CEJN Establishes Major License Agreement with Parker Hannifin

CEJN has entered into a major license agreement with hose manufacturing giant, Parker Hannifin Corporation. In terms of the agreement, CEJN has given Parker’s Hose Products Division Europe the right to manufacture and distribute the male half of CEJN WEO Plug-In hose fittings with Parker end connections.

The agreement also authorizes Parker to distribute the female half of WEO fittings. Parker will sell the WEO products under the brand name, Parker-WEO.

The new agreement is an extension of a WEO agreement that CEJN established with ITR S.p.A. of Veniano, Italy, which Parker purchased in 2002. Extending the agreement to include the Parker European organization will lead to additional growth and industry acceptance of WEO products, said Arne Cederqvist, president of CEJN.

“Parker’s large sales organization has the means to promote the WEO system among customers that we are not reaching,” Arne said. “And since Parker will be able to offer valves and other products integrated with WEO products, the agreement further opens doors to large OEM customers requesting total system suppliers.” Partnering with hose manufacturers is an important step in CEJN’s initiative to increase its market share in the threadless connector market.

Innovative alternatives to traditional screw-together end fittings, WEO Plug-In hose fittings have a click-to-connect feature that easily engages the products’ male and female halves—dramatically reducing installation time. Since WEO fittings “plug in” securely to hydraulic systems, hydraulic leakage and the need for follow-up tightening are virtually eliminated