The Vacula and CEJN Brands are Consolidated under the CEJN Name

To enable a continued strong market approach we are now integrating the Vacula product range under the CEJN brand name. By focusing on our core brand we will be able to increase our customer reactiveness and provide all our customers, both CEJN and Vacula, with a more focused product range and a better product and market support.

During the coming months the Vacula brand name will be gradually phased out and replaced by the CEJN brand on products, packaging and in our business and market communication. From July 1st the CEJN brand will be the only brand used. 

The Vacula product range will be converted to a product area named Tools & Equipment under the CEJN brand. In combination with this change we will also introduce a more streamlined product range focused on fluid handling. The new innovative DX fluid handling platform will make up the base of the new product range and be the building block for future product developments.

The following products in the current Vacula range will be replaced by the new DX products; DrainMan, Classic, DeLuxe, MultiVac and Fluid Evacuator. The DX’s innovative technology and design combines features from all previous fluid handling products making it more than suitable to replace the old range of products. Vacula EasyCheck, Coolant Refiller and Valve Core Torque Tool will be phased out from the range completely with no replacement products. DrainOne and DrainTwin will be deleted from the range, but CEJN will continue to provide spare parts, accessories and service to support our customers. The Vacula RustEater will remain in the range under the name CEJN RustEater.