CEJN Introduces Non-Drip Fluid Couplings

CEJN has introduced an all-new range of quick connect couplings for broad use in fluid transfer applications.

CEJN’s new non-drip couplings are designed for connecting low-pressure fluid and vacuum lines in which virtually zero spillage is critical. In addition to guarding against spillage, the couplings’ non-drip design eliminates pollution and air inclusion during connection and disconnection.

Modular Construction Featuring modular styling, all nipple and coupling components in the new range have standardized dimensions with a common interface, enabling them to be easily combined into a wide range of configurations. As a result, customers are assured of just the right configuration for almost endless applications.

Four Safety Levels Couplings and nipples in the new CEJN non-drip range are offered in four safety levels, says Roy Eriksson, product manager—high-pressure hydraulics and fluids.

“With four safety levels to choose from, users can select the exact level of safety required for their applications,” Eriksson says.

“The safety options also enable users to control cost, since they won’t be paying for safety features that are not required.”

The safety levels include:

· Level 1—Standard Includes basic couplings and nipples that all connect with each other.

· Level 2—Color Coding Includes standard couplings and nipples with color coding, which can be used to identify media and/or pressure lines and the corresponding nipple for each coupling.

· Level 3—Key CodingIncludes couplings and nipples with a non-interchangeable key feature that prevents cross-connection. Only couplings and nipples with the same key can be connected. Standard nipples can be connected with key-coded couplings and vice versa.

· Level 4—Safety Key CodingIncludes couplings and nipples with the same key coding, enabling them to be connected only with each other. A safety key-coded coupling or nipple cannot be connected with a standard part.

Added Safety Option As an added safety measure, all couplings and nipples are offered with an optional safety-locking device that eliminates the risk of unintentional disconnection. When the nipple is connected and locked into place, the extra locking feature is engaged by manually turning the locking sleeve. For disconnection, the locking sleeve is simply turned back into place.

The new non-drip series is now available in brass and stainless steel styles in ¼-inch through 1-inch sizes.

CEJN non-drip quick connect couplings are detailed in CEJN Catalog 09 001 2256/0403. For copies, contact CEJN at info@cejn.com or download it under "Download".