Pneumatic Products

  • Standard Couplings & Nipples
    CEJN’s Pneumatic Couplings and Nipples are specially designed to address the two most common causes of energy loss in compressed air systems; leaks and pressure drops. Our couplings are easy to handle and have a long service life. All products are made of plated quality steel and brass.
  • eSafe Couplings & Nipples
    CEJN’S coupling series eSafe is the new generation coupling. eSafe is an innovative and patented safety coupling offering the highest flow combined with a low pressure drop. In addition eSafe has a low connecting force, compact and easy to grip design making it the natural choice when choosing a safety product with top of the line features. Its extreme durability together with the high flow and low pressure drop give you maximum operation productivity and a reliable product for years to come.
  • Safety Lock Couplings & Nipples
    Safety lock couplings are specially designed to prevent unintentional disconnection during operation. An added locking function requires the operator to “unlock” the coupling before it can be disengaged. The safety lock couplings are one-hand operated during connection but require two hands for disconnection.
  • Button Style Couplings & Nipples
    The button style couplings are a range of ISO 6150 C couplings that disengage in two steps to vent residual air. The couplings comply with ISO 4414 and are interchangeable with several other brands on the market.
  • Soft-Line Couplings
    CEJN Soft-Line “softens” the edges of quick connect couplings, making them non-abrasive and less likely to cause damage to surrounding components and surfaces. They also protect couplings from impact, prolonging the service life of the couplings.
  • Lightweight Couplings
    CEJN aluminum couplings weigh 50% less than standard CEJN couplings, and up to 70% less than traditional couplings on the market, making it a perfect fit for lightweight tools. The aluminum design although light in weight is far from light in performance. It offers the same quality performance as any other CEJN product and since aluminum is a non-ferrous material it also offers low magnetic interference.
  • Multi-Link Systems
    The Multi-Link integrated quick connect couplings come in units of 1 to 5 outlets. The units can also easily be connected to create more access points. Ideal for uncluttering existing work areas or to create new flexible work stations. The integrated couplings provide flexibility and high performance, the design allows for a large number of outlets without restricting the flow with T-connections, bends or elbows. Combine with our high quality polyurethane hose to create a flexible high performance air distribution system.
  • Hose
    CEJN offers an extensive hose range with several different styles of polyurethane (PUR) hoses. The material of PUR offers a high rate of flow and exceptional resistance to oils, solvents and other non-aqueous solutions. The hoses have excellent recoil ability and are extremely flexible and remain flexible after extensive use.
  • Hose Kits
    CEJN offers a pre-assembled hose and coupling combination that is ready for immediate use without the need for tools. Each hose kit contains a CEJN polyurethane hose style, Stream-Line couplings, nipples and swivels that provides reusable, leak-free hose connections.
  • Hose & Cable Reels
    CEJN’s high quality hose and cable reels contain a CEJN polyurethane hose or rubber cable. The reels are easy to manoeuvre and can be ceiling- or wall-mounted and offer full, 300-degree, movement. A robust exterior housing protects the hose or cable and reel mechanism and the feeding action works flawless and tangle free. A stop function can be activated if full continuous feeding is not necessary at the time.
  • Air & Fluid Guns
    CEJN Blowguns are designed to be lightweight, comfortable to handle and suitable for both left- and right-handed users. The handle is pleasant to grip and shields against cold airflow. The different styles of CEJN Blowguns offered are standard full-flow, noise reducing Star-Tip and a pressure-regulated safety version.
  • FRL Products
    CEJN’s Filtration, Regulation and Lubrication (FRL) products are designed to provide constant high-quality air within compressed air systems. CEJN’s FRL products are easy to assemble as well as maintain and can be top- or side-mounted. The products are available as stand-alone components or in complete system packages.
  • Accessories
    Accessories available for CEJN Pneumatic products are adapters to create different hose connections, Compact Pressure Tester to spot-check pressure and Soft-Line Accessory Covers to protect the coupling and its surroundings from impact.