CEJN Celebrates 40 Years as the World Leader in High-Pressure Hydraulics

In 1967, CEJN developed and manufactured the first quick connect coupling capable of 1,000 bar (14,500 PSI), which became the first original high-pressure hydraulic quick coupling on the market. Today, 40 years later, CEJN is still the world leader within this field and offers products with operating pressures up to 3,000 bar (43,500 PSI).

Our engineers remain on the frontier of high-pressure hydraulics and are constantly working on new solutions and innovative products in close cooperation with our customers and their specific requirements and needs.

CEJN High-Pressure Hydraulic products are a testament to quality and are specially designed for demanding applications such as rescue equipment, bolt tensioners, torque tools, test benches etc.

We offer the most complete line of high performance products on the market today.
CEJN High-Pressure Hydraulic range includes:
· couplings and nipples in quick connect, including flat-face versions and screw-to-
  connect designs
· hoses that are pressure tested, cut and assembled per customer specifications
· accessories such as porting blocks, adapters and pressure gauges