hydraulic cylinder correctly and safely using hydraulic tools.


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Did you know that pressure drop is one of the biggest problems in the supply of compressed air. A high pressure drop means that the compressor has to work harder to deliver energy to the tools or machines. This can run up a big energy bill and can result in poor tool performance. In most cases it is the hoses and couplings which are the biggest culprits in creating this problem. 

This video is a demonstration of our Flow Meter Tester. The Flow Meter puts your existing quick connect couplings and hose installations to the test and compare them to CEJN eSafe couplings and low friction PUR Hose. You will be surprised of how much you can save by switching to eSafe.

Optimising your compressed air delivery in this way can quickly cut your compressor running costs and in some cases the savings can be as high as 30%.

Contact your local sales office and ask for a test of your system, we provide a report that identifies energy saving and productivity improvements which can be made by switching to CEJN.


Plug-in solutions CEJN WEO

For Plug-in solutions

It is a new era for WEO – The unique problem solver from CEJN. CEJN WEO is by many considered the best hydraulic plug-in fitting on the market. This market leading product is now entering a new future as an open standard available for all manufacturers. The intention is to make this high quality product even more accessible around the globe.

Many global companies are “plugging in” to hydraulic systems by using CEJN WEO Plug-In fittings, with the innovative click-to-connect feature. The market for WEO is comprehensive as the product is found everywhere from large forestry machines to fork-lifts. The product is known for reducing installation time dramatically and is often used when space during assembling is a critical issue. It is also leak-free and extends hose life by eliminating hose twist. Due to all these benefits and more, WEO has been chosen by many large customers, which has led to a higher demand for good WEO availability on the aftermarket.By releasing the male part (nipple) as an open standard, CEJN sees a future where WEO is even more accessible around the globe thanks to more manufacturers and shorter distribution chains. 

“By creating an open standard for WEO, CEJN lets the best Plug-in technology become even more available and cost effective”

Co-operation is now available from CEJN to customers who wish to receive support in their manufacturing process of nipples. Just a registration and an agreement that the CEJN specifications are followed. It should be easy and accessible to become a WEO nipple manufacturer.
As always when an open standard is created, it is to protect the reputation of WEO and to ensure that the end user gets interchangeability, highest quality, performance and safety. The CEJN service will consist of specifications such as drawings and process parameters to reach specified performance and quality level. If changes are made on those parameters, CEJN will update the registered manufacturers. 

By creating this open standard CEJN has looked at what will be most beneficial for manufacturers, OEMs and the end users. For the future CEJN will focus on cost effective deliveries of the WEO Cartridge, the core in plug-in technology, from a fully automated and quality assured production line running around the clock in the CEJN facility.

Fill in the registration form on

WEP Plug-in solution applications



Multi-X lube

One of our top-selling products within the hydraulic selection the Multi-X recently launched a new configuration, Multi-X Trio 12.5/Lube. This configuration is a unique product specifically aiming at applications with a central lubrication system on the machine and where also some of the tools/attachments need lubrication. A common application for a central lubrication system where the system also feeds grease to attachments is on excavators with tilt-rotators. 

The Multi-X Trio 12.5/Lube has two 1/2” lines for hydraulics and one line for lubrication. When disconnected grease can circulate the lubrication system due to the bypass function the lubrication coupling is equipped with. When the Multi-X is connected the bypass is closed and the grease is pumped out to the lubrication points in the tool/attachment.

The connection ports are metric M10 female thread on the lubrication couplings. The max. working pressure for the lubrication coupling is 150 bar with a 4:1 safety factor.

Article numbers:
10 932 4003 Multi-X Trio 12.5/Lube female plate
10 932 4053 Multi-X Trio 12.5/Lube male plate

For more detailed information, visit product page.


Watch this if you use unreliable or outdated products in your ultra high-pressure hydraulic application, it demonstrates the forces at play. First we simulate a burst coupling. A burst coupling is high risk when mixing, for example CEJN couplings with copies. Even if they seem to fit this does not mean they’re working optimally and safely. 

The second simulation is of an ultra high-pressure hose failure, this particular hose burst at 2140bar (31038 PSI). What it does to a work glove filled with grease clearly demonstrates the consequences it can have on the victim’s body.

As a world leader in ultra high-pressure hydraulics, we know never to compromise on safety!


Jörgen Ekström CEJN Great Balls of Steel, Ultra high Pressure Hydraulics

Working with and developing ultra high-pressure products is not for the faint hearted. It´s a meticulous process based on calculations, a variety of test methods and a mind-set based on 40 years of knowledge. At the core of a coupling you find a set of tiny steel balls, carrying a load of approximately 300 kg each. If you can envision an image of two cars (3,000 kg) hanging from a coupling, that will give you an idea of the kind of forces we are dealing with.

The image of the hanging cars representing 3,000 bar is presented by Jörgen Ekström, Team leader in the CEJN AB High-Pressure Hydraulics division in Skövde. “CEJN is a leading player in this segment and we are now developing products for even more powerful applications – 4,000 bar” he explains.

Unique Knowledge 
CEJN is a strong organisation when it comes to high pressure products, with 40 years in this particular field. The trend has moved towards higher and higher pressures due to smaller and lighter tools. “These high pressures are extremely challenging, but over the years CEJN has developed an in-depth understanding of how best to maximize the material. We have an understanding of the complicated hardening processes, the right calculation programs and also possess an advanced laboratory where the necessary tests are conducted,” says Jörgen. As there are few appropriate standards for such high pressures, it is up to the company to take responsibility. “That´s why we take this extremely seriously,” says Jörgen.

Only the best is good enough 
As quality always comes before price, CEJN only accepts the highest quality from its subcontractors. “As an example, were called and reconstructed a batch of couplings, as our quality tests showed that the steel balls were not good enough,” says Jörgen, proving that cheap will always end up expensive for everybody. Customers of CEJN also demand the best and safest. “The offshore segment is one such segment, and with extreme demands for safety you need to live up to your reputation,” says Jörgen.

Internal safety mind-set 
Internally, CEJN goes for 100% functionality tests and pressure-tests all its hose assemblies at its High-pressure centres worldwide.There are a number of functionality tests on the coupling and nipple assembly line, where products are leak-tested and laser-marked in a newrobot cell. “Then there is the laboratory where cycle impulse tests and burst tests are carried out as well as connection and flow capacity tests,” explains Jörgen. The steel balls are one of the parts that require extraordinary quality inspections based on 5 different certificates. CEJN has a lab that very few can match. All hardening methods and finishes are evaluated thoroughly and nousage of chrome 6 is allowed. CEJN also has an organisation adapted to handle problems and customer complaints. “We deal with these kind of problems in a systematic way, with routines and daily Quality Management Board meetings,” says Jörgen.

Developing a customer mind-set 
With the new CIS (CEJN identificationsystem), CEJN is taking the safety mind-set one step further. “It is our ambition to help our customers elevate responsibility for safety even more,” says Jörgen. With CIS, CEJN is moving up another rung on the technical ladder, making the technology more intelligent and communication-based. Jörgen says “Our hoses now have traceability and come with a chip system, so customers can see when the hose kit was tested, where it was assembled and when to take it out of service”. As safety is one of the core values at CEJN, the CIS is wholly inline with the ambitions and direction of the company.

four picture stripe CEJN ultra high pressure hydraulics functions

1. Leak and pressure test on high-pressure couplings. 2. Burst testing in the laboratory. 3-4 Jörgen Ekström and Johan Magnusson by the automated assembly line.


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Komatsu and CEJN

Forestry machine manufacturer Komatsu Forest in Umeå is pleased with their quick connect couplings from CEJN. They started off by testing a handful of eSafe compressed air couplings, which were circulated round the different stations. “Every time we removed them we got complaints from our staff, proof that we needed to switch to CEJN eSafe,” states Esbjörn Öberg, Tool Technician at Komatsu Forest, a company with a requirement for safety products.

KOMATSU FOREST in Umeå, Sweden, has a vision: to become worldleader within the field of forestry machines. At their site and headquarters in Umeå with a workforce of 400, you can clearly feel the ambition. The facility shows continuous improvement with its fast-paced production. “Over the last ten years we have expanded from being asmall industry into a large production complex” says Esbjörn Öberg,Tool technician at Komatsu. One winning concept is that Komatsu always aims to provide that little extra feature for their customers, such as the cab with shock absorption, making the ride stable and comfortable for the user.

TESTING CEJN. When Komatsu Forest was first introduced to CEJN eSafe compressed air couplings, they were very curious about the small size and non-recoil safety function. The aim is to use light, compressed air machines at the facility for optimum economy, but compressed air couplings can be clumsy. “Today we sometimes use battery-powered tools, which is an inferior solution due to a shorter life span, less power and the fact that parts can be hard to find,” says Esbjörn.

“Since switching to CEJN eSafe on our assembly line, our couplings require no maintenance”
Esbjörn Öberg, Tool technician, KOMATSU FOREST

Komatsu Forest decided to test a handful of eSafe couplings, circulating them between different stations at the company for evaluation. After installation the staff got to use the eSafe couplings on their tools for a couple of weeks and then Esbjörn removed them for transfer to another station. “Every time I took the eSafe away, the staff started to complain,” states Esbjörn, who considered this feedback to be the confirmation he needed for switching throughout. “eSafe actually became the hot topic for a while here at the company and staff would come up to me asking when it was their turn to try the new coupling,” says Esbjörn with a laugh. Among the staff, the silent recoil has been the most appealing feature, and also the single-handed operation.

With eSafe, Komatsu Forest noticed that they could reduce the coupling size and still maintain the same performance level. This is good when you have to haul around your grinding tool but also for economy. On the assembly line they use air palettes to circulate the big aggregates and eSafe is able to handle the job: “The palette is driven by compressed air and eSafe has plenty of capacity for supplying the block with air,” says Esbjörn.

ESAFE EVALUATION. The products Komatsu Forest was using before eSafe caused a lot of problems due to leakage and difficult connections.“Since introducing CEJN eSafe we haven’t had any problems with leakage,” says Esbjörn and continues “we always look at the overall economy and eSafe saves us money. We have now switched over 1000 couplings and it has been worth every penny”. It is clear to Komatsu Forest that using quality products from CEJN pays off. They are now looking into the eSafe streamline, which reduces both leakage and hose cuts with its coupling nut. When hose reels are to be changed, they prefer high-quality optimised hose reels from CEJN. “From experience we know that cheaper reels break down, so we invest in quality,” says Esbjörn. For CEJN, it is a delight to witness how our quality products speak for themselves when tested.

Komatsu assembly line CEJN eSafe

1. Aggregate on air palette for easy circulation. 2. Esbjörn Öberg, Tool Technician, Komatsu Forest. 3. Per Jonsson attaching a linchpin to the hydraulic cylinder that will be located inside the crane boom. 4. Esbjörn and Key Account Manager Dick Sondell from CEJN Norden AB with a Komatsu 845. 5. Production team assembling hydraulic hose and mechanics for a tip-up ladder.


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Let us borrow a minute of your time to present CiS - CEJN Identification System, a new technology developed for your safety when working with ultra high-pressure hose assemblies.

CEJN CiS is a tracking solution in which every ultra high-pressure hose assembly is chipped and has an individual marking and trace-ability based on Near Field Communication (NFC*).  The chip contains all important data on your hose, but can also view the history log (which you are able to edit) to see when the hose was first pressure tested, when it was most recently pressure-tested and when it is time to take it out of service. 

For more information please visit our CiS page.


CEJN's General Safety Guidelines Ultra High-Pressure Hydraulics

At CEJN, we have more than 40 years of experience in the ultra high-pressure hydraulic business and safety is one of our top priorities. Therefore it was natural for us, considering our knowledge, to produce a Safety Guideline manual to create awareness about this powerful media and to help people work as safely as possible.

Working with extreme hydraulic pressures is a serious task. Sometimes work has to be done in very confined spaces and involves heavy machine parts that need to be dismantled for repair. Other times the environment might be a challenge due to remote areas as mountain tops or out at sea where conditions are tough, like in wind power turbine installations. 

Over the years this has led to a demand for smaller and lighter tools in order to simplify the tasks. Smaller tools need higher pressure to generate the power required to perform the heavy task of loosening or tightening bolts. Extreme pressure demands a high level of safety as a leak or accidental disconnection could cause serious personal injury or damage to machinery. This is especially important at a time when copies of couplings and hoses are circulating on the market. 

Download Your Copy of Our Ultra High-Pressure Safety Guideline.

CEJN's General Safety Guidelines Ultra High-Pressure Hydraulics


CEJN H2S Series 340 Breathing Air Cascade
- H2S Breathing Air Quick Connect Coupling

The launch of a new H2S push-to-connect coupling, Series 340, is a step to meet customers in the demanding area of safety breathing air and cascade systems within the oil and gas industry. We believe that CEJN’s customer perspective and long experience in the field of breathing air is a good mixture. Add to it our safety focus and you’ll have an unbeatable combination in this hazardous environment. To achieve ultimate user experience, we offer three different hose kits. 

CEJN H2S offers
• Safety function that prevents accidental disconnect
• 100% tested and greased for breathing air
• Hose kits according to EN/NIOSH standards

CEJN series 340 is specially designed for H2S safety breathing air and cascade systems. 100% tested and greased according to breathing air regulation. Safety function “push-to-disconnect”. Stage 1 – push the nipple into the coupling Stage 2 - at the same time pull back the locking ring of coupling to disconnect. This Safety Feature gives the user the confidence and the assurance that there will be no accidental disconnection EN 10204 type 3.1 certification and EN/NIOSH hose certification.

Technical data
Working pressure............35 bar (508 PSI)
Burst pressure.................140 bar (2040 PSI)
Temperature....................-30°C to +100°C (-22°F to +212°F)
Flow.................................700 l/min (24,7 CFM)
Sealing.............................NBR (Nitrile)
Material............................Stainless steel 304
Interchange......................ISO 6150B 1/4”, Foster 3 series, Hansen 3000

Visit the product page for detailed information and products available. 


CEJN Indentification System CiS

It's here! We've just launch our new patented technology, a technology called CiS (CEJN Identification System) that takes safety into a whole new level. With CEJN CiS using NFC you can at any time scan your ultra high-pressure hydraulic hose kits from CEJN and access information about the scanned product. 

This new solution  allows you to take control of your safety and always have the latest information at hand. All you need is our ultra high-pressure hydraulic hose kit equipped with the CiS-tag, a cell phone and/or software. 

How does it work? Keep reading about the solution here.


Rivners and CEJN TLX
“If the CEJN TLX can stand up to our rough treatment, then everybody can rest assured.” These are the words of Anders Nordlund, Transport Manager and Coordinator at Rivners AB, Stockholm. Operations at Rivners involve excavators, really huge ones, but the CEJN TLX has not only provided Rivners with a sustainable solution – they now also have fullflow to their tools.

Rivners AB, Stockholm has the largest fleet of custom-made demolition machinery in Sweden. They carry out all kinds of demolition, sanitation and recycling assignments and have approximately 70 employees. The assignments vary from small buildings to large arenas like Råsunda Arena in Stockholm, a demolition job that took 9 months to complete. And we are talking big machines here, some of them over 40 metres in height with related hammers, crushers, poly grips and scrap shears. These tools are where the CEJN TLX comes into play. CEJN meets with Anders Nordlund, Transport Manager, who is responsible for coordination and ensuring that the right equipment is in place for every project.

Durability and full flow. Rivners had had problems with their big and heavy quick-connect couplings from a competitor of CEJN and were looking for a solution. The steel spring broke, due to the pressure, and entered the hydraulic system, leading to downtime and high repair costs for the machines. CEJN’s distributor Hydroscand recommended that Rivners try out the CEJN TLX, as they were smaller, more flexible and had a good reputation for standing up to tough applications. “With a capacity of 400 bar and a burst pressure of 1600bar it sounded really promising,” says Anders.

“CEJN also showed us diagrams, and it was outstanding how much higher flow we would get with the TLX,” says Anders. Without full flow to the tools, they slow down. The oil becomes sluggish and heats up, and warm oil slows down the process even further. Heat also impairs the efficiency of the hydraulics. Could the TLX really solve this problem?


“With the CEJN TLX we have full flow to our tools with couplings that do not break”
Anders Nordlund, Transport Manager and Coordinator, RIVNERS


After a meticulous testing period the parties could definitely confirm this. CEJN helped Rivners to solve two problems in one. “We gained durable products along with full flow in our systems. In fact, since we switched to the CEJN TLX we have not been at a standstill even once due to a broken coupling,” states Anders. Another benefit is the cleaning process, as the TLX is the only coupling that is cleanable, thus saving a lot of time and money.

Win-win cooperation. From CEJN’s point of view, the cooperation has been fruitful, as the tough application has proven an excellent experience, providing a lot of answers for the development process.“We have managed to obtain answers that were not possible from work in our laboratory,” says Henric Karlsson, Key account managerat CEJN Norden AB. If the TLX can live up to the demands of Rivners, it means that they are OK, as Rivners change tools more often than other users and make heavy use of the products. It is clear that the cooperation has worked out very well between the parties and that it has been a win-win situation. “From our side it has worked out perfectly, and if there have been any problems CEJN has always been there to solve them and back us up,” concludes Anders

Don't forget to visit TLX's product page for more information.

Rivners products TLX CEJN


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ABB robot CEJN provides customisation for ABB

ABB Robotics is a leading global supplier of industrial robots, modular manufacturing systems and services. They automate processes using robots and control systems and have a bright future ahead, as the use of robots is increasing every year. They currently (2015) produce 30,000 robots on an annual basis and the target is 100,000 by 2020. CEJN is excited to be collaborating with this forward-thinking company as one of its suppliers of customised solutions.

ABB is a global leader in power and automation technologies. With headquarters in Zurich, Switzerland, the company employs 140,000 people and operates in approximately 100 countries. ABB consists of five divisions and ABB Robotics is part of the Discrete Motion division. CEJN meets up with Håkan Ahlgren, Strategic Purchaser at ABB Robotics in Västerås, Sweden, for a chat and a tour to see how our customised hydraulic nipple is working out.

ABB in cooperation with CEJN. It all started when Håkan was commissioned to find a new solution to replace their existing nipple. Around the same time he got a call from CEJN, a company well known to Håkan for its pneumatic range. “CEJN is a major player. It was logical to give them the opportunity to develop an optimised solution for us,” he states. It became clear from discussions that ABB Robotics wanted a shorter nipple to improve the situation in their test cells. CEJN developed a special solution by refining a standard nipple to satisfy this customer request.“We looked over the design and managed to shorten the length. We also reviewed various parameters such as the locking device in order to further optimise the design,” says Henric Karlsson, Key account manager at CEJN Norden AB. Håkan Ahlgren is pleased with the cooperation with CEJN: “CEJN has contributed a cost-effective solution much better than their competitors. We were also offered a locking device more stable than we had seen before”.

"We set high demands in terms of the right quality, price and delivery date. CEJN matches our demands on all criteria,”
Håkan Ahlgren.

The CEJN solution. In the test cells at ABB we find the robot and the control cabinet that is the actual brain. When testing a robot, the hydraulic oil in the robot is pumped into an external system at a pressure of 5-10 bar for filtration and particle measurement. This important connection point is where we find the customised CEJN nipple that connects the external system to the robot. After testing the robot, the external system is disconnected and the CEJN nipple seals the internal hydraulic system in the robot, keeping the system clean. According to ABB the product is working out fine. “When all is quiet from the production line, everything is ok,” says Håkan with a smile.

ABB future. Many people are used to the orange ABB robot, a strong trademark. But in this particular cell the robot is light grey. When we ask why, Håkan give us a glimpse into the future. “The trend is towards creating robots that interact more and more with people, and the orange colour indicates danger,” he explains. With the help of vision technology and pressure-sensitive sensors, ABB has taken a step into the future, and the new colour signifies this new era. “In the future man and robot will work side by side without any protection,” says Håkan. The new two-armed robot YUMI (you + me) is an example of this, and as the name indicates it’s all about cooperation between human and machine.

CEJN is happy to be part of this intriguing development and for now ABB is pleased with having CEJN as a subcontractor. “We have chosen the products from CEJN because they add value to our product and are cost effective. We set high demands in terms of the right quality, price and delivery date. CEJN matches our demands on all criteria,” concludes Håkan.


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Switch your compressed air coupling into CEJN eSafe and the job is done faster and safer. This animation of eSafe Series 315 illustrates how the air-flow passes through the coupling. The new generation eSafe coupling, developed with the user in mind, takes safety and performance into a whole new level. 

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Scania and CEJN Fluid nipple

SCANIA’s engine production site in Södertälje, Sweden is an impressive facility. As a visitor you are immediately struck by the positive energy in terms of both cooperation among the staff and the appropriate layout of the site. The sites in Södertälje houses 9,000 employees involved in manufacturing, development, testing and painting diesel engines among other things. This advanced chain incorporates a CEJN product that has made day-to-day life much easier for SCANIA - our specially-designed “Fuel Nipple”, an engineering solution derived from our non-drip range.

Global company SCANIA has a total workforce of 42,000 and is well known for its trucks and highly-developed production chain. Volumes are currently at peak levels, and according to SCANIA themselves part of this success has to do with early adaptation to meet differing emission requirements around Europe. One example being EURO6. “We made major investments early on and that is now paying off and we are prepared for the future,” explain Björn Davidsson and Sinisa Jakovljevic, Process technicians at SCANIA. Their role is to plan future functions, support the production cells with equipment and find solutions for optimising the production line. And talking of optimisation, that’s where CEJN comes in.

The CEJN non-drip special - The “Fuel Nipple”. The custom-made non-drip solution from CEJN, consisting of one male and one female component, has provided SCANIA with a leak-free solution in their test cells. The “Fuel Nipple”, as SCANIA calls it, connects directly to the engines in the cells and serves as the most important connection point. As SCANIA produces 300 engines a day, this sealing feature is highly important. “With 90 engines rolling through the chain we simply cannot accept any leakage in the test cells that might create slip hazards, dirt or catch fire. That is why we have chosen CEJN,” says Björn. 

Sinisa Jakovljevic & Björn Davidsson, Process technicians, SCANIA

Sinisa Jakovljevic & Björn Davidsson, 
Process technicians, SCANIA

Moreover, the fuel nipple is also providing additional positive side effects that SCANIA did not expect. Getting rid of all the air pockets in the system when filling up with diesel used to be a time-consuming task. However, due to the sealing function of the fuel nipple SCANIA is now able to create a vacuum in the fuel system, ensuring a quick and smooth filling process. The sealed vacuum also creates back flow that speeds up the process. “This saves a lot of time and money,” states Sinisa.

Development cooperation. The partners started working together in 2005 and since then modifications have been made to optimise the “Fuel Nipple” even further. “We are very happy with the product. It exceeds expectations and is a cost saver for us,” says Björn. However, there is always room for improvement and the partners are now in the process of developing new optimised versions and sizes of the nipple. Another target is to facilitate and optimise the cleaning process inside the coupling.

“As an engineering partner it is very important to listen to the customer in order to find new ways to adapt the design,” says Henric Karlsson, Key account manager at CEJN Norden AB, and continues “It is very satisfying for CEJN to have been part of such an improvement for a customer like SCANIA”.


Henric Karlsson, Key account manager at CEJN, demonstrates the forthcoming modifications to the fuel nipple. SCANIA engines with the CEJN “Fuel Nipple” in the production line.

Henric Karlsson, Key account manager at CEJN, demonstrates the forthcoming modifications to the fuel nipple. SCANIA engines with the CEJN “Fuel Nipple” in the production line.


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Lennart Sandström - Operations Manager, Stockholm Bulkhamn AB.

It’s only when you sit in the cab of the actual crane, 12 metres above ground, that you begin to understand what kind of forces are at play. Like a hungry dinosaur, the 8-tonne heavy steel jaws grip the wood chips, another 6 tonnes, then move to a truck in order to deposit their prey. This is when the rattling begins, emptying the jaws, making the little cab we are sitting in vibrate from the power. 

At the bulk harbour in Stockholm you will find a CEJN product installed on their large Mantsinen material handler - the TLX. The TLX is attached to the crane clamshell bucket and is exposed to violent shaking on a daily basis. Despite the extremely rough treatment they undergo these products have remained intact and working perfectly ever since being installed for a field test, and that was over two years ago. “We are never giving them back to you,” laughs Lennart Sandström - Operations Manager, Stockholm Bulkhamn AB.

Stockholm Bulk Harbour Ltd brings the world of bulk trade to the Stockholm region, strategically located close to Sweden’s largest industrial area, 60 km south of the Royal Palace. The port handles and transports approximately 200,000 tonnes of solid biomass fuels annually as well as other bulk goods. They also provide indoor and outdoor storage and delivery of bulk goods according to customer needs. Due to the extremely demanding application involving numerous tool changes, wear and tear to machine parts is substantial.  


    “We haven’t needed to change or repair our couplings for over two years!”
 Lennart Sandström, Operations Manager, Stockholm Bulkhamn AB 

Need for greater capacity.
The working process involves switching between timber grab, plane bucket, poly grip and hook in order to perform different tasks and clean the holds. The bulk harbour previously had a smaller crane, a Volvo 650. “We needed better capacity and therefore invested in a Mantsinen 120,” explains Lennart. But then problems started with the quick-connect coupling from a competitor of CEJN. “It broke down immediately,” he says. Lennart was given a tip by a supplier to switch to the CEJN MultiX, a solution he was told was the best option on the market.With the MultiX they saw an improvement, but it was still too weak for the application and could not cope with all the vibrations and shaking when emptying the clamshell bucket. “It lasted at most for 5,000 tonnes or 1.5 boat loads and then needed to be replaced. You can imagine the cost,” explains Lennart.

CEJN TLX. At the time CEJN was in the process of developing the new TLX with the tagline: “TLX - The coupling that stands when others will fall”. The bulk harbour was chosen to serve as the ultimate field test for the product. Two years later we find the same couplings still in use on site and working perfectly. CEJN take this as a huge acknowledgment that our TLX is as strong and durable as we were aiming for. And undoubtedly the best confirmation of all and a reminder why we are in this business is a smiling customer refusing to return the products.

Visit the TLX product page

Stockholm Bulk Harbour Ltd & CEJN TLX


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CEJN products far east Singapore new office

To the left: The staff of CEJN Products Far East Pte Ltd., Managing Director Miquel Pallares & President Marcus Allerbjer cuts the ribbon

CEJN PRODUCTS FAR EAST PTE LTD. SINGAPORE was our first operation in Asia, settled in 1982 and over the years the company has increased its activities region by region in the South East Asia. After a while you realize you are about to outgrow your office space and to make room for tomorrow’s growth, CEJN Products Far East’s just moved into new premises!  

President of the CEJN group Marcus Allerbjer joined the inauguration that turned out a very successful event. CEJN Products Far East thanks everyone that has been part of the success. 

The new office is spacious and has a dedicated area for warehouse and workshop. It offers improved meeting areas with a product training room and traditional conference rooms. The staff can’t wait to get settled into their new surroundings.

The new office address:
CEJN Products Far East Pte Ltd. 
61 Ubi Avenue 1
#04-08 UB Point
Singapore 408941
Phone: +65 6748 6434
Fax: +65 6747 0375


CPF new office


Safe money by optimizing you compressed air system and spot leakages

Reino Hedman at Midroc Electro AB demonstrates some leakage points and areas of actual danger. 

THE COST OF COMPRESSED AIR is high and increasing every day. Experts are focused on how we can develop new forms of energy supply, but Reino Hedman General Manager at Midroc Electro AB a company active in leakage control and system optimization is interested in how we can save what we already have. Saving energy is crucial, both for the sake of the environment but also the economical advantages for the company. “Often the payoff seems too good to be true” says Reino.

LEAKAGE CONTROL is the quickest way to save energy and the return of investment is normally 3-6 months. Reino states that the normal leakage on a site rounds up to about 20%-30% of the total energy consumption and hose clamps are often the weakest link.“A company can lose many thousands of Euro in hose clamps alone. Just a one millimetre hole costs around 800 Euro every year. ”Midroc often gets contacted when the leakage is obvious because you can actually hear it, but Reino also wants to add that the leakage you can´t hear rounds up to about 800-1200 Euro yearly. He continues: “When there are leakages the compressor needs to work harder to provide enough air to the tools and this is where you start losing money”.

“I definitely recommend CEJN because they have the best coupling on the market!”
Reino Hedman Midroc Electro AB

THE RIGHT PRODUCT AT THE RIGHT PLACE is the next step in the process of optimizing a production site. Even if ineffective hoses are replaced and leaking clamps removed it´s also about the right product and knowledge about air consumption. On the question of what theright product is, Reino replies “A high efficiency coupling with a design that permits lower energy consumption and still allows high tool performance. Like the CEJN eSafe with stream-line connection. It´s the best on the market!”. Reino also explains that a well-designed blowgun like the CEJN MultiFLOW is optimal because of its high blowing power and minimal air consumption. “Many people get what they think is a cheaper product, but what they do not know is that the air runs right through it. By getting an optimized blowgun you start saving money immediately.” Reino continues talking compressor power and explains that optimized products put less stress on the compressor. “With the right products you can run your system on lower pressure and save money!”. Good for the economy and the environment.


esafe midroc hose leaking hose

CEJN eSafe couplings. Second picture is of an old coupling with hose clamps causing leakage and pressure drop. Last picture, CEJN eSafe with stream-line connection for high flow and low pressure drop.


CEJN hydraulic series TLX is known as the coupling that stands when the others fall. It’s referred to as the CEJN coupling in the field and customers settle for no less. The TLX is a flat-face twist lock coupling for the toughest hydraulic applications in the construction and demolition segment. With this animation we want to show you how the coupling works during connection, in action and during disconnection through a cross section. It visualizes that our super-duty quick connect coupling is designed to work with the highest surge flows and the toughest pressure impulses. 

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CEJN eSafe compressed air coupling is such a unique product on the market and its benefits are worth high-lightening to make sure you have all the information needed to make the right choice. The fact is, that this innovative and patented safety coupling for pneumatics offers the highest flow combined with a low pressure drop. No other safety coupling can compete with a standard, non the less a CEJN standard. So to ensure, that after viewing the eSafe movie you’re not left with any doubts, it is now available with speaker in English(above) and Swedish. For more information continue to the eSafe product page or take a closer look at the eSafe catalogue, available in 15 different languages.


CEJN and TESS Partners at Subsea

TESS & CEJN are now entering into a more in-depth collaboration relating to engineering, targeting the offshore segment. After many years of working together on standard sales, the partnership has progressed to joint projects. Based on a good, long-standing relationship and consensus with regard to quality and safety, this working relationship is now evolving to include more advanced solutions.

Tess is a global player and supplier of hoses, couplings, tools, workwear and technical solutions to industry and the offshore sector. With approximately 1000 employees worldwide, the company serves customers with international operations in the subsea/offshore segment and has partners in locations including Norway, Scotland, the USA, Singapore and Brazil.

Working in a demanding market such as offshore means that TESS is very meticulous in choosing partners and products. “Besides safety and high quality, we look for partners with a long tradition, knowledge and an overall production solution,” says Lars-Otto Fredriksen, Technical Sales Manager at TESS.

Cooperation between CEJN and TESS has expanded in recent years. CEJN has long been a supplier of high-quality standard products like couplings and hoses. With CEJN now having taken a conscious and deliberate step into engineering solutions, this opens up new doors for the partnership. In 2015, they started to make joint approaches to TESS customers, and the combination of skills really demonstrates that this new whole is greater than the sum of its parts. “TESS has good contact with customers, engineers and decision-makers, and now with CEJN by our side we can offer a new in-depth level of technical expertise,” says Lars-Otto. Since CEJN can provide technical specifications and demonstrate production possibilities, the parties complement each other very well. The deciding factor for TESS when entering into cooperation with CEJN was the fact that CEJN has both production and engineering resources in place together with a well-thought-out LEAN process.“If you plan to work in the subsea market you need to have all those features in place, as quality and safety are what count. CEJN has it all and is therefore our chosen partner,” concludes Lars-Otto.

“There is no party other than CEJN who can deliver
the level of quality we require”
- Lars-Otto Fredriksen Technical sales Manager TESS

CEJN is now looking forward to the opportunities that might arise from this new partnership. “TESS states that we have the best facilityand holistic approach to safety that they have seen, which is very satisfying for us,” says Tommy Halvorsen, Sales Manager at CEJN Norden and one of the main parties involved in the collaboration with TESS. He concludes: “Being associated with safety and selected on that basis is really what we have been striving for”.

Application pictures CEJN & Lars-Otto Fredriksen TESS


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CEJN recently launched a new configuration in the Multi-X range, one of our top-selling products within the hydraulic selection. The new configuration, a duo DN 12.5/19 (1/2"+3/4") was made in order to meet tougher applications for winter machines. It was originally designed and installed as a salt spreader attachment on trucks within public works, but the new configuration can be used on a number of different excavator attachments, examples can be viewed in pictures above.

The Multi-X Duo 12.5/19 is supplied without the plastic dust caps that is included on all other standard products. Instead a heavy duty parking dock and dust cap in aluminum is offered. 

Multi-X is a range of innovative, easy to handle, multi-plates designed to meet the demands of even the most challenging mobile hydraulic applications. Follow the link to visit the Multi-X product page.  

Article numbers and description:

  • 10 932 6000 Multi-X Duo 12.5/19 female plate
  • 10 932 6050 Multi-X Duo 12.5/19 male plate
  • 10 932 1027 Aluminum cover Duo 12.5/19 female
  • 10 932 1077 Parking dock Duo 12.5/19 male 


multi x Duo 12.5 / 19


Extreme pressures requires extreme safety CEJN

Ultra High-Pressure is a powerful medium demanding a high level of safety.The quick connect solution provider CEJN is familiar with the day-to-day routine of bolting, having more than 40 years’ experience in the high-pressure business. Kenneth Kjellberg, Division Manager High-Pressure & Engineering at CEJN, knows what it takes to keep you safe.

Success in using ultra-high pressure (UHP) hydraulics in applications such as rescue tools, bolt tensioning and hydraulic torque tools is highly dependent on a flexible hose and quick coupling technology. Imagine a situation where a ship’s mechanic needs to tighten a bolt on a large ship engine in the confined space of an engine room and you can immediately see the need for and importance of a fast and reliable connection method. To install an application with 6-8 tensioners and then have to fit hard piping between them would be a very time-consuming process requiring several hours of bending and cutting/threading steel tubes. Even at extreme pressures up to 400 MPa there is now a hose and quick connect technology that allows us to establish such a connection in just a couple of minutes.

The reason for such extreme pressures is of course to reduce weight and to develop more compact solutions. Increasing the pressure by two raises the possibility of reducing the area by two while maintaining the same force in your tensioner (Force = Pressure * Area). This simple correlation has led the UHP industry to constantly demand higher and higher pressures. Ofcourse, when a hydraulic system is pressurised to this extreme it also results in extreme levels of stress in materials. To avoid anyrisk of injury to users, materials and heat- and surface-treatment procedures have to be tested very carefully in order to ensure the proper combination of surface hardness – to carry the load from the locking balls – and toughness – to withstand the required number of pressure cycles without material fatigue. It is also of paramount importance to keep your processes and quality control measures in place in order to eliminate any risk of hydrogen embrittlement.


One of the critical points has been the connection between the hose end and the coupling/nipple. In the lowest pressure range of UHP hydraulics it is quite common to use NPT thread connections sealed with Teflon tape or liquid sealant. For cylindrical threads (BSP) a bonded rubber metal seal ring is also common. For pressures above 100 MPa it is all about trying to minimise the pressurised area and avoid the use of tape, sealants or washers. The proper method is to use a metal to metal sealing cone. Most cone systems have a male and female shape that has to be manufactured using special cutting tools. In the early 1980s CEJN developed a sealing cone, which is still manufactured today, that fits against a normal 120 degree drill cone. By using the standard drill cone and a CEJN Metal Seal (CMS) adapter a very safe and cost-effective seal is created. The CMS port dimensions are free for everyone to use.

To maintain user safety a regular maintenance schedule is vitally important, given that the hydraulic pressure in the systems is the same as that used in a water jet cutting machine. With this in mind it is easy to imagine what potential accidents could happen if old or incorrectly maintained equipment is used. CEJN not only provides maintenance advice but also produces safety manuals on how to handle the hose and coupling kits in a safe way. To continue using UHP hydraulics successfully in more and more applications, it is hugely important to distribute information on how to operate and use UHP hydraulics in a safe way,  download your copy: Safety Guidelines For Engine Maintenance Onboard Ships.

Ultra high pressure applications


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The 2015 STCC cup - Swedish Touring Car Champion season will kick-start in Skövde, Sweden this weekend, 9-10th of May. CEJN will be present in the exhibition area to celebrate our 60 year anniversary by exhibiting our product range, presenting CIW – CEJN interactive world and demonstrate how our coaxial-coupling facilitates rescue work at a car accident. SRTC (Swedish Rescue Training Centre) who exhibits with us will do the demonstration and you can have a try - if you have the guts. We’ll see you this weekend!

Click here to visit STCC's official webpage (only in Swedish)



CEJN enercon

CEJN eSafe wins third place at the ENER.CON EUROPE Awards 2015 for best energy efficient and innovative project - Berlin, March 19, 2015

On the occasion of the 4th ener.CON Europe 2015, the leading networking conference on energy efficiency for asset intensive industries, we.CONECT presented the renowned ener.CON Europe award.

The European award is given for unique energy-efficient projects and innovations in asset intensive industries. Experts from Bayer Material Science, SCA Hygiene Products and LyondellBasell formed this year´s jury that evaluated and nominated all submitted projects following these criteria: innovation, simplicity, achievement, maturity, cost effectiveness, sustainability and reputation.

CEJN, worldwide key-player in pneumatics, received the third place for their eSafe coupling that is fast becoming the new industry standard.

CEJN succeeded in producing the innovative eSafe coupling which minimises energy loss in order to use compressed air in the most efficient way, key features being:

  • Higest flow on the market today producing a low pressure drop  giving more power at the tool or lower compressor power requirements  - both outcomes producing lower costs and carbon emissions
  • Leak free connection at tool and air outlet using  unique CEJN slim line connectors resulting in no wastage of compressed air – typically 30% - resulting in significant costs savings and lower carbon emissions



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eSafe 430, 550

AFTER THE LAUNCH OF ESAFE IN 2013, markets quickly realized the economic and environmental value. The new couplings instantly became a success. Now CEJN repeats the success with two new series.
We’re happy to announce that during 2015 the eSafe range welcomes two new series: 430 and 550 (ISO 6150 B / A-A 59439).

Product features:

  • Highest flow on the market
    eSafe has the highest flow on the coupling market maximising tool performance
  • Leak free and energy saving
    Using CEJN stream-line connectors results in no wastage through leaks
  • Vented safety function
    eSafe vents the down streaming pressure before disconnection, reducing noise and hose whip
  • Compact design
    eSafe is the first safety coupling on the market with the dimensions of a standard coupling
  • Extreme durability
    Tests have shown that eSafe is extremely durable against impacts, vibrations and swivelling
  • Easy handling
    eSafe is ergonomic and one hand operated, just pull the sleeve and the coupling will automatically vent before disconnecting 

within the quick connect coupling market. 60 years with focus on safety, environment, quality, innovation and performance. Therefore it is of no surprise that the eSafe range from CEJN is setting new standards within the industry by combining safety with performance to save energy and reduce compressor cost.

Group 430, 550


For us, close cooperation with the customer is essential for a successful project. CEJN’s skilled Application Experts translate customer needs into viable product solutions, while the Design Engineer is the source for custom-made prototypes, small batch runs and special materials. Then, the vision is transformed into a physical product using our ultra-modern CNC machines, followed by stringent testing in our laboratory before delivery to you.

CEJN’s wide range of standard quick connect products together with our 60 years of experience provides you with invaluable resources – all under one roof. Following initial contact we’ll put you in touch with our Engineering department at one of our Design Centers. Your project will have a designated Design Engineer and Application Expert who will work closely with you throughout the development process: from idea to finished product.


Customer Request
Product features, application environment and other important variables are specified.

Design and Prototype
CEJN engineers and application experts work closely with customers during product design. A prototype is produced for review and ongoing development. 

CEJN’s field testing takes place in tough environments and test results are then compared to CEJN’s laboratory tests before being approved for production.

Quality Control
Routine audits as well as functional tests are frequently conducted for each project to guarantee safety and quality.

Download the new folder for more information.

Download folder:
Engineering Solutions

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Fredrik Lestrup V8 Dunlop

Car number 44 and Swedish car driver Fredrik Lestrup

The 2014 Australian Dunlop V8 Supercar season is over and it turned out to be an eventful season for CEJN who co-sponsored car #44. During the season’s 7 race events, taking place all over Australia, Swedish driver Fredrik Lestrup and later on Brett Hobson was sponsored by CEJN Australia Ltd. 

The sponsorship was able to offer a very unique experience to CEJN along with its existing customers as well as several target customers who were invited along to the races. Everyone who attended commented how fantastic and unique the experience had been. After the race, CEJN guests would sit in the car while the driver would tell them about it. A lucky few would experience a “hot lap” in the race car...a once in a lifetime experience!  

Pit equipped with eSafe
For CEJN Australia the sponsorship turned out to be a really interesting and fun way of promoting the CEJN brand and eSafe, our latest released quick connect coupling series. The V8 supercars have an enormous loyal following in Australia and also globally. CEJN equipped the team pit with eSafe and other products used during maintenance, a great promotion for eSafe and CEJN in general. Firstly to all the other race teams and then to the many hundreds of visitors going past. Another self-boost was to find out that several of the other teams already used CEJN couplings. The reason being that the teams demanded top-quality, high performance and reliable products. 

Sadly Fredrik will not be competing in the series in 2015, but CEJN Australia has decided to sponsor a different car and team. CEJN is hoping to have Swedish Fredrik back in late 2015 to run the special “hot lap day” which will be the major celebratory event for the CEJN 60th anniversary with our best long standing customers. 

high pressure manual working onboard ships

CEJN releases a Safety Guideline manual to increase awareness

Working with engine maintenance using ultra high-pressure hydraulics onboard ships is a serious task. The work often has to be done in extremely confined spaces and involves heavy machine parts that need to be dismantled for repair. At CEJN, we’ve have seen that copies of our UHP (Ultra High-Pressure) quick-connect couplings are used within the shipyard industry and on-board ships. This worries us as we fear serious accidents, and in order to prevent, this informative manual has been created. 

Don't mix brands
CEJN believes to raise awareness of the importance around high-quality products. Our UHP hydraulic products onboard vessels are recognized for their safety, high-quality and long-lasting durability. They go through stringent testing and cannot be compared or safely interchangeable with other couplings! The unique tolerances and precision must not be compromised by mixing brands, and even if it seems to fit this does not mean that it is working optimally and safely. 

Regular inspection is crucial
Regular inspection and maintenance ensure safe operation of high-pressure hose sets throughout the lifetime of the hose. Inspection and maintenance must be carried out by a qualified person. If leakage occurs, shut down machinery immediately. Never try to locate the leak with your hands or any other part of the body when the hose set is pressurized.

World-wide send out
To make sure the information in the Safety Guideline manual reaches the shipping companies and decision makers, it wassent to approximately 2200 technical and operating managers worldwide during the first weeks of December. Extreme pressure demands a high level of safety and getting the information out is crucial to prevent future accidents. CEJN have worked with quick-connect couplings since 1955 and safety has always been our top priority so we hope these unsafe copies will quickly vanish from the market.

If you have not received the manual, download it from the column to the right and spread the word.

Download manual:

Pdf icon English

CEJN visits MAN

CEJN together with Jesper Bohn Rosendal at the Prime Serv academy

MAN Diesel & Turbo is the global market leader for large diesel engines for use on ships and in power stations, and is one of the three leading suppliers of turbo machines. This diesel engine giant is also a customer of CEJN. On 3rd May 2014, Roy Eriksson (Product Manager HP) and Ulrica Örnemar (Marketing Communicator) set off to visit MAN in Copenhagen for the purpose of learning more about the use of CEJN ultra high-pressure hydraulic products in a two-stroke engine context and further developing cooperation between the two companies.

CEJN meets up with Jesper Bohn Rosendal, Mechanical Engineer at MAN - a huge complex in central Copenhagen. After a chat we head off to the Prime Serv academy, a building housing a ship engine used to educate ship crew on how to operate and repair the MAN engines. The engine is a S35MC, which means it is the smallest model, with a cylinder diameter of 35 cm, yet with functionality more or less identical to the much larger models.

Training facility provides reality check
Having climbed the stairs to reach the top platform of this “small” engine, it feels high enough at 6,3 metres. It feels good actually: standing here, seeing the world through the eyes of a maintainance technician, ready to perform his task. Seeing the heavy parts combined with the confined space around the cylinder covers leads to an understanding of the need for smaller and more easy-to-handle tools. And this requirement for smaller tools consequently leads to a requirement for higher pressure. 

The heavy task of engine repair 
The process of dismantling an engine in order to repair it is an extremely complex task. In order to access the embedded parts, the maintainance technician first needs to uncover the cylinder. Bolt tensioning is used to release the bolts on the cylinder head, which is then removed using a crane. Secondly, the repairer needs to unscrew the bolts holding the crankshaft at the bottom of the engine. It is now possible to hoist up the connecting rod from the top. This is, of course, a simplification of the process. What is clear is that it is a time-consuming task that needs to be perfomed as quickly and safely as possible. Imagine doing this with equipment that is not trustworthy.

CEJN quote MAN

The use of CEJN components. When working with ultra high-pressure hydraulics, you need to work safely. An unintentional spurt of hydraulic oil under high-pressure is the last thing you want to see when working under such difficult conditions. MAN has been using CEJN couplings for more than 3 decades because they, just like CEJN, put safety first. “CEJN has always provided us with high-quality products”, says Jesper Bohn Rosendal.


CEJN visits MAN series 116

1. Detachment of bolts holding rod and crankshaft together. 2. Roy on his way to fix the bolt tensioner on a tie bolt in one of the confined spaces. 3. Simultaneous depressuration of bolts using a T-block assembly, which could be replaced with a CEJN T-connection, series 116. 4. Cylinder heads with tie bolts running through the whole engine.

Nils Larsson CEJN 50

50 years ago it was the first day of work for 15 year old Nils Larsson. CEJN had recently bought new office space in his hometown Igelstorp, and he heard from friends that they were hiring. Nils successfully got a job. Being a teenager, one can only imagine what went through his mind as he walked up the stairs to the office in the summer of 1964. Nils, had just finished school and had probably no idea that he would work for CEJN all the way to his retirement 50 years later.

Nils describes his first day of work to be just like every other day after, there was no special introduction “I was told what to do, and I did from there on”. One of his first responsibilities was at the assembly station, although he has been involved in many areas over the years. He adds “We had a great deal of fun” and you can see in his eyes that he travels back in time, remembering. Another person who’d just started working was the owner Carl’s daughter Inger and one of her responsibilities was to handout the salary, Nils weekly received 112,50 SEK (12,25 EUR) in cash in a brown paper bag.

One of Nils proudest and probably most stressed moments was in the mid 60’s when CEJN received a big order of 6000 couplings from Lockheed, who marketed CEJN in England. “That was fun, and of course it required a lot of work. It is hard to say what else I remember, there is so much, but when we moved to the new offices in Skövde, it was a big happening, even If I was doing military service at the time”. The new facility was ready in 1970 and was 1700 square meters; the old office space in Igelstorp became too small the minute CEJN cut a business deal with Atlas Copco in 1969.

Statement Nils coupling

Over the course of time, Nils, who started assembling couplings in 1964 moved on to working in the warehouse and later on CEJN AB’s order department. In 2002 when sales company CEJN Norden AB started up, he spent the remaining time working in their order department. “It can’t be fun all the time, but I have never felt bored of going to work. I’ve always had nice co-workers, all around the world, and it is really fun when you think of it, that a small coupling made all of this”. 

I ask him if he has plenty of plans now that he has retired, somehow the way I know Nils I thought he would. But he calmly answers “No, no plans. I am just going to take it easy”.


CEJN first office, assembly couplings, Skövde Hasslum office

MultiFLOW applications

– Air and Fluid Guns for an Optimal Flow

CEJN focus on providing their customers with safe, high-quality products. Now the MultiFLOW is available with a new range of nozzles and adapters to meet your specific requirements: a straight tube nozzle, adjustable flow and beam settings, or leak-free. For safe operation, all our blowguns are designed with an anti-whip function. All-in-all, MultiFLOW gives you a reliable, versatile, high performance and environmentally-friendly air and fluid gun.


MultiFLOW nozzles

Download Pressrelease:

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Sucess Story eSafe Volvo Tuve

“We are going to use CEJN all over”

eSafe Volvo TuveExpensive lacquer damage on their vehicles caused by heavy-handed couplings made Volvo Tuve in Gothenburg open to other options. After testing the CEJN eSafe quick-connect coupling with soft-line cover, the truck manufacturing giant realised that not only could the product solve this problem, but it could also improve ergonomics, economy and safety. By 2015 the whole manufacturing plant will be “Cejnified” when it comes to compressed air.
Tuve, the Volvo manufacturing plant in Gothenburg, is a large site with 1500 employees and has an impressive assembly line. Every day 175 brand new Volvo trucks exit the large gates at the end of the hall. Bengt Birgersson and Benny Reinhardt, who are responsible for the compressed air improvements, take us on a tour around the factory to show the ongoing compressed air transition into CEJN.

Truck damage and energy awareness. The factory in Tuve was struggling with lacquer damage on their trucks caused by the large and uncovered couplings they used at the assembly line. Bengt Birgersson, technician at Tuve, saw the material damages and the customer refunds it caused. At the same time Benny Reinhardt, maintenance technician, had the task on his desk to optimize the compressed air system in order to minimize air consumption. “As we had already used CEJN at some work stations with good experience, we agreed to try the new eSafe,” explains Bengt. After testing eSafe with soft-line covers, they saw reduced damage and increased energy savings. Bengt and Benny were convinced that a transition to CEJN was the right path to take.
             "The cost of compressed air has been reduced with CEJN eSafe"
                     Benny Reinhardt – maintenance technician VOLVO

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Breathing air hose kit pressrelease

Secure Your Next Breath!

A certified breathing air hose kit from CEJN is compliant with the regulations contained in EN14593:2005 and 14594:2005 and has gone through stringent testing at one of our hose crimping centres. But what is the value of this to you, our customer?

Earlier, CEJN could only take responsibility for our quick-connect coupling. Now, the entire process is certified and each hose kit has the highest safety measures on the market, top quality components and, behind it all, a reliable hose kit partner with close to 60 years of experience. The true art of hose crimping does not only depend on the crimping process – but also on high quality products and experienced personnel.

CEJN meets & exceeds the standard
At CEJN we produce top of the line products because we know that lives depend on the choices we make. Our hose kits come as standard with a stainless steel ferrule, our standard safety locking feature on the coupling and the highest flow on the market. All independent testing states the same fact - with CEJN’s breathing air hose kits, you receive a safe and reliable hose kit with top class quality and performance.

To give you, our customer, peace of mind and to guarantee correct assembly, a small inspection hole has been incorporated in the ferrule. During the quality control we can easily check and make sure that the hose, during the crimping process, was properly installed. You can, at any time, e.g. if your hose kit has been subjected to heavy loads, glance at the inspection hole to make sure your hose is still in safe working order. This is taking safety to the next level.

Hose kits to fit your needs
As every customer is unique to us at CEJN, each breathing air hose kit is assembled to your specifications. We offer three different kinds of hoses, each of which is suitable for different application areas. Choose the hose that fulfils your requirements and we’ll cut it to your preferred length and, depending on your specifications, assemble our high-performance, quick-connection coupling and nipple.

Before your order leaves our hose kit assembly centre, it is put through several tests to ensure proper assembly and premium performance. Find below our three different hoses: spiral hose for light duty, and for heavy duty we offer rubber and PVC hoses.

Breathing air hoses, spiral, PVC and rubber

Beware of imitations in the ultra high pressure market

CEJN couplings and nipples that are used for maintenance and repair of engine onboard vessels are recognized for their safety, high quality and long lasting durability. Lately there have appeared similar couplings on the market that claim to have the same compatible mating parts.

CEJN couplings, manufactured for more than 40 years, have become industry standard when there is no international standard, like ISO or DIN. Consequently CEJN cannot accept responsibility for any accident in personal injury or property damage that may result when mixing coupling (female part) and nipple (male part) of different brands.

Although there are couplings that seem connectable with CEJN our couplings are not safely interchanged with other couplings that are not under the same tolerances. In order to guarantee the safety we ask you not to mix CEJN products with other brands but to always check for the CEJN mark inscribed on both the CEJN coupling and nipple.

TLX Series
-The coupling that will stand when the others fall

CEJN presents the TLX Series – Hydraulic Flat-Face Twist Lock Couplings made for the toughest construction and demolition applications. This super-duty quick connect coupling is designed to work with the highest surge flows and the toughest pressure impulses. The most common reason for failure of screw-to-connect couplings in heavy duty applications is high surge flows. For example, when using a crusher on concrete you will build up high pressure just before you bite through the concrete and, at the moment the crusher bites through the concrete, you will briefly get an extreme surge flow. This surge flow can be several times higher than the ordinary flow rate in the machine and is the cause of many coupling failures. The solution so far has been to use bulky oversized couplings at much higher cost. The new solution is called TLX.

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eSafe - revolutionary safety coupling

- No need to choose between performance and safety

Our brand-new and revolutionary eSafe coupling for compressed air was launched at the Hannover fair April 8-12th 2013. eSafe is an innovative and patented safety coupling offering the highest flow combined with a low pressure drop. In addition eSafe has a low connecting force, compact and easy to grip design making it the natural choice when choosing a safety product with top of the line features. Its extreme durability together with the high flow and low pressure drop give you maximum operation productivity and a reliable product for years to come.

Visit eSafe’s campaign site - click here.

Play movie to watch eSafe being demonstrated at Hannover fair

CEJN Announces Office in Mexico

The past five years CEJN Industrial Corporation has experienced significant growth in the Mexico and Centro America markets, with this increased activity and in order to service our customers needs more efficiently, CEJN announces the opening of our newest location, CEJN de Mexico S.A de C.V. in Monterrey, Mexico.

Along with sales offices and warehouse facilities this new location will also have a Custom Hose Assembly Workshop. We look forward to a close relationship with our customers as well as the community of Monterrey.

Jaime Moreno
Director General

CEJN de Mexico S.A de C.V
Burocratas de Estado #709
Col. Burocratas del Estado
Monterrey, N.L. CP 64380

Tel. 52 81 1933 5070
Nextel 52 81 1805 2535
ID: 62*903863*1

Wind power CEJN

CEJN AB has renewed their contract and keeps on buying 100% of the power consumption for Swedish production facilities from wind power stations. It is an important contribution to decrease the carbon dioxide contamination. More exactly CEJN will contribute to save 3 166,7 tons of carbon dioxide during the new period starting 2015-01-01 to 2016-12-31.

CEJN launches a reworked edition of its popular Hydraulic Products catalogue, where CEJN presents quick-connect couplings and accessories for a multitude of applications. Including environmentally friendly products for building clean and leak-free hydraulic systems and the newly introduced CEJN TLX Series – Flat-Face Twist Lock Couplings, designed for the toughest construction- and demolition applications.

Hydraulic catalogue

CEJN group channel has posted about 20 videos on the popular video sharing site YouTube. It’s a mix between videos and animations that illustrate our products in use and the problem they solve.

CEJN on YouTube

We are happy to announce that our new High-Pressure Hydraulic catalogue is available in 15 languages and presents our range of High-Pressure couplings/nipples/adapters/hose kits etc. It also includes information on our worldwide High-Pressure Hydraulic centers and their technical know-how as well as information on our hose crimping facilities.

Extreme pressures require extreme safety and at CEJN we constantly try to make our products safer for the operator. The catalogue offers a chapter where you can read more about how we work with safety, it also gives you, as our customer, a check list of what to think of.

Market leadership is a big responsibility, especially safeguarding our quality level. Read more about our process from idea to finished product.

Ultra high pressure hyraulics catalogue

During MINExpo Las Vegas Sep 24-27th 2012 we presented our new Heavy Duty Products folder. The folder presents seven carefully selected products for heavy duty applications.

Some of the products presented and the problems they solve are WEO, Breathing air, Multi-X and High-Pressure hose. By integrating QR-codes on each product presentation the reader can easily move from printed literature onto the product page on our website. A description of CEJN and our product range together with our global presence is found on the back.

Heavy Duty Products


CEJN will exhibit at BAUMA CHINA 2010 in Shanghai, China November 23 - 26, 2010.
BAUMA China is the fifth international trade fair for construction machinery, building material machines, construction vehicles and equipment.

CEJN will focus on exhibiting our middle pressure hydraulics range.
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CEJN will also participate in CICEME at the China International Exhibition Center in Beijing, China June 3 - 5, 2010.
CICEME is a coal and mine technical equipment exhibition, an international forum that is held for the 6th time around.
CEJN will exhibit our fluid-tech products for low and medium pressure applications and the DX pumps.

CEJN will participate in the exhibition New Environment Exposition – N-Expo 2010 – in Tokyo, Japan May 25 - 28, 2010.
CEJN will exihibit our Flat-Face couplings in the X-series, the brand new multi coupling Multi-X and our work with Pneumatic safety, Non-drip and High-pressure.

We look forward to welcoming you in East hall 3, stand 3F11.

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After more than 40 years in the UK through the good service of a distribution company it's now time for CEJN to establish its own operation on the UK market. The new CEJN operation will focus on developing the OEM market, particularly within the hydraulic segment.

With the new CEJN UK operation, CEJN will establish its own engineering resource in the UK – a key function to be able to offer good service the OEM industry. The demand for quick connect solutions are steadily increasing and it is important to work close to the market to catch new trends and to be able to provide customized solutions to match each individual need.

CEJN UK with complete hose crimping and testing facilities will focus on the High Pressure Hydraulics market and will supply Couplings and Hose Assemblies for working pressures from 700bar to 3000bar. In addition, a complete range of products for the Medium Pressure Hydraulic market will be available from stock. This range of products is consisting of Quick Connect Couplings according to ISO and other standards, WEO plug-in couplings, Multi Couplings, Swivel Joints and Hydraulic Test Systems.

"We are looking forward to supplying the market with new innovative quick connect solutions. Our cooperation with the existing CEJN distributor will remain and I am sure that we together will form an excellent team to serve the UK market." Says John Gardner, General Manager, CEJN UK.

The new CEJN UK office is located in Bromyard near Birmingham in Herefordshire and will open its doors April 1st. 

Multi-X - a range of easy-to-handle multi-plates, designed to meet the demands of even the most challenging mobile hydraulic applications.


Designed for flexibility, performance and easy operations
The unique design provides great flexibility, high performance, easy installation and trouble-free operation. The down-time during tool changes is minimized, hydraulic lines can be connected and disconnected with residual pressure and the working pressure is up to 35 MPa. The risk for cross-connecting is eliminated, which saves time and ensures proper function of each attachment.

To work for most mobile hydraulic applications, Multi-X comes in several different configurations and sizes. The two joining plates, male and female, can both serve as the fixed plate and you can easily equip your Multi-X with electric connector.

When designing the Multi-X, ergonomics and efficiency was in focus. One hand operation was one of the requirements set to make it easy for the user. The solution is the ergonomic lever, moving perpendicular to the hydraulic lines, which offers both safety and quick connections.

By equipping Multi-X with CEJN pressure eliminator nipples, connecting and disconnecting became even smoother, as it is possible to operate the Multi-X with high residual pressure.
Having WEO Plug-in as standard gives many benefits, like self-aligning hoses prolonging hose life time, quick and easy installation, compact design and speeds up hose replacements.

The configurations Multi-X Quattro 10 (4 x 3/8”) and Duo 10 (2 x 3/8”) are available from stock in April 2010. Four more configurations are to be released in September 2010.

The Multi-X range will be presented at Bauma, Germany, April 19. Tune in to the website for more information during the coming weeks.

CEJN, in co-operation with LMS-Nordic, SMC, Ingersoll Rand, Bureau Veritas, and the Swedish Environmental Protection Agency, will arrange a compressed air seminar in Stockholm at Arlanda airport on the 6th and 7 th of May. 

Investigations show that it is possible to reduce the consumption of compressed air with 30-50%. This means that compressed air is an area that has great saving potential, which in turn could benefit our environment by reducing the CO2-emissions. This seminar will focus on the savings potential in compressed air systems and the tools and information you need to start saving energy immediately.

Welcome to Stockholm/Arlanda!

The new range of Hose and Cable reels has several redesigned components, leading to improved flow and easier installation, providing the professionals in the market with a high quality option.

The new design of the axle and swivel, with increased inner dimensions, has together with the new hose connection design optimized the flow geometry – creating a substantial increase in the flow rate and minimising the pressure drop. The result is an efficient tool use and a significant improvement in performance.

The re-designed bracket featuring the new CEJN Quick-Lock allows for an easy and simple installation.

 The well balanced hose and cable reels from CEJN offer many benefits in providing a clean and efficient work space: high flow rate, low pressure drop and a sturdy construction