CEJN introduces versatile fluid evacuator into the range

A new version of a popular Vacula product will become part of CEJN’s pneumatics product line. The Vacula Multi-Vac fluid evacuator will take on the CEJN brand name and will be available from CEJN companies throughout the world.

The Vacula Multi-Vac will take on a new brand name and market segment when it becomes part of the CEJN line this month. Traditionally an automotive product, it will be introduced to CEJN’s pneumatics accounts in the industrial manufacturing sector.

The Multi-Vac general fluid evacuator is designed for use with all types of non-explosive fluids. In the automotive segment, it is suited for such applications as:
· Empting car/truck windshield cleaning systems
· Extracting coolant and gear and transmission oil from cars/trucks
· Evacuating engine oil from motorbikes, lawn mowers, jet skies, or vehicles with similar engine types.

In the industrial market, the Multi-Vac evacuator is useful for evacuating oils, coolants, and non-explosive fluids from tools and production machinery.

Unlike competitive products that are hand-driven, the Multi-Vac system uses a vacuum process that is generated inside the unit when it is connected to a compressed air system, such as those found on production machinery. By pressing the Multi-Vac handle, vacuum is generated, and the fluid is evacuated/sucked from the compressed air system into the Multi-Vac canister in a smooth and clean process.

The Multi-Vac evacuator is made at Vacula Tools in Zug, Switzerland, and has been available to the automotive industry for three years.