New Breathing Air Hose Kits

Secure Your Next Breath!

A certified breathing air hose kit from CEJN is compliant with the regulations contained in EN14593:2005 and 14594:2005 and has gone through stringent testing at one of our hose crimping centres. But what is the value of this to you, our customer?

Earlier, CEJN could only take responsibility for our quick coupling. Now, the entire process is certified and each hose kit has the highest safety measures on the market, top quality components and, behind it all, a reliable hose kit partner with close to 60 years of experience. The true art of hose crimping does not only depend on the crimping process – but also on high quality products and experienced personnel.

CEJN meets & exceeds the standard

At CEJN we produce top of the line products because we know that lives depend on the choices we make. Our hose kits come as standard with a stainless steel ferrule, our standard safety locking feature on the coupling and the highest flow on the market. All independent testing states the same fact - with CEJN’s breathing air hose kits, you receive a safe and reliable hose kit with top class quality and performance.

To give you, our customer, peace of mind and to guarantee correct assembly, a small inspection hole has been incorporated in the ferrule. During the quality control we can easily check and make sure that the hose, during the crimping process, was properly installed. You can, at any time, e.g. if your hose kit has been subjected to heavy loads, glance at the inspection hole to make sure your hose is still in safe working order. This is taking safety to the next level. 

Hose kits to fit your needs 

As every customer is unique to us at CEJN, each breathing air hose kit is assembled to your specifications.  We offer three different kinds of hoses, each of which is suitable for different application areas. Choose the hose that fulfils your requirements and we’ll cut it to your preferred length and, depending on your specifications, assemble our high-performance, quick-connection coupling and nipple. 

Before your order leaves our hose kit assembly centre, it is put through several tests to ensure proper assembly and premium performance. Find below our three different hoses: spiral hose for light duty, and for heavy duty we offer rubber and PVC hoses.