New Coupling Business Gives Students Exposure to CEJN Products

New business from Bourgogne Hydro Technologie of Chamforgueil, France, will give students an opportunity to see CEJN products at work in hydraulic systems.

CEJN France is supplying our new Series X65 flush-face couplings to Bourgogne Hydro Technologie of Chamforgueil, France, a company well known for its expertise in implementing hydraulic and pneumatic technology in industrial processes.

Bourgogne Hydro is equipping ¼-inch Series X65 couplings and nipples on 80 hydraulic didactic test benches that will be supplied to technical education centers throughout France. The couplings will be used to test components and systems on hydraulic lines.

The new business is an important achievement for CEJN, says Alain Miller, managing director of CEJN France SA. “The coupling order is an endorsement of our new flush-face couplings by a reputable equipment manufacturer,” Miller says.

“CEJN will also benefit from the hands-on exposure to our products by industry professionals and students in the educational sector. As a result, students who are knowledgeable about CEJN products are more likely to recommend them when they graduate and are in decision-making roles.”

Bourgogne Hydro’s familiarity with CEJN X65 couplings is the result of customer contacts by CEJN’s Jean Resseguier, technical support, and Thierry Garioud, sales representative. Resseguier and Garioud introduced company personnel to the high-flow rating and subsequent low-pressure drop of X65 couplings, just what the Bourgogne Hydro staff was looking for in performance. Unlike many competitive designs, all Series X65 couplings are designed with a 4:1 burst to operating pressure factor of safety.

In addition to coupling performance requirements, the Bourgogne Hydro staff appreciated collaborating with a coupling manufacturer that backs up its products with technical and service support both before and after the sale, competitive pricing, and short lead times. With the assistance of Production and Logistics Department personnel at CEJN headquarters in Skövde, Sweden, CEJN France is delivering just what its new customer is looking for—in due time.

Offering spill-free operation and unsurpassed value, CEJN’s new Series X65 flush-face couplings meet both interface and performance criteria of the ISO 16028 standard, plus performance ratings of similar competitive coupling styles. The environmentally friendly, flush-face design of Series X65 couplings minimizes air inclusion upon connection and fluid loss upon disconnection. The one-hand, push-to-connect latching mechanism makes connections fast and easy.