CEJN AB Contributes to Reduce Global Warming

Wind power is an interesting area for CEJN, not only because our high pressure products are used during assembly and maintenance work of the great wind turbines. We also use wind powered electricity to run our production machines, computers, lighting and ventilation.

CEJN AB is the headquarter of the global CEJN Group. The headquarter, located in Skövde – Sweden, and our production sites located in Lönsboda and Borås use approximately 5,900 MWh/year, which is equivalent to the energy consumption of what 300 households use in this climate zone (Southern Sweden).

One of our environmental goals for 2008, was to reduce our use of non-renewable energy such as oil, coal and nuclear power. We wanted to focus on renewable energy such as water and wind power in order to help reducing global warming. CEJN AB reached that goal during 2008 by switching our entire source of electrical energy to wind power.