During the first week of April, CEJN made a debut appearance at Bauma 2001 in Munich, Germany.

WEO Plug-In hose fittings took centre stage in CEJN's booth at the show, held every three years to spotlight the latest in construction machinery, building material machinery and construction vehicles and equipment. The show generated a great interest in the WEO Plug-In fittings and can be said to have been a smashing success for CEJN.

The new Series 525 quick coupling is CEJN's first coupling product specifically designed for the mobile hydraulic market for low- and medium pressure applications.

Series 525 has a manually operated locking ring that provides extra security against involuntary disconnection. The couplings and nipples have pressure eliminators as an extra feature for evacuating residual pressure during connection. Both components are made of chrome-plated steel for maximum durability in tough applications and environments and are available in five sizes, ranging from 1/4 inch to 1 inch.

CEJN has entered into a major license agreement with hose manufacturer ITR Group of Veniano, Italy.

In terms of the agreement, CEJN has authorized ITR to produce the male half of the CEJN WEO Plug-In fitting. ITR will begin to produce WEO components in September, with the technical assistance of CEJN personnel. The hose maker will market WEO fittings as hose assembly components sold to its customers. Partnering with ITR in the production and marketing of WEO fittings will result in important benefits for CEJN and its customers. Since ITR enjoys a presence in most industrial markets, the license agreement with ITR will significantly increase the availability of WEO fittings in the worldwide marketplace. Partnering with a hose manufacturer will also give CEJN's customers access to complete WEO hose assembly packages.

CEJN has expanded the market for WEO Plug-In by introducing American connection options.
Now in stock are WEO fittings with SAE J514 straight-thread O-ring boss connections. They are available in five sizes including nominal 1/4-inch, 3/8-inch, 1/2-inch, 3/4-inch and 1-inch.

CEJN's WEO Plug-In fittings are being equipped on new construction and mining vehicles made by Komatsu Utility Europe S.p.A.

Since the beginning of March, CEJN has been supplying WEO fittings to ITR, a hose manufacturer in Veniano Italy. ITR is then making hose assemblies equipped with WEO products for shipment to Komatsu's Este, Italy, assembly facility. Komatsu Italy will utilize the WEO equipped hose assemblies as power steering lines for hydraulic valves on three new vehicles currently in development.

WEO Plug-In fittings took centre stage at the CEJN booth at the Hannover Fair in April.

The focus for CEJN was to display its strength as a worldwide supplier of high quality products in a wide range. Among the products that rendered the most interest was the WEO fittings, the pneumatic range and the High-Pressure hydraulic products. Three specialized fields for CEJN among several others. The Hannover fair has been a recurring event for CEJN since the mid 80's. It is an ideal way to meet new and existing customers and presenting new products and concepts. Every day saw a never-ending stream of customers to the booth keeping the CEJN staff busy demonstrating everything from the smallest pneumatic coupling to the crane fitted with WEO Plug-In.

This years marks CEJN's debut into performance racing sponsorship.

CEJN is a proud sponsor of the Swedish Touring Car Championship (STCC) racing season that runs May through September at tracks in Sweden, Denmark and Norway. CEJN is supporting STCC racing by sponsoring the private BMW team. CEJN has donated Series 320 pneumatic couplings, Stream-Line PUR hose systems and hose reels for use in the team's pit area. In addition CEJN decals are displayed on the back doors and rear bumper of the BMW team car.

The World's larges forestry trade show held every four years proved to be a good fit for the CEJN products.

CEJN used its debut at the show to launch its new Series 525 quick couplings and to introduce WEO Plug-In to over 2000 forestry industrial professional who took part in product demonstrations. The CEJN booth experienced a constant flow of traffic during the four-day show held in Jönköping, Sweden.

CEJN Product GmbH, Germany, moves to new offices september 3, 2001.

New address is:
Rotter Viehtrift 9,
53842 Troisdorf-Spich,
Phone: 0 22 41/23 419-0.
Fax: 0 22 41/23 419-90

CEJN's German is providing Auto-Teile-Unger (ATU) GmbH & Company of Weiden, Germany, with CEJN Series 320 pneumatic couplings.

Popular for their extreme high-flow capacity and 16 bar working pressure, the couplings are being put to use in ATU's car garages, which provide automotive repairs and stereo equipment installations. Established in 1987, ATU operates 320 garages throughout Germany and employees 11 000 people. The company is aiming to expand operations by opening 20 new garages each year.

The Swedish sales team has following a tough competition among its distributors named "the Swedish retailer of the year".

Earning the title is hydroscand, a national chain in Umeå in the northern part of Sweden. Hydroscand won the top honour among several Swedish retailers by raising the turnover on CEJN products by a fantastic 355%!

65 CEJN customers and employees from Sweden, Norway and Denmark took part in the seventh annual golft tournament hoted by CEJN

Taking first place in the 18-jole, individual competition was Roger Lindbom of Onninen Express in Linköping, Sweden, Closely following Roger were second- and third-place players, Krister Hammarström and Bengt Karlsson both from Verktygsspecialisten in Örebro, Sweden.