CEJN is awarded new business from Delphi

CEJN Iberica S.L. in Barcelona, Spain, has been awarded new business from Delphi Diesel Systems of Barcelona. CEJN is supplying quick-disconnect couplings for testing operations for Delphi diesel pumps. The contract leverages CEJN’s position as a leading supplier of value-added quick-disconnect couplings in Spain, and marks CEJN’s first business with Delphi.

CEJN was awarded the new business as a result of its ability to provide problem-solving products at the Delphi facility. Following assembly, the pumps travel on pallets to testing cabinets, where they are connected with circuits and sensors for pressure testing to 2000 bar (30,000 PSI) – with the help of Series 125 coupling kits from CEJN.