Fire & Rescue

Fire & Rescue

Reliable Connectors for Critical Rescue Operations

When taking part in a difficult rescue operation, whether dealing with a major car accident or serious conflagration, you have to put your trust and people’s lives in the rescue equipment at your disposal. It needs the capacity and power to cut through any material. When entering a burning house, you should not have to worry about your breathing apparatus but be free to focus on the mission, save lives and put out the fire. 

Popular CEJN Products within Fire & Rescue

  • DN 2.5 mm (3/32"). Flow capacity of 5.3 l/min (1.2 GPM UK). Max working pressure 80 MPa. Made of hardened zinc chromate plated steel/aluminum.

  • DN 2.5 mm (3/32"). Flow capacity of 6.0 l/min (1.3 GPM uk). Max working pressure 100 MPa. Made of hardened zinc chromate plated steel.

  • CEJN offers a pre-assembled hose and coupling combination that is ready for immediate use without the need for tools. Each hose kit contains a CEJN polyurethane hose style, Stream-Line couplings, nipples and swivels that provide reusable, leak-free hose connections.
  • CEJN Ultra High-Pressure hoses for hydraulics are spiralized steel reinforced polymer that has ultra-high working pressure with maintained flexibility. Its low volumetric expansion give fast response time in hydraulic systems while smooth inner bored provides a minimized pressure drop. The small outside diameter makes the hose ideal for tight routing. Each assembled kit is cut to your preferred length, fitted with one of our wide range of fittings and high pressure couplings.
  • In the field of breathing air application there are no compromises to be made regarding quality and safety. CEJN has extra stringent tests to ensure that the high quality demanded is achieved. CEJN couplings and nipples for breathing air are thoroughly examined and tested individually, this to guarantee that each coupling and nipple that leaves our production is of the highest quality.