VACULA's Brand New Products for Fluid Handling - DX2.5 & DX12

The all-new DX is the ultimate solution for safely extracting a wide variety of fluids. It uses a vacuum mode to suction the fluid into the canister of 2.5 or 12 litres and uses a slight overpressure to empty the fluid from it. This way, the operator never comes in contact with the fluid and never gets exposed to any possible fumes and/or odour.  

The DX is developed in close cooperation with automotive manufacturers and end-users. This alliance has resulted in a product with many sought-after design features, including:
A Universal Seal that enables the DX to safely extract all kinds of non-flammable fluids,
   even aggressive-type brake fluids.
An Ergonomically Designed Handle that turns in two different directions to activate the
   functions: the vacuum mode to fill the canister with fluid and the pressure mode to empty
   the canister from fluid.
A Safety Design that prevents accidental activation of the pressure mode, which could
   potentially cause operator injury and/or property damage.
A Built-In Silencer Function with a low-noise level to minimize excessive noise and
   improve the workplace environment.
Vacuum Pre-Charging Function that allows the DX to work disconnected from the shop
Quality components that enable a long, maintenance-free service life of the DX.

In addition:
An Automatic Refiller Bottle optimizes fluid storage.
An Extension Hose that enables operators to reach the inaccessible brake fluid
   reservoirs of newer car models.
Accessory Kits and Options makes the DX the most complete system for numerous