CEJN Corporate Identity

Corporate Identity

Our Corporate Identity is based on extensive work on our identity and image and helps us achieve the desired goal of being one CEJN. Every conversation, every product, every service, and every ad or mailing builds the CEJN brand. Therefore, it is critical that each one of us, including those who works with us, understands its role to achieve a clear, uniform and coherent visual identity.  

corporate identity CEJN Our Corporate Identity is available for download here.

 If you have any questions regarding our Corporate Identity, don't hesitate to contact us through our contact form, pick press and media, 

Available Templates: 

Logotypes for print:

Logotypes for screen:

CEJN Blue color:

PMS: Pantone 281C
CMYK: 100 / 72 / 0 / 38
RGB: 0 / 38 / 100
HTML: #002664
NCS: S 5540-R70B
RAL: 5022