The Australian invention EARS (Exhausted Air Recycling System) has the potential to revolutionize the compressed air industry. And CEJN is proud to be part of this by supplying the couplings, nipples and hoses for the system.

The EARS system recycles the exhaust air that normally escapes the pneumatic tool. This ingenious principle creates a closed loop system that functions like a turbo-charger for your compressor that keeps pressure and air volume virtually constant. This results in benefits such as:
- higher performance with an increased capacity of more than 50%
- lower energy costs due to a decreased energy consumption by over 40% when
  continuously used
- improved work environment by reducing exhaust noise from compressed air tools by more
  than 50%, no emitted oil vapour or other harmful exhausts and no dust or debris are blown
  about from the exhausted air of the tools 
- extended service life of the tools, hoses and air compressor because the closed loop air is
  drier and cooler than before

The system calls for two hoses to be connected to one tool, one for the compressed air and one for the exhausted air. CEJN designed a twin coupling based on our renowned series 320 coupling. A product with a world-class flow of 2100 l/min and minimal pressure drop that increases the EARS’s recycling effect. This results in more effective energy consumption and greater savings than if a lesser brand had been used.

Integrating two couplings in one block creates the twin coupling and by having different heights and colour coding, the risk of cross-connection is eliminated. The twin coupling connects with one combined locking sleeve, making tool connection and disconnection an easy task.  








The 9th Moscow International Oil & Gas Exhibition (MIOGE) took place on June 26-29. The exhibition is the largest oil and gas event in Russia and FSU had a record-breaking attendance of 28,000 visitors this year. 900 exhibiting companies from 40 countries had the opportunity to showcase their latest technologies, products and services.


CEJN attended the trade fair and demonstrated our high performance products and solutions for Hydraulics, Fluids and Pneumatics as well as gave the visitors an overview of the CEJN product range. The German sales team greeted many visitors that were interested in our products exhibited and our innovative solutions to solve customer-problems.


We would like to thank all the MIOGE visitors for making the fair a success for CEJN.

In 1967, CEJN developed and manufactured the first quick connect coupling capable of 1,000 bar (14,500 PSI), which became the first original high-pressure hydraulic quick coupling on the market. Today, 40 years later, CEJN is still the world leader within this field and offers products with operating pressures up to 3,000 bar (43,500 PSI).

Our engineers remain on the frontier of high-pressure hydraulics and are constantly working on new solutions and innovative products in close cooperation with our customers and their specific requirements and needs.

CEJN High-Pressure Hydraulic products are a testament to quality and are specially designed for demanding applications such as rescue equipment, bolt tensioners, torque tools, test benches etc.

We offer the most complete line of high performance products on the market today.
CEJN High-Pressure Hydraulic range includes:
· couplings and nipples in quick connect, including flat-face versions and screw-to-
  connect designs
· hoses that are pressure tested, cut and assembled per customer specifications
· accessories such as porting blocks, adapters and pressure gauges

During the 15th to 17th of June, the 31st Auto Service Show 2007 was held at Tokyo Big Sight in Japan. The trade fair was open for trade visitors and the public, which this year amounted to almost 77,000 visitors during the three days.

CEJN attended the trade fair and exhibited, among others, the new EARS invention. The revolutionary invention that re-uses the exhausted air of the pneumatic tool and creates a closed loop system, caught many visitors' attention. CEJN designs and supplies the EARS system with couplings, nipples and hoses, as well as selling the EARS system on the Japanese market.

The Japanese sales team welcomed many visitors that were very interested in EARS and our other exhibited items which included the CEJN pneumatic products and full VACULA range. We thank our visitors for making the trade fair a huge success for CEJN.  

For more information about the EARS system, please visit: www.globalears.com


CEJN exhibits at the 9th Mioge international Oil & Gas Exhibition in Moscow from June 26-29.

At the Mioge fair we will have our booth in Pavillion 1 – german group. With our first visit to this fair we will emphasise our engagement in the region of Russia and around. With further 540 international companies we will show our high performance products as customized articles and from our general product range. We would very much like to welcome You at our booth and inform You about how You can benefit from our solutions for hydraulics, fluids and pneumatics.

Members of the CEJN Engineered Products Team will present CEJN products, highlighting the Non-Drip Series, at the 52nd CPI Exposition or “CHEM Show”, in New York City.

Slated as the largest process equipment and technology exposition for the Chemical Process Industry in North America, we are anticipating the Non-Drip Series with its’ many configurations and capabilities will be of keen interest. The show runs from Oct. 30 – Nov. 1, 2007.

An all-new CEJN Hose Reel for air will be presented at the Hanover exhibition (16-20th of April, 2007). The length of the hose is 10 metres and is made of Polyurethane (PUR).

The hose reel has all the great characteristics featured in CEJN’s standard range of hose reels, including:
- Lightweight to make the hose reel easy to manoeuvre.
- Smooth outer layer to ensure flawless feeding action without any tangles.
- Made of Polyurethane to enable a high flow rate and outstanding resistance to oils,
   solvents and other non-aqueous solutions. 


At the worlds largest fair with 540.000m² exhibition space we will present our product line with a main focus on mobile hydraulic applications such as non-drip couplings and WEO, the quick assembly connector. At the Bauma we are looking forward to meet customers of the main industries construction, building and construction equipment. Besides our standards we will also present some exemplary special solutions that we built for our customers.

Visit CEJN on the VDMA booth at Bauma in Munich from April 23-29 hall A4, stand 400

Welcome to CEJN's stand at the Hanover fair April 16-20 in Hanover, Germany. You will find us in hall 20, Stand D01.

We will showcase our wide range of standard products including a few new products; a 10-meter hose reel, a fluid evacuator and a multiple outlet system for compressed air. We will also display some of our customer unique solutions to promote our design and engineering capabilities. We welcome everyone to our stand – let us show you what we can do for you and your company!

CEJN took part at the MSV 2007 in Brno, Czech Republic, which is the largest technology trade fair of Central Europe and it ended this Friday the 5th of October.

CEJN was one of 2,000 exhibiting companies and showcased our whole product range as well as a selection of our customer solutions and problem solving know-how. The high quality of the CEJN product ranges generated lots of attention in terms of handling, functioning and usability.

We would like to thank all our visitors for their time and interest in our products.
We hope to see you again next year at the MSV 2008.


The international Trade Fair for Assembly and Handling Technology has closed its door for 2007. About 30.000 experts have been visiting Motek on the new Trade Fair Centre in Stuttgart. CEJN has been one of 1.060 exhibitors on the more than 65.000 square meters large fairground.

Based in Hall 5 / booth 5502, the CEJN team welcomed hundreds of visitors over the 4 days. Exhibited in the stand were, among many other items, new products and solutions within the fields of Pneumatics and Automotive. E.A.R.S (Exhausted Air Recycling System), WEO Plug-In and CEJN’s new VACULA product DX2.5 for fluid handling created special interest among the visitors.

We like to thank our visitors for making the trade fair a huge success for CEJN.


CEJN attended the 2007 PTC ASIA Exhibition that was held during the 10-13th of October in Shanghai New International Expo Centre (SNIEC). The PTC is an international exhibition and has six main categories it focuses on: Fluid Power Transmission, Mechanical Transmission, Parts and Equipment, Bearings, Linear motion systems, Electrical Power Transmission and Compressed Air Technology.

CEJN’s booth was located in Pavilion E3, a strategic place full of opportunities, where we exhibited products from our Pneumatic, Fluid, Hydraulic and High Pressure Hydraulic ranges. CEJN’s Chinese sales team welcomed many interested visitors to the booth and made many new and exciting contacts during the exhibition.

We thank all of our visitors for taking an interest in CEJN and making the fair a triumph for us.



The Scanautomatic took place in Gothenburg, Sweden between the 9th to 12th of October. The fair focuses on industrial and process automation and during the four Scanautomatic-days, 11,000 visitors from these industries came to explore the fair.

CEJN exhibited its new Pneumatic products, a new version of the Multi-Link and a new 10 m Hose-reel. We also demonstrated our problem-solving expertise and how it has helped our customers become more productive and competitive on today’s market.

We would like to thank all our visitors for your interest in CEJN and our products. We look forward to our joint future!

The WEO range of CEJN is now expanding with a new WEO Plug-In Swivel and fittings to match them. This swivel is the only plug in connector on the market with an integrated swivel function that allows the hose-assembly to swivel up to full working pressure.

One of the most common reasons for hose failure is when a hydraulic hose-assembly is twisted during operation. With the new WEO Plug-In swivel this problem is eliminated. Thanks to its design, back and fourth movements are absorbed during full working pressure, which results in an increased lifetime of the hose-assembly.

CEJN also introduces a specific swivel fitting that differs from the standard ones in two main areas. Firstly, all sizes of our swivel fittings have a 700 Hv surface hardening to handle the extensive stress it will be exposed to during swivelling. Secondly, each fitting is equipped with an additional o-ring in order to prevent dirt from entering the bearings.

Mobile cranes are a very good example where the WEO Plug-In swivel could contribute to better functionality, as well as cost reduction for customer.




The 26th international Trade Fair for Assembly and Handling Technology will take place at the New Trade Fair Stuttgart from the 24th to 27th of September 2007. MOTEK 2007 is the specialized trade fair with a clear focus on assembly and application technology.

CEJN’s booth will this year be located in Hall 5 where we will exhibit, among other things, our new products within the fields of Pneumatics and Automotives. Please take the opportunity and visit CEJN to find out how we can help you with our problem-solving know-how.

You’ll find us in Hall 5 / Stand 5502.


The all-new DX is the ultimate solution for safely extracting a wide variety of fluids. It uses a vacuum mode to suction the fluid into the canister of 2.5 or 12 litres and uses a slight overpressure to empty the fluid from it. This way, the operator never comes in contact with the fluid and never gets exposed to any possible fumes and/or odour.  

The DX is developed in close cooperation with automotive manufacturers and end-users. This alliance has resulted in a product with many sought-after design features, including:
A Universal Seal that enables the DX to safely extract all kinds of non-flammable fluids,
   even aggressive-type brake fluids.
An Ergonomically Designed Handle that turns in two different directions to activate the
   functions: the vacuum mode to fill the canister with fluid and the pressure mode to empty
   the canister from fluid.
A Safety Design that prevents accidental activation of the pressure mode, which could
   potentially cause operator injury and/or property damage.
A Built-In Silencer Function with a low-noise level to minimize excessive noise and
   improve the workplace environment.
Vacuum Pre-Charging Function that allows the DX to work disconnected from the shop
Quality components that enable a long, maintenance-free service life of the DX.

In addition:
An Automatic Refiller Bottle optimizes fluid storage.
An Extension Hose that enables operators to reach the inaccessible brake fluid
   reservoirs of newer car models.
Accessory Kits and Options makes the DX the most complete system for numerous




The Scanautomatic 2007 will be held at the Swedish Exhibition Centre in Gothenburg on the 9th to 12th of October. It is Scandinavia’s only exhibition dedicated to industrial and process automation.


CEJN will be exhibiting a variety of our latest applications that show how our problem-solving know-how has helped our customers become more productive and competitive on today’s market. We will also give an overview of our whole product range. 


CEJN- your quick connect partner!


We look forward to meet you at our booth B 08:24.



The 49th International Engineering Fair will be staged from the 1st to 5th of October 2007 in Brno, Check Republic. The fair will be held in parallel with the 4th International Fair for Transport and Logistics Transport and Logistics.

CEJN will take part in the Engineering Fair where we will demonstrate a selection of different applications where CEJN products have made a significant difference. We will also exhibit a variety of our high performance products within the fields of Pneumatics, Fluids and Hydraulics, which includes High Pressure Hydraulics.

Please visit CEJN in Hall F/ Stand 22  – your quick connect partner!