CEJN high-pressure hydraulic products are helping German torque tool manufacturer, Maschinenfabrik Wagner GmbH & Company KG, bolt ahead of the competition.

CEJN-Product GmbH has won new business from Maschinenfabrik Wagner GmbH & Company KG, based in Much near Troisdorf, Germany. Wagner will be equipping its PLARAD® torque bolting systems with CEJN high-pressure hydraulic products, including Series 115 couplings, adapters, and high-pressure hose.

All Plarad bolting systems, including standard and job-specific torque tools that range from 50 to 150,000 Nm, will feature CEJN products. “Wagner people were impressed with the high-flow capacity of Series 115 couplings and our capability to offer high-pressure hose as well in a complete package,” Klaus Behr, manager of CEJN-Product GmbH, says.

In operation since 1962, Wagner produces the world’s largest line of tools in the domain of torque precise bolting technology. The company offers mechanical torque multipliers, electric and pneumatic nutrunners, hydraulic torque wrenches, and hydraulic bolt tensioners that are used by all industries.

CEJN has opened its first sales office in the Southern Hemisphere. CEJN Australia is located in the eastern suburbs of Sydney in Randwick.

CEJN Australia is located in the eastern suburbs of Sydney in Randwick and is approximately a 15-minute drive from the city center. CEJN Austrualia is under the direction of Michael Moloney, national sales manager—Australia and New Zealand, and reports to the CEJN regional office in Singapore.

The new office is providing CEJN sales support to distribution channels on the largest island in the world, which has a population of approximately 19 million.

CEJN’s presence in the Southern Hemisphere is an important move for our company, Moloney says. “Australia has a diverse economy with many market sectors. In order to be a viable business on this stand-alone continent, we need to serve as many of them as possible. Providing sales support to local distribution channels is key to our success.”

In operation for one year, CEJN Australia is enjoying steady growth.“Our initial market share is encouraging,” Moloney says, “and we look forward to prosperous growth for CEJN in Australia.”

Although OEM accounts are usually sold direct, CEJN Australia is using established hose and fitting distribution channels as OEM sources for CEJN products, including WEO Plug-In hose fittings and VACULA products. “Australia offers a large OEM base, but individual companies are not large scale,” Moloney says. “Working through local distribution channels gives us greater market penetration than setting up individual OEM accounts that would be difficult and costly to manage, since Australia is such a large continent and companies are widespread.”

Contact Information The address and phone and fax numbers for the new facility are as follows:
CEJN Australia P.O.
Box 198,
St. Paul’s NSW 2031
Telephone: 61-2-9326 6376
Fax: 61-2-9326 7486
Mobile: 0410 663 660
E-mail: mmoloney@cejn.com.au

CEJN has expanded its line of automatic hose reels with its new Series 911 large-size reels for demanding compressed air applications.

New Series 911 hose reels include the following two styles
• 14-Meter hose reel (Part Number 19 911 5125)—Features a 9.5 x 13.5 mm braided polyurethane anti-spark hose that makes the hose reel conducive to welding environments.
• 10-Meter hose reel (Part Number 19 911 5130)—Features a 11 x 16 mm braided polyurethane hose that supplies extremely high flow for demanding pneumatic tools.

Full 300-degree movement is attainable with both reels, since their mounting brackets include holes in two different planes for either wall or ceiling mounting. Requiring only minimal maintenance, each reel is equipped with a 2-meter feeder hose.

Series 911 reels are manufactured in accordance with SS-EN ISO 9001 quality standard and conform to 89/392/EEC, according to the EC Declaration of Conformity.

Eliminating cumbersome tangled hose on production floors, Series 911 reels ensure hose is always handy. The reels are always connected—and where they are last left. The smooth outer layer of the hose ensures flawless feeding action without tangles.

The new reels are well suited for tools and blowguns in environments from small production operations to large automated assembly lines.

CEJN’s new VACULA Division offers quality products that are well known internationally for tough, dependable vehicle service.

Our new VACULA Division offers quality products that are well known internationally for tough, dependable vehicle service. Whether they are being used by your local automotive repair personnel or pit crews that keep racecars going round and round the track, VACULA products have a reputation for making vehicle maintenance—and the lives of service people—a lot easier.

Customers involved in vehicle manufacturing, motor sport racing, brake manufacturing, brake fluid production, boat manufacturing, marine servicing, and aircraft production recognize the VACULA name and hovering bat that make up the product logo.

VACULA as a brand name dates back to 1984, when it was introduced as the product name for a fluid evacuator—the VACuum-operated dracULA. But since the name stuck in everyone’s mind, VACULA became the brand name for an entire range of quality products for automotive service.

The success of VACULA products is the result of VACULA engineers working closely with vehicle and tooling OEMs and the automotive aftermarket and putting themselves into their customers’ shoes. After focusing on what would make customers’ jobs easier, they put their product design expertise into action and develop products that are attractive to a global audience.

A watchful eye is kept on changing industry needs and innovations that suit platform production, resulting in competitive, forward-thinking products that suit a variety of industries and applications.

VACULA product groups include:
• Blowguns—Includes a wide range of powerful blowguns systems with precise airflow control that are ideal for automotive and industrial use.
• Body Tools—Includes such products as the Rust Eater that cleans away vehicle rust spots down to the metal in minutes; and the Air Conditioning Deo Wash, which rids bacteria and fungus and their resultant bad odors from a/c compressors.
• Brake Service—Primary market segment includes such products as the new DrainTwin that makes easy work out of pressure or vacuum bleeding fluid from vehicle brakes; and EasyCheck, a system that tests brake fluid quickly and easily.
• Electro—Consists of Volt Check DC, a time-saving tool that detects live cables and electrical problems in vehicles.
• Fluid Handing—Leading market segment includes such products as the Coolant Refiller, used to remove air from car engine cooling systems and facilitates quick refilling; Multi-Vac, a system for quickly evacuating fluids by creating a vacuum generated by compressed air; and the Fluid Evacuator, a versatile, portable, vacuum-operated system for changing engine oil, transmission fluid, and other fluids quickly and efficiently.
• Hose and Cable Reels—Includes five reel styles that keep hose and cable tangle free and workspace tidy.

The CEJN Marketing Communications Department is updating and expanding marketing support materials for VACULA products. Currently available are the following VACULA product and brand usage references:

The integration of VACULA operations and products into CEJN is complete and has resulted in the creation of the new VACULA Division, now operational at CEJN headquarters in Skövde, Sweden.

The VACULA Division encompasses CEJN’s former sister company, VACULA Tools in Zug, Switzerland. VACULA administration and marketing functions formerly located at the Zug facility have been integrated into CAB. Manufacturing operations have also been transferred to CAB, where all VACULA products have been phased into production.

The decision to incorporate VACULA products into the CEJN line was made for two key reasons, said Marcus Allerbjer, division manager for the newly established VACULA Division. “Creation of the VACULA Division will help to increase our market share in the automotive sector,” Allerbjer said. “In addition, the division will strengthen the VACULA brand name around the world.”

Sold primarily to the automotive market, the VACULA product line includes brake tools, fluid handling equipment, coolant refillers, volt checks, blowguns, and hose reels. Hose kits will be added to the VACULA line in September, and will mark the beginning of an extended range of basic compressed air products.

VACULA products are also used in motor sport racing, marine, and aerospace markets, which are targeted as potential growth areas.

All CEJN companies worldwide are now distributing VACULA products, and each company’s sales force is being realigned to accommodate VACULA sales. VACULA products are also available globally through importers, as well as distributors, such as Würth and Berner.

More information about VACULA, please see www.vacula.com

New business from Bourgogne Hydro Technologie of Chamforgueil, France, will give students an opportunity to see CEJN products at work in hydraulic systems.

CEJN France is supplying our new Series X65 flush-face couplings to Bourgogne Hydro Technologie of Chamforgueil, France, a company well known for its expertise in implementing hydraulic and pneumatic technology in industrial processes.

Bourgogne Hydro is equipping ¼-inch Series X65 couplings and nipples on 80 hydraulic didactic test benches that will be supplied to technical education centers throughout France. The couplings will be used to test components and systems on hydraulic lines.

The new business is an important achievement for CEJN, says Alain Miller, managing director of CEJN France SA. “The coupling order is an endorsement of our new flush-face couplings by a reputable equipment manufacturer,” Miller says.

“CEJN will also benefit from the hands-on exposure to our products by industry professionals and students in the educational sector. As a result, students who are knowledgeable about CEJN products are more likely to recommend them when they graduate and are in decision-making roles.”

Bourgogne Hydro’s familiarity with CEJN X65 couplings is the result of customer contacts by CEJN’s Jean Resseguier, technical support, and Thierry Garioud, sales representative. Resseguier and Garioud introduced company personnel to the high-flow rating and subsequent low-pressure drop of X65 couplings, just what the Bourgogne Hydro staff was looking for in performance. Unlike many competitive designs, all Series X65 couplings are designed with a 4:1 burst to operating pressure factor of safety.

In addition to coupling performance requirements, the Bourgogne Hydro staff appreciated collaborating with a coupling manufacturer that backs up its products with technical and service support both before and after the sale, competitive pricing, and short lead times. With the assistance of Production and Logistics Department personnel at CEJN headquarters in Skövde, Sweden, CEJN France is delivering just what its new customer is looking for—in due time.

Offering spill-free operation and unsurpassed value, CEJN’s new Series X65 flush-face couplings meet both interface and performance criteria of the ISO 16028 standard, plus performance ratings of similar competitive coupling styles. The environmentally friendly, flush-face design of Series X65 couplings minimizes air inclusion upon connection and fluid loss upon disconnection. The one-hand, push-to-connect latching mechanism makes connections fast and easy.

CEJN Italy s.r.l. in Milan has won important new business at CNH, the giant producer of Case and New Holland brands of agricultural and construction equipment.

In terms of the new business, CEJN WEO Plug-In hose fittings will be equipped on powerful tractors assembled at CNH’s Modena, Italy, assembly facility. The ½-inch WEO fittings will be used to connect the tractors to front-end implements. Each tractor will also be equipped with WEO stop plugs for use when the fittings are disconnected. CEJN Italy began supplying WEO products to CNH in February.

Thanks to their important benefits, WEO threadless fittings have replaced a competitor’s traditional threaded connections, says Piero Biglioli, OEM marketing and sales manager at CEJN Italy.

“Through production testing, CNH people saw first-hand that WEO fittings would reduce their assembly time, since the fittings require only a quick ‘click’ to connect and disconnect them,” Biglioli says. “And with WEO fittings, interchanging tractor implements is quick and easy. Only a screwdriver is needed to remove the assemblies, and replacements just click into place.

“Since CNH puts emphasis on using the latest technological advancements, WEO fittings are a good fit. Threadless connectors are gaining in popularity throughout Italy, and companies like CNH want to be on the leading edge.”

New Ford business won by the VACULA team at CEJN Industrial Corporation in Gurnee, Illinois, marks the most valuable order ever received by all of CEJN.

Congratulations to the VACULA team at CEJN Industrial Corporation (CCO) in Gurnee, Illinois, for achieving unprecedented business. Andy Wasielewski, VACULA account manager, and other members of the VACULA CCO team have won an order for over 2,000 DrainTwin brake bleeders from Ford Motor Company.

Ford has specified that its dealerships throughout the U.S. utilize the VACULA DrainTwin in servicing Ford Escape Hybrid SUVs that will debut with the 2005 model year.

The Ford business is a tribute to the VACULA team at CCO, said Marcus Allerbjer, VACULA Division manager at CEJN headquarters in Skövde, Sweden. “Congratulations to Andy and the CCO VACULA team, whose quick response to program requirements cemented the important new business,” Allerbjer said. “Their hard work has positioned us as an important supplier to Ford.”

CEJN’s ability to turn problems into product solutions has resulted in a coupling combination that is being used to heat buses all over Sweden—and an all-new product line for CEJN.

CEJN teamed up with XPND Corporation, a bus depot-consulting firm, in putting together a winning coupling combination for operators of Connex, Busslink, and Swebus buses, as well as for the Stockholm Local transit authority.

It consists of a plate, affixed with a new CEJN non-drip coupling, start block, and electrical connection, that is being used exclusively in the circulation of glycol water, which heats buses while they are parked at depot ramps.

In terms of the new business, each bus is being equipped with a nipple plate that connects with a coupling plate installed on each ramp. Hence, when a bus arrives at a ramp, the driver disconnects the ramp coupling plate and connects it to the nipple plate on the bus, allowing the glycol water to circulate in order to maintain the temperature inside the bus.

CEJN has been supplying products for the buses and the ramp rebuilds since the end of 2003. The new business gives CEJN the potential to have its products equipped on approximately 5,500 passenger buses and 100 ramps throughout Sweden. Listening to customer needs and putting those exact needs into a product solution were instrumental in the important new business win for CEJN. The project started two years ago, when Peer Ågren, managing director at XPND, approached Olle Dahlén, area manager at CEJN Norden AB, with the need for a coupling that would not leak.

Dahlén contacted Lennart Moberg, designer at CEJN headquarters in Skövde, and, together with Ågren, they analyzed the coupling requirements and came up with a non-drip coupling design that provides easy ramp connection. Following an in-depth study and design process, the team came up with a problem-solving solution. Team members positioned the non-drip coupling onto a plate that also has a start block, which prevents a bus from leaving a ramp without disconnecting, as well as an electrical connection, which charges the bus battery.

Dahlén presented the CEJN coupling solution to operators of Connex, Busslink, and Swebus buses and invited them to visit CEJN to see firsthand its capabilities in product design and supply. They were impressed with their findings and made a unanimous decision while onsite to make the CEJN solution the standard for all ramps. Development of a non-drip fluid coupling for bus use has resulted in CEJN’s release of an entire range of quick connect couplings for broad use in fluid transfer applications.

CEJN’s new non-drip couplings are designed for connecting low-pressure fluid and vacuum lines in which virtually zero spillage is critical. In addition to guarding against spillage, the couplings’ non-drip design eliminates pollution and air inclusion during connection and disconnection.

CEJN has introduced an all-new range of quick connect couplings for broad use in fluid transfer applications.

CEJN’s new non-drip couplings are designed for connecting low-pressure fluid and vacuum lines in which virtually zero spillage is critical. In addition to guarding against spillage, the couplings’ non-drip design eliminates pollution and air inclusion during connection and disconnection.

Modular Construction Featuring modular styling, all nipple and coupling components in the new range have standardized dimensions with a common interface, enabling them to be easily combined into a wide range of configurations. As a result, customers are assured of just the right configuration for almost endless applications.

Four Safety Levels Couplings and nipples in the new CEJN non-drip range are offered in four safety levels, says Roy Eriksson, product manager—high-pressure hydraulics and fluids.

“With four safety levels to choose from, users can select the exact level of safety required for their applications,” Eriksson says.

“The safety options also enable users to control cost, since they won’t be paying for safety features that are not required.”

The safety levels include:

· Level 1—Standard Includes basic couplings and nipples that all connect with each other.

· Level 2—Color Coding Includes standard couplings and nipples with color coding, which can be used to identify media and/or pressure lines and the corresponding nipple for each coupling.

· Level 3—Key CodingIncludes couplings and nipples with a non-interchangeable key feature that prevents cross-connection. Only couplings and nipples with the same key can be connected. Standard nipples can be connected with key-coded couplings and vice versa.

· Level 4—Safety Key CodingIncludes couplings and nipples with the same key coding, enabling them to be connected only with each other. A safety key-coded coupling or nipple cannot be connected with a standard part.

Added Safety Option As an added safety measure, all couplings and nipples are offered with an optional safety-locking device that eliminates the risk of unintentional disconnection. When the nipple is connected and locked into place, the extra locking feature is engaged by manually turning the locking sleeve. For disconnection, the locking sleeve is simply turned back into place.

The new non-drip series is now available in brass and stainless steel styles in ¼-inch through 1-inch sizes.

CEJN non-drip quick connect couplings are detailed in CEJN Catalog 09 001 2256/0403. For copies, contact CEJN at info@cejn.com or download it under "Download".