CEJN extends the Stream-Line hose range

To complement the wide range of pneumatic hose, CEJN is now introducing anti-spark and anti-static hose to its range of Stream-Line hose.

CEJN Stream-Line is a polyurethane (PUR) hose with excellent performance qualities. The Stream-Line hose offers high tensile and tear strength, and an excellent resistance to oils, solvents, and other non-aqueous solutions. It is also light in weight (as low as 0,0037 kg/meter) and offers outstanding flexibility – even at low temperatures (temperature range -20°C to +60°C).

The Stream-Line hose remains flexible and outlast conventional PVC hose up to 10 times, due to its extreme resistance to aging. The hose also offers outstanding abrasion resistance, impact strength, and rebound resistance.

The new Anti-Spark hose is a green spiral ester-based polyurethane hose with anti-spark protection. The hose features an excellent protection against scorching and is well suited for applications near i.e. welding and cutting equipment. The anti-spark hose can be used for both compressed air and breathing air. Specific sizes of the hose have Standard EN 12 419 approval for breathing air use, when used with approved breathing air filters and masks. Working pressure up to 10 bar.
Temperature range: -20°C to +60°C

The new Anti-Static hose is an electrically conductive hose that dissipates electrostatic discharge. The hose is a straight braided transparent ester-based polyurethane hose with an integral conductor. The conductor dissipates electro-static discharges and minimizes errant sparks, which makes it a good choice for i.e. applications in the production of electric equipment. Working pressure up to 16 bar
Temperature range: -20°C to +60°C

More information about CEJN Stream-Line:
Peter Damgren, Product manager Pneumatic