Mining, Oil and Gas

Mining, Oil and Gas

Heavy-Duty Products for the Gas, Oil and Mining Industries

Extracting materials from mines, and drilling for oil and gas are major challenges. Operating equipment in these areas is subject to the most rigorous, extreme and challenging conditions imaginable. At the same time, increased productivity has never been more interesting, it is a matter of survival. Machine failure or a serious accident on these sites can have a huge economic impact. With over 40 years of experience in the ultra high pressure business, CEJN provides the oil, gas or mining customer with safe, high-quality, high-performance couplings and hoses.

Popular CEJN Products within Mining, Oil & Gas

  • CEJN Ultra High-Pressure hoses for hydraulics are spiralized steel reinforced polymer that has ultra-high working pressure with maintained flexibility. Its low volumetric expansion give fast response time in hydraulic systems while smooth inner bored provides a minimized pressure drop. The small outside diameter makes the hose ideal for tight routing. Each assembled kit is cut to your preferred length, fitted with one of our wide range of fittings and high pressure couplings.
  • DN 6.2 mm (1/4"). Flow capacity of 700 l/min (24.7 CFM). Max working pressure 35 bar (508 PSI). Made of Stainless steel. The automatic safety-locking feature prevents unintentional disconnection.

  • DN 2.5 mm (3/32"). Flow capacity of 6.0 l/min (1.3 GPM UK). Max working pressure 150 MPa. Made of Stainless steel.

  • TLX is a Flat-Face twist lock coupling for the toughest applications in the construction and demolition segment. This super-duty quick connect coupling is designed to work with the highest surge flows and the toughest pressure impulses. TLX is made from high alloy steels with Zinc-Nickel surface treatment for a long life in the harshest conditions. The Series is available in sizes from ¾” to 1 ¼” to cover most applications.
  • Series 116 T-Connection is a lightweight, one-piece coupling and nipple combination for making serial connections on high-pressure hydraulic tools, such as bolt tensioners and cylinders

  • CEJN offers a pre-assembled hose and coupling combination that is ready for immediate use without the need for tools. Each hose kit contains a CEJN polyurethane hose style, Stream-Line couplings, nipples and swivels that provide reusable, leak-free hose connections.