VACULA—A Look at Its Products

CEJN’s new VACULA Division offers quality products that are well known internationally for tough, dependable vehicle service.

Our new VACULA Division offers quality products that are well known internationally for tough, dependable vehicle service. Whether they are being used by your local automotive repair personnel or pit crews that keep racecars going round and round the track, VACULA products have a reputation for making vehicle maintenance—and the lives of service people—a lot easier.

Customers involved in vehicle manufacturing, motor sport racing, brake manufacturing, brake fluid production, boat manufacturing, marine servicing, and aircraft production recognize the VACULA name and hovering bat that make up the product logo.

VACULA as a brand name dates back to 1984, when it was introduced as the product name for a fluid evacuator—the VACuum-operated dracULA. But since the name stuck in everyone’s mind, VACULA became the brand name for an entire range of quality products for automotive service.

The success of VACULA products is the result of VACULA engineers working closely with vehicle and tooling OEMs and the automotive aftermarket and putting themselves into their customers’ shoes. After focusing on what would make customers’ jobs easier, they put their product design expertise into action and develop products that are attractive to a global audience.

A watchful eye is kept on changing industry needs and innovations that suit platform production, resulting in competitive, forward-thinking products that suit a variety of industries and applications.

VACULA product groups include:
• Blowguns—Includes a wide range of powerful blowguns systems with precise airflow control that are ideal for automotive and industrial use.
• Body Tools—Includes such products as the Rust Eater that cleans away vehicle rust spots down to the metal in minutes; and the Air Conditioning Deo Wash, which rids bacteria and fungus and their resultant bad odors from a/c compressors.
• Brake Service—Primary market segment includes such products as the new DrainTwin that makes easy work out of pressure or vacuum bleeding fluid from vehicle brakes; and EasyCheck, a system that tests brake fluid quickly and easily.
• Electro—Consists of Volt Check DC, a time-saving tool that detects live cables and electrical problems in vehicles.
• Fluid Handing—Leading market segment includes such products as the Coolant Refiller, used to remove air from car engine cooling systems and facilitates quick refilling; Multi-Vac, a system for quickly evacuating fluids by creating a vacuum generated by compressed air; and the Fluid Evacuator, a versatile, portable, vacuum-operated system for changing engine oil, transmission fluid, and other fluids quickly and efficiently.
• Hose and Cable Reels—Includes five reel styles that keep hose and cable tangle free and workspace tidy.

The CEJN Marketing Communications Department is updating and expanding marketing support materials for VACULA products. Currently available are the following VACULA product and brand usage references: