New Coupling Series Enhances Safety of Breathing Air Applications

CEJN’s new Series 347 quick connect couplings are specially designed to enhance the safety of breathing air applications by being non-interchangeable with other coupling styles.

CEJN has introduced a new series of quick connect couplings that are specially designed to enhance the safety of breathing air applications.

New CEJN Series 347 couplings feature a double shut-off coupling and nipple that will not interchange with CEJN Series 320 pneumatic couplings and other CEJN breathing air couplings, including Series 341, 342, 344, and 345.

The new coupling series’ non-compatibility with other styles is critical in breathing air applications, crossing air lines can be very dangerous, since breathing compressed air can cause lung injuries that can be fatal.

CEJN’s new Series 347 breathing air couplings are non-compatible with other CEJN quick connect coupling styles, making it impossible to connect a breathing air line with a line carrying compressed air or a hazardous gas.

The locking sleeve of Series 347 couplings is coded with a green marking that indicates to users that the couplings are non-compatible with other series.

The new breathing air couplings have a working pressure of 35 bar (508 PSI) and offer many of the design features of CEJN Series 345 couplings. These features include a high-flow-capacity valve, an integrated safety mechanism that prevents unintentional disconnection, and an easy-to-grip locking sleeve.

In addition to manufacturing environments, Series 347 couplings are also ideal for applications that require a closed system in the disconnected mode, such as diving equipment that utilizes surface air.

Currently in production at CEJN in Skövde, new Series 347 couplings are being target marketed in Denmark, where federal law prohibits the connection of breathing air nipples and compressed air couplings.

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