Series 303 and Series 408 are new to the CEJN Compressed air range
Connections available are male threads, female threads, hose- and Stream-line connections.

The new blowgun series 208 is a developent of CEJN ’s very popular and much copied blowgun series 205.

The 208 series blowgun offers incredible performance characteristics, including lighter weight, increased blowing capacity, improved ergonomic design, and availability with all the necessary accessories, including a unique safety regulator. When attached to the outlet tube, the regulator reduces the outlet pressure to a safe level whenever the blowgun is dead-headed; yet still provides optimum flow during normal usage. The plastic handle provides improved comfort while insulating against cold media. The list of accessories contains everything from rubber tips to chip shield and even new flexible extension tube.

CEJN introduces the new revolutionary coupling WEO Plug-In after years of development and testing.

The Coupling is self-locking which makes tools or wrenches redundant. WEO Plug-In doesn’t require much space compared to screw couplings.

The limited space needed makes more compact designs possible. The simple and fast connection/disconnection can also cut costs by drastically shorten service times, not to mention the dramatically shortened down times that will be a result of the easy to handle WEO Plug-In coupling. The shortened service times will also result in less oil spillage.

Series 223 is a fluid coupling designed for cooling applications such as cooling features in welding equipment.

The coupling and nipple are available with red or blue locking sleeves to prevent cross connections between different media. The standard range also includes nipples both with and without valve along with couplings for panel mounting.

The compressed air Series 315 is now available in CEJN's new generation design with easy grip sleeves and higher performance.

Connections available are male threads. Female threads, hose- and Stream-line connections. The nipple is also available with anti-hose whip feature.

E\D\E (Einkaufsverband Deutscher Eisenwarenhändler") is an association of approx 2500 retailers of different sizes.

Joining the E\D\E will let CEJN participate in their upcoming catalogue with several pneumatic products such as series 320, standard and safety versions, series 410, Multi-Link systems, hoe reels, blow guns series 208 and several spiral hose kits.

CEJN introduces a newly designed web site with more detailed information about the products.

Some products are 3d animated to better see how features and capabilities. .

After 15 years as a rep office to Cejn Sweden, CEJN Japan Corporation is now a registered company.

Genral Manager is Naoki Sasaki and the office and warehouse is located in Tokyo at 3-14, Komat 1-chome, Taito-ku

CEJN Italy has landed an order from the company Dino Paoli S.r.l., the official manufacturer and supplier of tire disassembling guns for all Formula One car teams.

Dino Paoli S.r.l. was founded in 1968 and is specialized in impact wrenches & accessories. The main feature of the Dino Paoli wheel guns is due to excellent weight/power ratio and a superior reliability. Quality features well met in the CEJN series 320/410 couplings that will be fitted with the wheel guns.