Pneumacon Brings Customers to Skövde

Pneumacon Oy, and its customers were recent guests at CEJN headquarters in Skövde, Sweden.

Harri Lindroos, owner of Pneumacon, CEJN’s sales agent in Helsinki, Finland, brought 11 of his customers to CEJN in order to give them an inside look at the manufacturer of the products they use.

Considering that May marked Pneumacon’s best month ever in CEJN product sales, these customers use a lot of CEJN products! And, just a few weeks after the visit to CEJN, Pneumacon received important new business when a large distribution chain decided to convert to CEJN couplings.

The visitors listened to presentations made by CEJN product managers on product introductions and their features and benefits. Following the presentations, they toured Skövde’s design, laboratory, and production departments, as well as the Product Workshop.

The group was very impressed with the quality operation and cleanliness of our headquarters facility and our employees’ focus on accuracy.

During the tour, Pneumacon representatives and their customers tried their hand at assembling CEJN pneumatic couplings, with prizes awarded to those who completed assemblies in the fastest times.