Product News Hydraulics - Multi-X Duo 19

We are now pleased to offer an addition to our standard range of Multi-X. The addition is called Multi-X Duo 19 and has two ¾” ports. The block dimensions and other technical specifications are the same as on Quattro 12.5/19 as we are using the same aluminum blocks and only plug the ½” holes. When it comes to accessories and spare parts you can use the same items as on Quattro 12.5/19.

Series 116 T-connections
– A compact single component solution for serial connections; minimizing assembly time and leakage risks

Simplifying simultaneous connections
– Replacing many components with just one

The Series 116 T-connection is developed for bolt tensioners and other types of applications that need serial or simultaneous connection. The T-connection means that with one single component you can replace the standardized porting block solution and minimize the leakage risk. The T-connection is compact and thanks to a modified seal, the valve in the nipple can handle dynamic load while disconnected, without any risk for seal damage. This means that it is safe to have a disconnected nipple in the end of a serial connection. No need for extra components, such as plugged couplings. Another big advantage is that less time and money is spent on assembly – as all assembly, including leak testing, is performed by CEJN – the T-connection is ready to use on delivery, straight out of the box. Fewer article numbers and having one supplier instead of many different also means a simplified ordering procedure and handling of deliveries.

The most common way to feed a given number of high-pressure hydraulic tools/equipment like bolt tensioners and cylinders from the same pressure supply point is to create a serial connection by using porting blocks, adapters, sealings, nipples and couplings. This is a solution that works well, however it demands many different components.

The Series 116 T-connection makes it possible to replace the porting block solution, with its 13 different components (and at least 5 part numbers), with one single component, with only one part number. The size and weight is significantly reduced, demanding less space and making the whole assembly easier to work with. Less components also means that compared to a porting block set up, the T-connection will minimize the number of potential leakage points.

CEJN group channel has posted about 20 videos on the popular video sharing site YouTube. It’s a mix between videos and animations that illustrate our products in use and the problem they solve.

Make sure to meet us at the below upcoming fairs 2012

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CEJN Shanghai Fluid Systems will be present at Bauma
Where: Shanghai new international exhibition center
When: November 27-30th
Location: 5.356

CEJN Singapore will exhibit in OSEA 2012
Where: Marina Bay Sands, Singapore
When: November 27th–30th
Location: 1H3-06 , Hall ABC, Level 1


and a couple of weeks later CEJN Industrial Corporation will be present at POWER-GEN International
Where: Orange County Convention Center, Orlando, Florida
When: December 11-13th
Location: Booth 6014

During MINExpo Las Vegas Sep 24-27th 2012 we presented our new Heavy Duty Products folder. The folder presents seven carefully selected products for heavy duty applications.

Some of the products presented and the problems they solve are WEO, Breathing air, Multi-X and High-Pressure hose. By integrating QR-codes on each product presentation the reader can easily move from printed literature onto the product page on our website. A description of CEJN and our product range together with our global presence is found on the back.