Material Change of the CEJN Pneumatic Range

From January 1st, the majority of the material used in the couplings in the 300, 400 and 500 Series of the CEJN Pneumatic range will change from being mainly brass to mainly consist of steel. In addition, a new type of zinc-plating (electroplated zinc coating with thick layer passivation) will be used instead of the current nickel-plating.

These changes are made to further increase our products’ quality and improve the environment we all share, because well enough is not good enough for CEJN.

Customer benefits:
- The durability of the couplings improves.
- Prolonged service life of couplings in tough applications.
- The couplings’ vibration resistance increases.

Environmental benefits:
- No Cr6 is used in the production process of any CEJN Pneumatic products.
- Copper is a scarce natural resource. By reducing the brass used in our products we help 
   to preserve this limited resource.
- Steel contains significantly less lead than brass and has therefore a better impact on the
   environment. Additionally, steel is much easier to recycle.