Improved FRL Range

A new comprehensive line of filtration, regulation, and lubrication (FRL) units has been added to CEJN’s range of pneumatic products for compressed air applications. The upgraded products provide higher quality air and are more competitively priced than the products previously offered.

Included in the CEJN line of FRL products are filters, regulators, and lubricators, which all have important functions in the compression cycle. These functions are:
- Filers separate moisture and particulates from compressed air.
- Regulators protect air tools from over-pressurization, which can cause wear and
  unnecessary damage to the tools
- Lubricators provide a lubricant that is delivered with the air supply

A highlight of the product line and of special interest to users of FRL products are CEJN’s FRL combination units. In addition to being offered as single products, CEJN filters, regulators, and lubricators are also sold in system packages. These complete FRL systems filter, regulate, and lubricate compressed air efficiently.

Three combination systems are offered:
- Duo system that combines a filter/regulator and a lubricator
- Trio systems in two styles; style 1 combines a filter, regulator, and a lubricator, and style 2
  combines a filter/regulator, porting block, and a lubricator
- Portable system that combines a filter/regulator, porting block and lubricator that can be
  easily transported from worksite to worksite

Offered with all the standard component options, the combination systems save installation time and are equipped with a standard pressure gauge.

CEJN FRL units are a new addition to the pneumatic products available from CEJN that ensure reliable compressed air performance.