CEJN’s Product Workshop in Skövde, Sweden, is assisting military divers in disarming underwater explosives by designing and producing a specialized version of CEJN Series 221 breathing air couplings and nipples.

CEJN’s Product Workshop in Skövde, Sweden, has filled a custom coupling order that is as specialized as the workshop itself.

The Product Workshop spent several weeks designing and producing a specialized version of CEJN Series 221 breathing air couplings and nipples. The couplings will assist military divers in disarming underwater explosives.

The couplings needed to be constructed with non-magnetic materials, since they are being equipped on underwater air tools with magnetic triggers.

With the requirements in hand, the Product Workshop team went to work to design and manufacture a new version of Series 221 couplings and nipples with non-magnetic virgin brass casings, a non-magnetic surface treatment, and beryllium bronze or stainless non-magnetic springs and balls.

CEJN introduces lightweight aluminum couplings to its standard range of high quality pneumatic couplings.

The couplings comply with the nipple profile for eurostandard 7.4 (CEJN Series 320).

This lightweight version is specifically designed to meet both ergonomically needs and to complement lightweight tools. Where a standard coupling in brass/steel would weight down a lightweight tool this aluminum coupling will only marginally increase the total weight of the application. Weighing under 50% of a standard CEJN coupling and up to 70% less then other comparative standard couplings on the market the CEJN aluminum coupling can be used in a variety of applications where weight is important.

The aluminum couplings are available with female, hose and Stream-Line connections and feature CEJN Series 320 high-flow capacity. It is one-hand operated with a low connection force.

Pneumacon Oy, and its customers were recent guests at CEJN headquarters in Skövde, Sweden.

Harri Lindroos, owner of Pneumacon, CEJN’s sales agent in Helsinki, Finland, brought 11 of his customers to CEJN in order to give them an inside look at the manufacturer of the products they use.

Considering that May marked Pneumacon’s best month ever in CEJN product sales, these customers use a lot of CEJN products! And, just a few weeks after the visit to CEJN, Pneumacon received important new business when a large distribution chain decided to convert to CEJN couplings.

The visitors listened to presentations made by CEJN product managers on product introductions and their features and benefits. Following the presentations, they toured Skövde’s design, laboratory, and production departments, as well as the Product Workshop.

The group was very impressed with the quality operation and cleanliness of our headquarters facility and our employees’ focus on accuracy.

During the tour, Pneumacon representatives and their customers tried their hand at assembling CEJN pneumatic couplings, with prizes awarded to those who completed assemblies in the fastest times.

In spite of a rainy day, CEJN’s 8th annual golf tournament had record sales region representation and record success.

Eighty CEJN customers and employees from Austria, Germany, Norway, Sweden and Switzerland took part in the outing at Skövde Golf Club in Skövde.

Daniel Labi of Trelleborg Industri AB in Trelleborg, Sweden took first place in the customer tournament; closely followed by second-place player Bo Andersson of Edströms Maskinaffär in Jönköping, Sweden. Bengt Karlsson of Verktygsspecialisten of Örebro, Sweden, took the third place.

The tournament also included a 9-hole competition for rookie golfers. Winning the competion was Peter Thorild of CJ Järn & Maskin AB, Sweden.

CEJN Iberica S.L. in Barcelona, Spain, has been awarded new business from Delphi Diesel Systems of Barcelona. CEJN is supplying quick-disconnect couplings for testing operations for Delphi diesel pumps. The contract leverages CEJN’s position as a leading supplier of value-added quick-disconnect couplings in Spain, and marks CEJN’s first business with Delphi.

CEJN was awarded the new business as a result of its ability to provide problem-solving products at the Delphi facility. Following assembly, the pumps travel on pallets to testing cabinets, where they are connected with circuits and sensors for pressure testing to 2000 bar (30,000 PSI) – with the help of Series 125 coupling kits from CEJN.

This year marks CEJN's debut into performance racing sponsorship.
CEJN is a proud sponsor of the Swedish Touring Car Championship (STCC) racing season that runs May through September at tracks in Sweden, Denmark and Norway. CEJN is supporting STCC racing by sponsoring the private BMW team. CEJN has donated Series 320 pneumatic couplings, Stream-Line PUR hose systems and hose reels for use in the team's pit area. In addition CEJN decals are displayed on the back doors and rear bumper of the BMW team car.

To complement the wide range of pneumatic hose, CEJN is now introducing anti-spark and anti-static hose to its range of Stream-Line hose.

CEJN Stream-Line is a polyurethane (PUR) hose with excellent performance qualities. The Stream-Line hose offers high tensile and tear strength, and an excellent resistance to oils, solvents, and other non-aqueous solutions. It is also light in weight (as low as 0,0037 kg/meter) and offers outstanding flexibility – even at low temperatures (temperature range -20°C to +60°C).

The Stream-Line hose remains flexible and outlast conventional PVC hose up to 10 times, due to its extreme resistance to aging. The hose also offers outstanding abrasion resistance, impact strength, and rebound resistance.

The new Anti-Spark hose is a green spiral ester-based polyurethane hose with anti-spark protection. The hose features an excellent protection against scorching and is well suited for applications near i.e. welding and cutting equipment. The anti-spark hose can be used for both compressed air and breathing air. Specific sizes of the hose have Standard EN 12 419 approval for breathing air use, when used with approved breathing air filters and masks. Working pressure up to 10 bar.
Temperature range: -20°C to +60°C

The new Anti-Static hose is an electrically conductive hose that dissipates electrostatic discharge. The hose is a straight braided transparent ester-based polyurethane hose with an integral conductor. The conductor dissipates electro-static discharges and minimizes errant sparks, which makes it a good choice for i.e. applications in the production of electric equipment. Working pressure up to 16 bar
Temperature range: -20°C to +60°C

More information about CEJN Stream-Line:
Peter Damgren, Product manager Pneumatic

CEJN extend the range of hose and cable reels with two hose reels for compressed air and one cable reel.

All three reels feature the same casing, which is a smaller version of the existing CEJN casing, diameter 33 cm, perfect for smaller workshops and garages.

All CEJN reels for compressed air features a reinforced blue ester-based polyurethane hose with an extra smooth outer layer to ensure flawless feeding action. The hose is guaranteed not to tangle during retraction. All reels can be both ceiling- and wall-mounted and swivels 300°. The feeder hose is sold separately for the new smaller reels to increase customer flexibility. Hose kits containing pre-assembled hose and adapters are available in 1, 3 and 5 meter lengths.

The new smaller reels also feature the possibility to disengage the stop function, allowing for continuous feed action. The hose/cable moves back and forth in the reels and continuously adjusts to the operator’s position.

All CEJN cable reels feature a thermal overload protection circuit that cuts off the electrical supply in the event of a power surge. The cable reels are available with schuko or CH plugs

All CEJN reels feature an enclosed housing to protect the reels mechanism. The product life of the reels is greatly prolonged by preventing dirt and other debris from entering the reel mechanism. All reels are marked CE in compliance with 89/392/EEC. CEJN cable reels are also approved by TÜV, Germany and Demko, Denmark. Cable reels featuring CH plugs are approved by SEV, Switzerland.

More information about CEJN Hose and Cable Reels:
Peter Damgren, Product manager Pneumatic

CEJN’s new Series 347 quick connect couplings are specially designed to enhance the safety of breathing air applications by being non-interchangeable with other coupling styles.

CEJN has introduced a new series of quick connect couplings that are specially designed to enhance the safety of breathing air applications.

New CEJN Series 347 couplings feature a double shut-off coupling and nipple that will not interchange with CEJN Series 320 pneumatic couplings and other CEJN breathing air couplings, including Series 341, 342, 344, and 345.

The new coupling series’ non-compatibility with other styles is critical in breathing air applications, crossing air lines can be very dangerous, since breathing compressed air can cause lung injuries that can be fatal.

CEJN’s new Series 347 breathing air couplings are non-compatible with other CEJN quick connect coupling styles, making it impossible to connect a breathing air line with a line carrying compressed air or a hazardous gas.

The locking sleeve of Series 347 couplings is coded with a green marking that indicates to users that the couplings are non-compatible with other series.

The new breathing air couplings have a working pressure of 35 bar (508 PSI) and offer many of the design features of CEJN Series 345 couplings. These features include a high-flow-capacity valve, an integrated safety mechanism that prevents unintentional disconnection, and an easy-to-grip locking sleeve.

In addition to manufacturing environments, Series 347 couplings are also ideal for applications that require a closed system in the disconnected mode, such as diving equipment that utilizes surface air.

Currently in production at CEJN in Skövde, new Series 347 couplings are being target marketed in Denmark, where federal law prohibits the connection of breathing air nipples and compressed air couplings.

Please click here for more information about CEJN Series 347.

CEJN has redesigned its Soft-Line coupling covers with a rubber locking-sleeve protector that is sold separately from CEJN couplings. The new Soft-Line cover style is currently available for all standard couplings in CEJN Series 300, 303, 310, 315, and 320.

As a result of design modifications, CEJN is reintroducing protective covers for several of its quick-connect coupling series.

CEJN’s redesigned Soft-Line covers now consist of a rubber locking-sleeve protector that is sold separately from CEJN couplings. They replace the previous Soft-Line style that consisted of a rubber locking-sleeve protector and a rubber end portion that were permanently attached to CEJN couplings.

The new Soft-Line cover style is currently available for all standard couplings in CEJN Series 300, 303, 310, 315, and 320.

As the name implies, new Soft-Line covers “soften” the edges of CEJN quick-connect couplings, making them non-abrasive to surrounding components. The operating temperature range for the product line is -20°C to +100°C.

All orders for Soft-Line covers are now being filled with the redesigned product. Part numbers remain the same as those assigned to the original design.

Also available are locking-sleeve protectors that can be added to the original Soft-Line covers. The protectors are offered in kits (Part Number 19 900 7000), which contain 10 protectors, an assembly tool, and assembly instructions.

Two employees and one supplier received top honors at CEJN’s 8th annual Quality Day, held at CEJN headquarters in Skövde, Sweden. Winners of the 2002 CEJN Quality Award are Roy Eriksson and Britt-Marie Persson. CEJN’s Supplier of the Year is CORTEC Maskin & Verktyg.

CEJN has opened an all-new, 650-square-meter facility in Shanghai, China. Shanghai Fluid Systems Company, Ltd. will expand our company’s presence in Asia-Pacific with product assembly and testing operations.

October 19 will mark the grand opening of CEJN Shanghai Fluid Systems Company Ltd., CEJN’s new facility in Shanghai, China.

The 650-square-meter facility will expand CEJN’s presence in Asia-Pacific with product assembly and testing operations.

CEJN has served the Asia-Pacific market for more than 20 years through operations in Singapore but establishing CEJN Shanghai reinforces the importance of the Chinese market to CEJN and its commitment to meeting the market’s fluid-system requirements.

The new operation is enabling CEJN to source locally, provide products faster, and service the needs of customers better than ever before.

CEJN Shanghai also will support the prominent and growing presence of CEJN’s quick coupling technology in China. In fact, quick connect couplings for high-pressure hydraulic applications account for the majority of CEJN sales in China.

As more and more multi-national manufacturers establish production operations in China or upgrade local manufacturing operations, CEJN quick-coupling and hose products will be called upon as vital product and in-plant assembly components. From their experiences with CEJN products in other parts of the world, these customers know they can rely on CEJN when fluid-system tasks need to be accomplished.

CEJN Shanghai will provide the local market with a variety of quick connect coupling styles, hose products, power packs, and pressure-testing units.

In proximity to airport and train terminals, CEJN Shanghai is located in the XinZhuang Industrial Development and is ideally located to receive product shipments from CEJN headquarters in Skövde, Sweden, and ship products to customers throughout China

A new comprehensive line of filtration, regulation, and lubrication (FRL) units has been added to CEJN’s range of pneumatic products for compressed air applications. The upgraded products provide higher quality air and are more competitively priced than the products previously offered.

Included in the CEJN line of FRL products are filters, regulators, and lubricators, which all have important functions in the compression cycle. These functions are:
- Filers separate moisture and particulates from compressed air.
- Regulators protect air tools from over-pressurization, which can cause wear and
  unnecessary damage to the tools
- Lubricators provide a lubricant that is delivered with the air supply

A highlight of the product line and of special interest to users of FRL products are CEJN’s FRL combination units. In addition to being offered as single products, CEJN filters, regulators, and lubricators are also sold in system packages. These complete FRL systems filter, regulate, and lubricate compressed air efficiently.

Three combination systems are offered:
- Duo system that combines a filter/regulator and a lubricator
- Trio systems in two styles; style 1 combines a filter, regulator, and a lubricator, and style 2
  combines a filter/regulator, porting block, and a lubricator
- Portable system that combines a filter/regulator, porting block and lubricator that can be
  easily transported from worksite to worksite

Offered with all the standard component options, the combination systems save installation time and are equipped with a standard pressure gauge.

CEJN FRL units are a new addition to the pneumatic products available from CEJN that ensure reliable compressed air performance.

CEJN has developed a portable water coupling that connects to a water source at airport arrival and departure gates. The coupling helps thanks to a new coupling available from CEJN, aircraft all over the world are ensured of a fresh, onboard water supply for passenger use.

CEJN developed the new coupling using durable stainless steel and gave it a push/pull function that facilitates easy connection and disconnection with minimal force. Team members also designed a shock-absorbing O-ring into the coupling’s locking sleeve, which ensures a sold grip and protects the coupling from wear and tear.

Due to the product’s widespread appeal, CEJN has made the potable water coupling available to the general airport ground maintenance industry in ¾-inch valved and valveless styles. The valved coupling includes a pressure eliminator that facilitates a smooth connection by evacuating residual pressure. Both styles offer a maximum working pressure of 12 bar (174 PSI).

In order to support increasing sales in East Asia, CEJN has opened an additional sales office in Korea. The new facility in Busan joins CEJN Korea’s sales office in Seoul.

In order to support increasing sales in East Asia, CEJN has expanded its presence in Korea with an additional sales office.

CEJN Korea’s new location in Busan was officially opened on August 10. The new facility joins CEJN Korea’s sales office in Seoul, which was opened in 2000. Heading both locations is Y B Chae, who serves as general manager.

Located approximately 400 km southeast of Seoul, the Busan location was selected because of its proximity to a growing customer base, Chae said.

“Our sales increased 25 percent in 2001, and this year’s forecast is 15 percent more than last year,” Chae explained.

“A big part of the increase is being generated by new customers in the southern region of Korea. Our Busan office will enable us to be close to these customers and establish business relationships with potential customers.

Newly named sales manager at the Busan sales office is S H Lee.

Representatives of Luna Norge AS of Ski, Norway – one of CEJN Norden AB’s largest customers – were the guests of honor at CEJN headquarters in Skövde, Sweden.

Twenty LUNA marketing and sales representatives from across Norway listened to presentations made by CEJN product managers on product introductions and their features and benefits. Following the presentations, the group toured Skövde’s design, laboratory, production, assembly, and test departments, as well as the Product Workshop.

CEJN Skövde employees received many compliments from the visitors on the cleanliness of their facility and the accuracy and quality of their products.

Skövde employees weren’t the only ones to receive pats on the back. The evening before the CEJN facility visit, Luna and CEJN employees tested their culinary and table-decorating skills at the P4 Regiment Officers’ Mess in Skövde—and “compliments to the chefs” were widespread.
A sister company to Luna AB in Sweden, Luna Norge distributes CEJN pneumatic products to distribution outlets throughout Norway