New Coupling Helps Aircraft Take Off with H20

CEJN has developed a portable water coupling that connects to a water source at airport arrival and departure gates. The coupling helps thanks to a new coupling available from CEJN, aircraft all over the world are ensured of a fresh, onboard water supply for passenger use.

CEJN developed the new coupling using durable stainless steel and gave it a push/pull function that facilitates easy connection and disconnection with minimal force. Team members also designed a shock-absorbing O-ring into the coupling’s locking sleeve, which ensures a sold grip and protects the coupling from wear and tear.

Due to the product’s widespread appeal, CEJN has made the potable water coupling available to the general airport ground maintenance industry in ¾-inch valved and valveless styles. The valved coupling includes a pressure eliminator that facilitates a smooth connection by evacuating residual pressure. Both styles offer a maximum working pressure of 12 bar (174 PSI).