New VACULA Division Formed

The integration of VACULA operations and products into CEJN is complete and has resulted in the creation of the new VACULA Division, now operational at CEJN headquarters in Skövde, Sweden.

The VACULA Division encompasses CEJN’s former sister company, VACULA Tools in Zug, Switzerland. VACULA administration and marketing functions formerly located at the Zug facility have been integrated into CAB. Manufacturing operations have also been transferred to CAB, where all VACULA products have been phased into production.

The decision to incorporate VACULA products into the CEJN line was made for two key reasons, said Marcus Allerbjer, division manager for the newly established VACULA Division. “Creation of the VACULA Division will help to increase our market share in the automotive sector,” Allerbjer said. “In addition, the division will strengthen the VACULA brand name around the world.”

Sold primarily to the automotive market, the VACULA product line includes brake tools, fluid handling equipment, coolant refillers, volt checks, blowguns, and hose reels. Hose kits will be added to the VACULA line in September, and will mark the beginning of an extended range of basic compressed air products.

VACULA products are also used in motor sport racing, marine, and aerospace markets, which are targeted as potential growth areas.

All CEJN companies worldwide are now distributing VACULA products, and each company’s sales force is being realigned to accommodate VACULA sales. VACULA products are also available globally through importers, as well as distributors, such as Würth and Berner.

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