E.A.R.S.- The New Revolutionary Invention

The Australian invention EARS (Exhausted Air Recycling System) has the potential to revolutionize the compressed air industry. And CEJN is proud to be part of this by supplying the couplings, nipples and hoses for the system.

The EARS system recycles the exhaust air that normally escapes the pneumatic tool. This ingenious principle creates a closed loop system that functions like a turbo-charger for your compressor that keeps pressure and air volume virtually constant. This results in benefits such as:
- higher performance with an increased capacity of more than 50%
- lower energy costs due to a decreased energy consumption by over 40% when
  continuously used
- improved work environment by reducing exhaust noise from compressed air tools by more
  than 50%, no emitted oil vapour or other harmful exhausts and no dust or debris are blown
  about from the exhausted air of the tools 
- extended service life of the tools, hoses and air compressor because the closed loop air is
  drier and cooler than before

The system calls for two hoses to be connected to one tool, one for the compressed air and one for the exhausted air. CEJN designed a twin coupling based on our renowned series 320 coupling. A product with a world-class flow of 2100 l/min and minimal pressure drop that increases the EARS’s recycling effect. This results in more effective energy consumption and greater savings than if a lesser brand had been used.

Integrating two couplings in one block creates the twin coupling and by having different heights and colour coding, the risk of cross-connection is eliminated. The twin coupling connects with one combined locking sleeve, making tool connection and disconnection an easy task.