CEJN Wins New Business from CNH

CEJN Italy s.r.l. in Milan has won important new business at CNH, the giant producer of Case and New Holland brands of agricultural and construction equipment.

In terms of the new business, CEJN WEO Plug-In hose fittings will be equipped on powerful tractors assembled at CNH’s Modena, Italy, assembly facility. The ½-inch WEO fittings will be used to connect the tractors to front-end implements. Each tractor will also be equipped with WEO stop plugs for use when the fittings are disconnected. CEJN Italy began supplying WEO products to CNH in February.

Thanks to their important benefits, WEO threadless fittings have replaced a competitor’s traditional threaded connections, says Piero Biglioli, OEM marketing and sales manager at CEJN Italy.

“Through production testing, CNH people saw first-hand that WEO fittings would reduce their assembly time, since the fittings require only a quick ‘click’ to connect and disconnect them,” Biglioli says. “And with WEO fittings, interchanging tractor implements is quick and easy. Only a screwdriver is needed to remove the assemblies, and replacements just click into place.

“Since CNH puts emphasis on using the latest technological advancements, WEO fittings are a good fit. Threadless connectors are gaining in popularity throughout Italy, and companies like CNH want to be on the leading edge.”