Series 550 Couplings Are Redesigned

CEJN has redesigned it Series 550 quick connect couplings for compressed air applications. Series 550 couplings now feature the same high-quality internal components as CEJN Series 410 and Series 430 couplings.

By taking on characteristics of CEJN Series 400 platform products, new Series 550 offers important user benefits associated with the 400 platform. The redesigned Series 550 couplings now have smaller outside dimensions and are lower in weight than their predecessors, as well as having a stronger valve package, which improves their durability.

Easy-to-grip, durable Series 550 products feature several, popular CEJN design features, such as low-connection force, high flow, and one-hand operation. The series has a maximum working pressure of 35 bar (507 PSI) and a temperature range of -20º C to +100º C (-4º F to +212º F)

Interchangeable with U.S. MIL-C 4109 ½-inch couplings, they are popular in the U.S., as well as Norway, France, and the Far East.

Inventories of the original Series 550 couplings, first introduced to the marketplace in 1983, are now being depleted. Production startup of the new design begins this month in Skövde. Parts numbers will remain the same.